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Truly sustainable farming is natural farming in harmony with nature. Agrissential fertilizers were developed for just that purpose.

For the human race to produce the needs of the planet, we must reject chemical based farming on the basis that it is contaminating the soil, animals, food and farmers.

Chemicals are neither sustainable nor natural and are the root cause of many serious diseases. There is now proof that the death of millions of bees has been caused by pesticides. This fact alone proves the unsustainability of chemical agriculture, because the bees are the special ingredient for fertilization of the majority of food crops.

We have been systematically deceived by the sales jargon of companies’ intent on profit; that chemical farming is the answer to sustainability, when the world has more hungry people and poorer crop yields, in direct opposition to their claims.

Return to and insist upon natural farming principles and fertilizers for increased profits and moral satisfaction. Join Agrissentials in sustaining the fertility of the planet by farming biologically with their natural products. 30 years of continued growth and production results are just what you can share with the knowledgeable team at Agrissentials.

Contact Agrissentials on 0800-843-539 and get the correct point of view on sustainability and the fertilizer to make it happen on your farm.




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