Is Soy a Health Food?

Most people assume soy is a very healthy food because it is what most of the mainstream media tells us. Soy, soy flour and soy products are in almost every packaged food today. But is soy really a healthy food for us? Based on the holistic research we have done, we feel the answer is “NO”. This is an important question to ask because soy is everywhere in processed foods today, even pet foods. You do not have to be a vegetarian or health food “nut” who eats soy substitutes for dairy and meat, to have a lot of soy in your diet. Soy is a hidden ingredient found in many processed foods. It is used to extend fast food hamburgers, added to most supermarket breads and found in many dry kibble pet foods, even the premium brands. You will find even higher levels of it in the foods in health food stores, where it is promoted as a heart-healthy, cancer-preventing, menopause-alleviating ingredient.