Mercury is good for children and other insanely stupid health lies still pushed by the nutritionally illiterate media

mercury broken thermometerFeb. 25, 2014

By Mike Adams, Editor of

If you want to get truly terrible advice on health, foods and nutrition, just tune into the mainstream media. Across all the three-letter networks, high-circulation newspapers and establishment websites, you’ll discover a bizarre cesspool of truly dangerous, outdated and pharma-influenced health advice that’s more likely to get you killed than keep you informed.

In this article, I examine the five biggest insanely stupid health lies still being pushed by the mainstream media, almost as if these organizations think the world is flat or that mercury vapors can chase away evil spirits that cause disease.

Insanely stupid health lie #1: Mercury in lobster is bad for you, but mercury in flu shots is good for young children!

Insanely stupid health lie #2: There’s no such thing as a food that helps prevent cancer

Insanely stupid health lie #3: Fluoride improves public health

Insanely stupid health lie #4: Nutrition is a waste of money

Insanely stupid health lie #5: Disease outbreaks are caused by a lack of vaccinations

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