Why Vaccines are Largely Scientific Fraud

baby needlesThere are three new vaccine science videos, explaining why vaccinated children keep getting infected, why vaccines are largely scientific fraud, and why arrogant vaccine pushers are so steeped in a sick desire to sacrifice children to their “medical gods.”

These videos shatter the utterly false myths being pushed by the fraudulent vaccine industry and its corporate-run junk science. For example, did you know that the recent mumps outbreak at Harvard took place among students who were already vaccinated?

So if vaccines work, then how did all those vaccinated students get the mumps? The answer is that mumps vaccines are medical fraud. They don’t work. They never did. This was all admitted by vaccine industry scientists in a False Claims Act document filed with the federal government. That same document stated that vaccine companies knew their vaccines didn’t work… and that the faked vaccines actually contributed to outbreaks of disease (which, of course, sells more vaccines that also don’t work!).

The entire mainstream media repeatedly and knowingly lies about vaccines as a matter of course. They are largely funded by pharmaceutical interests, and if the public ever learned just how shoddy the science really was behind vaccines, they might stop taking them altogether.

Flu Vaccines Causing Massive Spike in Deaths of Elderly Across the UK

Doctor-Vaccine-Needle-GloveBy J.D. Heyes

As reported by the UK’s Daily Mail Online, a growing number of cases of dementia and an ineffective flu vaccine are being blamed for the biggest rise in annual deaths in England and Wales in five decades, an investigation revealed.

In 2015, the website noted, there were 28,000 more deaths than the previous year, or an increase of 5.6 percent. The most recent inquiry into the rising death toll has found that 2015 saw the biggest single-year spike in respiratory diseases, including influenza, and diseases like dementia since 2003.

The figures come from the Office of National Statistics (ONS), which was assisted by Public Health England (PHE), and it is the first time an analysis of death rates has been undertaken.

Daily Mail Online reported further:
In 2015, there were 529,613 deaths registered in England and Wales, an increase of 28,189 compared with 2014.

Of the extra deaths, 86 per cent occurred in the over 75s and 38 per cent in the over 90s.

It was the highest number of deaths in a single year since 2003 and the highest year on year percentage increase since 1968.

Figures also suggest that life expectancy at birth will fall by 0.2 years to 79.3 years for men and by 0.3 years to 82.9 years for women if mortality rates remain the same as they were in 2015.

For men, this was the first fall since 1993.

In a time when life expectancy rates, thanks in large part to a rise in naturopathic medicine and organic food consumption, is increasing, this trend should set off alarms for demographers.?While the current rise in death rates is the largest for many years, there have been similar increases in previous years, in the early 1950s and again in the late 1960s. However, the 2015 death spike is being blamed on flu vaccines.

Learn more: http://www.naturalnews.com/053729_flu_vaccines_death_rates_elderly.html#ixzz46VNo7LM7

Watering Your Garden with City Water Injects Pharmaceuticals Into Your Veggies

city_water_gunBy Steven Maxwell

Do you water your vegetable garden with recycled city water? If so, you may be eating pharmaceutical contaminants that accumulate in your food.

A recent study by the American Chemical Society published by Chemistry and Engineering News shows that “eating vegetables grown using reclaimed water boosts urine levels of carbamazepine, an anti-epileptic (mood stabilizer) drug commonly detected in wastewater” meaning that anyone who consumes this produce is exposed to the carbamazepine drug in detectable dosages.

The drug can enter waterways in a multitude of ways, from drain disposal of unused medication, excretion through the urinary tract of those who consume it, and even water that is disposed of by facilities that produce drugs. Since the carbamazepine drug is transmittable through the waterway, this has sparked the attention of agricultural workers who utilize large amounts of water for their crop irrigation systems.

The decision to continue to consume water and vegetation exposed to drugs such as carbamazepine and other substances depends upon the individual and the degree of the toll you believe it will take on your health. For drinking water, it’s best to use a high-quality water filter. Bathing is another issue altogether. You may consider installing a whole house filter or at least a shower unit.

Read the entire article: http://www.activistpost.com/2016/04/watering-your-garden-with-city-water-injects-pharmaceuticals-into-your-veggies.html?

What is Killing Bees Most of All?

cell-tower-emf-fields-199x300By Makia Freeman

Artificial EMF:

you can’t see it, but it’s disrupting and killing bees, and in the long run YOU TOO!

ou may already be aware how humanity is killing bees through a variety of methods. In an earlier article The Top 4 Reasons for the Bees Dying Off, I discussed how neonicotinoid pesticides, GMOs, EMFs (electromagnetic fields) and geoengineering were all contributing to disrupting and killing bees, through phenomena like CCD (Colony Collapse Disorder). Mankind is gravely endangering its own survival on the planet by injuring the bees like this, since we are all dependent on bees for pollination and our food supply. Einstein famously said that humanity would only survive for 4 years if the bees were wiped out. There may well be more than 4 ways in which humanity is killing bees, but a recent interview with Gabe Cruz (a former cell phone industry worker who has become a kind of whistleblower and interspecies communicator) reveals that one of these threats may be the greatest of all.

It appears that humanity is killing bees at an alarming rate. However, we are not just killing bees. We are killing ourselves. We are electrical and electromagnetic beings. These artificial EMFs, although silent and invisible, are affecting us too, as those who are electro-sensitive can attest. The bees may be warning us before it’s too late, before we bathe our entire world in an artificial EM blanket from which it’s impossible to escape.

Read entire article: http://www.naturalblaze.com/2016/04/what-is-killing-bees-most-emf.html?

New Poll Shows Only 6% of People Trust The Mainstream Media

o-MEDIA-facebook-1024x512By Joe Jankowski

At this point, most Americans are aware of the staggering dishonesty and reality twisting that the mainstream, corporate news media engages in on a daily basis. And it is showing.

Numbers released by Pew Research show that major news channels like CNN, Fox News and MSNBC are in a decline of prime time viewers. Even reporters within the major networks have admitted that the media has been corrupted by political and corporate interests. This is what former CBS reporter Sharyl Attkisson had to say:

There is unprecedented, I believe, influence on the media, not just the news, but the images you see everywhere. By well-orchestrated and financed campaign of special interests, political interests and corporations. I think all of that comes into play.

But if there was any indication that the mainstream press has no credibility and is on its way to extinction, this latest poll is it.

From the Associated Press:

Trust in the news media is being eroded by perceptions of inaccuracy and bias, fueled in part by Americans’ skepticism about what they read on social media.

Just 6 percent of people say they have a lot of confidence in the media, putting the news industry about equal to Congress and well below the public’s view of other institutions. In this presidential campaign year, Democrats were more likely to trust the news media than Republicans or independents.

Nearly 90 percent of Americans say it’s extremely or very important that the media get their facts correct, according to the study. About 4 in 10 say they can remember a specific incident that eroded their confidence in the media, most often one that dealt with accuracy or a perception that it was one-sided.

The news media have been hit by a series of blunders on high-profile stories ranging from the Supreme Court’s 2012 ruling on President Barack Obama’s health care law to the Boston Marathon bombing that have helped feed negative perceptions of the media.

In 2014, Rolling Stone had to retract a vivid report about an alleged gang rape at a fraternity party at the University of Virginia. The Columbia Graduate School of Journalism, asked by Rolling Stone to investigate after questions were raised about the veracity of the story, called it an avoidable journalistic failure and “another shock to journalism’s credibility amid head-swiveling change in the media industry.”

There is only one thing that can save the mainstream media, and that is the truth.But the truth is not why networks like MSNBC exist. They exist to deceive and play lapdog for the establishment. More than ever the American people want the truth and accuracy when it comes to their news. This is why we are seeing a huge rise in alternative media.

By just taking a look at the popular commercial web traffic data and analytics site, Alexa.com, we see that alternative news sites are ranking very high inside the United States and globally.

The very popular and accurate ActivistPost.com is ranked in the top 16,000 websites inside the United States and in the top 35,000 globally! Just to put that in perspective, there are over 1 billion websites in all globally.

Considered to be the tip of the spear of the alternative news, Alex Jones’s Infowars.com is ranking in the top 1,200 websites in the U.S. and the top 3,200 globally!

Alexa.com gathers data on a web page’s daily unique visitors and daily pageviews.

Another great example of alternative news rising to mainstream popularity is James Corbett’s CorbettReport.com. This stunning website is ranking in the top 150,000 globally and in the top 60,000 in the U.S.

There is only one way to conclude this article:


HALF of All Published ‘Scientific’ Literature is Completely FABRICATED or FALSE

Lies-Words-PaperBy Daniel Barker

For years, alternative news sources such as Natural News have been warning the public about industry-generated scientific research which incorporates falsified data to produce desired results.

These charges have now been corroborated by Dr. Richard Horton, editor-in-chief of the world’s best known medical journal, The Lancet. Dr. Horton has publicly stated that as much as half of the scientific literature being published is unreliable and often completely false.

From a commentary by Dr. Horton published in The Lancet:

The case against science is straightforward: much of the scientific literature, perhaps half, may simply be untrue. Afflicted by studies with small sample sizes, tiny effects, invalid exploratory analyses, and flagrant conflicts of interest, together with an obsession for pursuing fashionable trends of dubious importance, science has taken a turn towards darkness.

Those are very strong words, particularly since they came directly from the horse’s mouth. For someone in Dr. Horton’s position to make such statements is indeed compelling evidence that (in his words): “Something has gone fundamentally wrong with one of our greatest human creations.”

Monsanto’s profits and seed sales PLUNGE as farmers and consumers choose organic over GMO


It’s no secret that more people are becoming health-conscious citizens, concerned about everything from the toxic ingredients in their food supply, to questioning the drugs that Big Pharma continually pushes. As a result, many stores and manufacturers have pledged to provide Americans with healthier options.

For example, even Whole Foods, which has engaged in a variety of questionable actions, including their not-so-environmentally-friendly move of selling pre-peeled oranges in a ton of plastic, has made their commitment to better health clear; they’ve promised to have all of their products labeled with GMO content by 2018.

Even Campbell’s recently took a history-making stand against GMOs when they announced their, “… support for mandatory national labeling of products that may contain genetically modified organisms (GMO) and proposed that the federal government provide a national standard for non-GMO claims made on food packaging.”

But greedy Monsanto? Nope. Regardless of how health-conscious others have become, Monsanto – the biggest seed maker in the United States – remains dedicated to what matters most to them: their bottom line.


A WORLD IN CRISIS: 57 Different Pesticides Found in Honeybee Populations Around the Globe

Honeybee-On-Yellow-FlowerBy Jennifer Lea Reynolds

Yet another study has come out linking pesticide use to the severely diminishing honeybee population; researchers found that 57 pesticides were present in the European honeybees that they studied. This finding is cause for concern, as it suggests that the harmful chemicals play a significant role in their massive decline around the globe.

After all, colony collapse disorder, which started rearing its ugly head around 2003, is a serious problem. Just in the U.S. alone, beekeepers reported annual colony losses up to 45 percent between 2012 and 2014. What makes that problematic is the fact that much of our food supply depends on bee pollination. Quite simply, fewer bees means less food. Since the dwindling bee population remains an ongoing concern, it’s safe to say the world has been facing a crisis regarding this matter – a crisis which continues to this day.

“Bee health is a matter of public concern,” said Tomasz Kiljanek, lead author of the study from the National Veterinary Research Institute in Poland. “Bees are considered critically important for the environment and agriculture by pollinating more than 80 percent of crops and wild plants in Europe.”

Expert: Pesticides can “weaken bees’ defense systems”

Although in 2013 the European Union restricted the use of neonicotinoid pesticides – ones that target the nervous system of insects – there are still some pesticides that are allowed and currently being used. These are the ones that the researchers looked into; liquid and gas chromatography with tandem mass spectrometry helped the researchers identify different pesticide substances. However, it should be noted that, because there are so many pesticides in use, it’s a challenge to determine what pesticide substance in particular is responsible for harming bees. To further complicate the issue, some pesticide combinations or their use over time may affect the bees in different ways. Still, Kiljanek explains that finding pesticides in honeybees is cause for concern.

“Even at very low levels, pesticides can weaken bee’s defense systems, allowing parasites or viruses to kill the colony,” he says.

The study, published in the Journal of Chromatography A, notes the severity behind the problem. It states: “Pesticides are widely used as plant protection products (PPPs) in agriculture. In Poland, there are more than 1500 PPPs authorized to use, which contains at least one of 200 different pesticides, very diverse in terms of chemical structure and toxic effects on bees.”

The study continues, homing in on the effectiveness of the aforementioned liquid and gas chromatography method: “Fifty seven pesticides determined in poisoned honeybees clearly confirms the right selection of compounds and applicability of this method. It is the broadest spectrum of pesticides and their metabolites till now detected in honeybees. It is also a tool for establishing the cumulative risk for bee health caused by a mixture of pesticides that could be present in honeybee body, by interactions between themselves and between pesticides and other epidemiological factors.”

Additional study details, including the top insecticides found to poison bees

According to the study, the top “three of the insecticides detected in most poisoning incidents were organophosphates: chlorpyrifos (38 samples), dimethoate (30 samples) and neonicotinoid clothianidin (22 samples). The most commonly found fungicides were systemic ones as tebuconazole (18 samples), cyprodynil (13 samples) and thiophanate-methyl (12 samples).”

You can review a more complete breakdown of the specific kinds of pesticides found in honeybees in the study at this link. The takeaway from this study is that pesticides are detrimental to bee colonies everywhere.

Even the Environmental Protection Agency engaged in its first-ever scientific risk assessment study which examined the threat that neonicotinoids pose to bees. It was found that imidacloprid, the most common neonicotinoid, existed in the nectar which some bees brought back to the hive.

Approximately one-third of the human diet comes from insect-pollinated plants. Considering that 80 percent of that pollination comes from honeybee activity, studies like these serve as a huge wake up call for there to be more pesticide bans in place. The future of our food depends on it.


Indian Government BANS Procter & Gamble’s Vicks cold medicine

Cough-Syrup-MedicineBy Isabelle Z.

Vicks Action 500 Extra, a cold medicine made by Procter and Gamble (P&G), has been pulled from store shelves and production in India, following a March 10 decision by the Indian government to banthe manufacture, sale and distribution of more than 300 different fixed-dose combination drugs.

Meanwhile, several other Big Pharma firms, including Abbott and Pfizer, have stopped selling their own popular cough syrups in the country, since these were also covered by the new regulations.

Vicks Action 500 Extra is used to treat the common cold and flu, and contains a fixed-dose combination of the drugs paracetamol, phenylephrine and caffeine. This is one of 344 different combinations that the government prohibited on the grounds that it lacked “therapeutic justification.”


Total Secrecy of Pesticide Studies Allows Chemical Companies to Commit Mass ‘Agri-Murder’

Farmer-Spraying-Pesticide-On-Rice-FieldBy J.D Heyes

It is becoming increasingly obvious that cronyism and big money are buying influence among lawmakers on several continents when it comes to scientifically vetting many of the chemicals being used in the world’s food supply. That is certainly the case in the United States, where biotech-giants like Monsanto wield far too much sway over agricultural policies, and it is becoming the norm in Europe, as well.

But European officials, at least, are battling back in an effort to scale back the influence of the biotech giants, in favor of doing what is right for agriculture and the global food chain.

As reported by GM Watch, Europe’s health and food safety commissioner, Vytenis Andriukaitis, says that his directorate, DG SANTE, is looking into the possibility of requiring full transparency for industry studies of pesticides.

At present, the industry studies submitted to support regulatory mechanisms and authorizations for the use of pesticides are kept under wraps and out of the public’s eye, as per corporate confidentiality agreements with regulators. However, Andriukaitis says that policy needs to change, and soon.

“We are ready to assess the legal environment,” Andriukaitis said, in reference to certain legal protections in place on industry data. However, he continued, “It’s absolutely crystal clear, we need to change today’s situation. We see different options, but at the moment, yes, the idea is to change the rules, especially keeping in mind the overriding public interest.”


Maharashtra Bans Beef; 5 Year Jail Term For Sale Or Possession

India Hindu FestivalBy Betwa Sharma

Residents and tourists in the megapolis of Mumbai now will have to do without their hamburgers and beef steak as the state of Maharashtra has banned the possession and sale of the meat.

A law passed by the legislature in 1995 has now received the presidential assent and has become effective. Anyone found selling beef or being in possession of it can be jailed for five years and fined Rs. 10,000.

The prohibition has come into force almost two decades after the BJP-Shiv Sena government in the state in 1995 passed the Maharashtra Animal Preservation (Amendment) Bill, 1995. The BJP, now in power at the centre, is in favour of a nation-wide ban on cow slaughter as the animal is revered by Hindus. Currently a ban exists in some states.

While a 1976 law prevented the slaughter of cows in Maharashtra, The Indian Express reported that the new Act will ban the slaughter of bulls as well as bullocks. But the new law allows for the slaughter of water buffaloes, which provides inferior quality carabeef that makes up only 25 percent of the total beef market in the state.


RUSH FM Food for Thought

The US medical system kills 225,000 people a year.

21,918 people die of cancer every single DAY worldwide.

795 million people still go to bed hungry each evening.

The Evil Elite are the terrorists and the people are the target.

Nearly 300,000 suicides in India so far from GMO crop failures.

Polio Vaccine Campaign in India has Caused 12-fold Increase in Deadly Paralysis

Small-Child-India-EthnicBy Ethen Huff,

The mainstream media has been busy hailing the supposed success of India’s polio vaccine campaign over the past few years, with many news outlets now claiming that the disease has been fully eradicated throughout the country. But what these misinformation puppets are failing to disclose is the fact that cases of non-polio acute flaccid paralysis (NPAFP), a much more serious condition than that caused by polio, have skyrocketed as a result of the vaccine’s widespread administration.

$589 Million Going Into Development of a Zika-Virus Vaccine

forcedBy Edward Griffin

President Obama is calling on Congress to provide a total of $1.9 billion for this purpose. The mainstream media is continuing to make the false claim that the Zika virus is linked to the birth defect microcephaly in children. There is no evidence to support that claim and much that disproves it.

There are many reasons to reject the claim that the Zika virus was linked to microcephaly. Now, investigative reporter Jon Rappoport presents additional facts from Brazil to strengthen that skepticism. There are many other potential causes that range from malnutrition and poor sanitation to mosquito pesticide that was added to drinking water. All of these are more likely than the Zika-virus theory, but they don’t justify putting $2-billion of taxes into the political cookie jar.

Read more: http://needtoknow.news/archives/2016-2/2016-04-08/

Another High-level Whistleblower has Come Forward to Condemn the MMR Vaccine

liesFormer science chief: ‘MMR fears coming true’


A former Government medical officer responsible for deciding whether medicines are safe has accused the Government of “utterly inexplicable complacency” over the MMR triple vaccine for children.

Dr. Peter Fletcher, who served in the 70s as the Chief Scientific Officer at the UK Department of Health, says that, if governments continue to ignore the risks of the MMR vaccine, it will become one of the greatest scandals in medical history. He says there are people in very powerful positions who deny the link to autism because they have staked their reputations on the safety of MMR and are willing to do anything to protect their careers.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-376203/Former-science-chief-MMR-fears-coming-true.html

Keeping the Myth of Global Warming Alive in the Minds of Everyone

stop-global-warming-sign-in-snow-2By Edward Griffin

Climate Forecasts May Be Flawed

A team of scientists at Stockholm University performed a study of climate and geology and compiled twelve centuries of ‘water history’ for Europe, North Asia, and North America. They concluded that current climate models and rainfall predictions are wrong. They found that there were more dramatic wet-dry weather extremes (climate change) in earlier centuries long before the industrial revolution that now is blamed for climate change and global warming. AFP 2016 Apr 6. Read entire article: http://needtoknow.news/archives/2016-2/2016-04-08/

WH Warns of Deaths from ‘Extreme Heat’ as Weather Service Issues April Snow Advisories

To keep the myth of global warming alive in the minds of Americans, the White House issued a warning on April 4th that ‘extreme heat is expected to cause an increase in the number of premature deaths’On that same day, the National Weather Service issued advisories for April snowstorms. A bitter-cold Arctic front descended on New England, the Upper Midwest, and Great-Lakes areas bringing heavy snowfall expected to last through next week. CNS News 2016 Apr 4. Read entire article: http://needtoknow.news/archives/2016-2/2016-04-08/

BBC Ordered to Stop Giving Air Time to Climate Alarmism Skeptics

Censored-News-AnchorsBy J.D.Heyes

he fact that “climate change” used to be called “global warming” — that is, after it was called “global cooling” in the mid-1970s — should be indication enough that the climate alarmists are using every propaganda trick in the book to convince you that everything you do in the modern world from driving to work to turning on your lights to heating your home in the winter is contributing to the planet’s demise.

Now, so desperate are the global masterminds to control the minds and attitudes of the masses regarding this subject that they have taken to censorship — again — in order to stifle any dissent. The latest example comes via the British Broadcasting Corporation.

According to Britain’s The Telegraph, BBC journalists are being sent to courses in order to stop them from inviting “cranks” onto programs to air their “marginal views.”

The BBC Trust recently published a progress report regarding the network’s coverage of scientific topics; the BBC was criticized in 2012 for giving too much air time to critics who oppose supposedly non-contentious (i.e. already “settled”) issues.

Climatechangeglobalwarmingglobalcooling is ‘settled’ science?

Climate change/global warming falls into this category, according to the propaganda ministers at the BBC Trust. As reported by the Telegraph:

The report found that there was still an ‘over-rigid application of editorial guidelines on impartiality’ which sought to give the ‘other side’ of the argument, even if that viewpoint was widely dismissed.

Wells Fargo Just Admitted to Robbing US Citizens

wells_fargo_felonsBy Matt Agorist

Top megabank, Wells Fargo & Co just admitted to defrauding the United States government for nearly an entire decade, which subsequently led to the housing market collapse, and no one is going to be punished.

On Friday, the largest US mortgage lender and third-largest US bank admitted to deceiving the U.S. government into insuring thousands of risky mortgages.

According to the settlement, Wells Fargo “admits, acknowledges, and accepts responsibility” for having from 2001 to 2008 falsely certified that many of its home loans qualified for Federal Housing Administration insurance, reports Reuters.

Wells Fargo also admitted to having from 2002 to 2010 failed to file timely reports on several thousand loans that had material defects or were badly underwritten, a process that Kurt Lofrano, a former Wells Fargo vice president, was responsible for supervising.

The intentional deception by this corrupt bank led to an insurmountable debt liability for American taxpayers as the FHA was forced to pay out insurance claims on all the defective loans.

Read entire article: http://www.activistpost.com/2016/04/wells-fargo-admits-robbing-citizens-by-deceiving-govt-no-charges.html?