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A safe effective method of removing toxins from the body

We are all struggling to avoid the wide variety of toxins in our modern world that gradually accumulate in our bodies and degrade our natural health. Test results prove very high concentrations of metal nano-particles are in the air, water and soil. Many sinus and respiratory issues are blamed on other afflictions; when actually, all of this is physical proof that geo-engineering is contaminating your life and health.

You must realize that any particles of metal in your blood stream, affects your mind and its ability to focus, remember and consider. We may not be able to stop this global assault on all life. But you can protect yourself and loved ones by removing these metals from your bodies.

Pure South is now marketing NZ’s own natural Calcium Bentonite clay for the detoxification of your system from the many environmental toxins in our air, food and water. Every cell is nourished by the blood stream, so when the blood is dirty, so are the organs and tissues, and you feel less than you should.

When taken internally, this non-swelling clay remains inert, yet provides a unique action of ionic exchange, where the toxins adhere to the clay particles and pass through the system.

Working on a cellular level, of micro-interaction this highly affordable product removes toxins from the digestive system, blood vessels, and even the lungs, cleansing the cells of contaminates while providing them with essential minerals. Pure South clay has an impressive assortment of minerals, as well as trace elements that your body needs.

Pure South clay comes as a tasteless powder and capsule forms that will interact with every one of us in a completely unique way by gently establishing and maintaining the exact amounts of minerals your body wants while effectively removing these particles from your body. Pure South Bentonite Clay has the wonderful ability to affect the body as a whole, giving you the resources to feel yourself and help you fight disease.

Bentonite Clay is overwhelmingly accepted as the, safest, gentlest and cheapest product for internal detox of your entire system.

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