Will the Real Zombies Please Stand Up?

Zombies are currently all the rage. Between movies, books, games, television shows, and other media, the concept of a zombie apocalypse is very popular.

I read that Russia was testing a beam weapon, which was introduced by Russian defense minister Anatoly Serdyukov that could fight back against a zombie attack. The Australia’s Herald Sun reports that this Russian weapon could transform humans into zombies.


A gluten-free diet can help anyone

A woman begins noticing that – more and more – she experiences bloating, cramping, and diarrhea not long after finishing a meal. She frequently feels uncomfortable and considers skipping meals to avoid the embarrassment of running to the restroom throughout the day. She might be experiencing gluten sensitivity or gluten intolerance. Check out https://burniva.com/ for more information that could help.


25 Things That You Should Do To Get Prepared For The Coming Economic Collapse

Do you think that you know how to prepare for the collapse of the economy? If so, are you putting that knowledge into action? In America today, people are more concerned about the possibility of an economic collapse than ever before. It has been estimated that there are now three million preppers in the United States. But the truth that nobody really knows the actual number, because a lot of preppers keep their “prepping” to themselves. So what are all of those people preparing for exactly?


ALERT: All Of The Money In Your Bank Account Could Disappear In A Single Moment

What would you do if you logged in to your bank account someday and it showed that you had a zero balance and your bank had no record that you ever had any money in your account?  What would you do if all of the money in your bank account suddenly disappeared in a single moment?  If you had not kept any paper records, which most Americans do not, it would be exceedingly difficult to prove to the bank that you actually had any money in the bank.

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Cyprus bank bailout agreement is pure theft: 40% of private deposits to be looted from selected accounts

March 25, 2013
by Mike Adams – Editor of NaturalNews.com

A brand new looting arrangement has been reached concerning Cypriot banks. It involves seizing the funds of all accounts over 100,000 euros, then stealing up to 40% of those funds sometime over the next few weeks, or whenever EU bureaucrats get around to deciding exactly how much to steal.

So instead of 10% being stolen from most accounts, as was originally proposed, the new deal is that 40% will be stolen from selected accounts, but not from accounts holding less than 100,000 euros. Why the 100,000 threshold for having your money stolen by the banking system? Because all EU bank accounts are insured up to 100,000 euros. So the banksters figured they could just steal anything over 100,000 and say, “Heh, it wasn’t insured, your loss!”

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