When Big Brother Went High Tech

By Lynne McTaggart

In June 2018, Google – the portal through which we discover facts, make connections, interpret the world – decided to change its algorithms about which information gains preference on its pages. Its target was alternative and natural health. At a stroke, all information about alternative and natural health disappeared or was relegated to back pages.

Dr. Joseph Mercola, a functional medicine specialist and architect of a highly popular nutritional health site, whose referenced content has been at the top of health search results for some 15 years, he says, experienced a 99 percent drop in natural search engine traffic. Our own magazine What Doctors Don’t Tell You saw its traffic halved.

As Mercola wrote a few weeks ago: “When entering a health-related search word into Google, you will no longer find Mercola.com articles in the search results. The only way to locate Mercola articles is by adding ‘Mercola.com’ to the search words in question.”

Even then, he goes on, if ‘undesirables’ like him don’t outright vanish on Google, the tech giant has a raft of ‘quality raters’ who will manually manipulate even pages with crowd-sourced relevance, to bury them.

In fact, any negative stories about alternative health practitioners, no matter how questionable, now appear at the top of search results about them.

At the top of any Google search is Wikipedia, run by invigilators who are ardent skeptics of anything out of the orthodoxy. British biologist Rupert Sheldrake, Joe Mercola and just about anyone else with an alternative view of the world finds it fruitless to attempt to correct any inaccuracy about them on their Wikipedia page.

Google never saw fit to explain the reason for its drastic change, but it was generally assumed to have something to do with government scrutiny of Big Tech, a misguided attempt to eliminate fake news or even a response to the new epidemic of measles with an attempt to protect the public from ‘anti-vax’ sites.

Sadly, the answer is a good deal more insidious, a massive concerted effort by Big Tech and giant corporations to censor the information you are allowed to see, not for any justifiable moral reason or adherence to the facts other than to consolidate Big Profits.

Just climb down this rabbit hole for a moment.

In the last six years, Alphabet, Google’s parent company, has set up two pharmaceutical companies: Calico (2013) and Verily Life Sciences (2015). Verily went on to partner with GlaxoSmithKline to create a third innovative drug company called Galvani Bioelectronics.

In this way, Google can essentially harvest patients for Verily. Say you type in ‘alternatives for arthritis.’ What won’t immediately appear any longer are actual alternatives.

You’ll see results for many pages on conventional treatments, and what may also pop up is an ad inviting you to add your name to a drug trial registry so that, if desired, you can participate in a trial of an exciting breakthrough drug.

Climb down this hole some more. Mary Ellen Coe, Alphabet’s president of customer solutions, also happens to be on the board of Merck, which happens to manufacture the MMR vaccine.

Other big online giants are at it, too. Amazon, now the world’s largest online store, has bought PillPack, a company that pre-sorts drugs, and is partnering with another drug company to identify suitable patients for new cancer drugs.

Amazon now owns Wholefoods, and Wholefoods, despite its reputation for promoting all things wholesome and natural, has banned all ‘anti-vax books’, and even recently banned our magazine What Doctors Don’t Tell You, despite its being one of the store chain’s top-selling magazines.

We were never told why, but we assume it had to do with a column in the last issue that appeared on its shelves, asking some pertinent questions about vaccines.

Our youngest daughter recently graduated with a design degree. Her thesis and final project this year had to do with media as an instrument of surveillance. In a nod to George Orwell, she called her project ‘small sister,’ and in her thesis she wrote: “One of the saddest aspects of this is that much of the information media has about us we largely supply. By using the media, we become the instruments of our own imprisonment.”

And that imprisonment is to enter into a world of censored information, largely tailored your history of searches and preferences, designed to make you an instrument of giant multinational profits.

But that’s only true of Google right now. If it’s an alternative and more even-handed view of the world you are seeking, look to other search engines like Yahoo or Bing.

And maybe it’s time to shop somewhere other than Amazon.


The Worst Cellphone You Could Ever Carry in Your Pocket

Illegal Levels of Radiation Emitted by Popular Cellphones

By Dr. Joseph Mercola

Hidden within your cellphone’s manual is a little-known warning that advises you to keep the device at a certain distance from your body — typically 5 to 15 millimeters — to ensure you don’t exceed the federal safety limit for radiofrequency (RF) exposure.

In the real world, however, most people carry their phones close to their body, usually in a pocket. Many women tuck their phone right into their bra, which may be the absolute worst place for a woman to put it, as it could raise their risk of both heart problems and breast tumors, two leading risks of death for women.

Now, cellphone testing by the Chicago Tribune reveals several popular cellphones emit far higher levels of RF radiation than legally permitted, which has not only reignited discussions about safety but also led to the launch of at least one class-action lawsuit.

At a distance of 5 mm from your body (the distance used by Apple), the iPhone 7 was found to emit anywhere between 2.5 and 3.46 W/kg, which is 1.6 to 2.2 times the legal limit.

Learn more: https://articles.mercola.com/sites/articles/archive/2019/09/18/iphone-radiation-level.aspx?utm

Not Just the Bees, First-of-Its-Kind Study Shows Neonics May Be Killing Birds Too

By Julia Conley

In addition to devastating effects on bee populations and the pollination needed to feed humans and other species, widely-used pesticides chemically related to nicotine may be deadly to birds and linked to some species’ declines, according to a new study.

Researchers at the University of Saskatchewan studied the pesticide imidacloprid, in the nicotine-linked class of chemicals called neonicotinoids, or neonics, and found that the pesticide had effects on migrating birds’ health and ability to reproduce.

The scientists gave small amounts of the pesticide to white-crowned sparrows and found that the limited consumption caused the birds to lose weight and delay their migration.

Within hours of being given the neonics, the birds stopped eating and lost an average of six percent of their body weight and about 17 percent of their fat stores, making it impossible for them to complete their long flights south. The birds took at least an extra 3.5 days to recover and migrate.

“It’s just a few days, but we know that just a few days can have significant consequences for survival and reproduction,” Margaret Eng, an ecotoxicologist who led the study told Science magazine, where the research was published Friday.

The disruption of the species’ normal migration led to decreased ability to reproduce and survive, the researchers found.

The study “causatively links a pesticide to something that is really, tangibly negative to birds that is causing their population declines,” study author Christy Morrissey told the Associated Press. “It’s clear evidence these chemicals can affect populations.”

More than 70 percent of North American farmland bird species are currently experiencing population declines.

The research shows for the first time “behavioral effects in free-living birds as result of neonicotinoid intoxication,” Caspar Hallmann, an ecologist at Radboud University in the Netherlands, told National Geographic after reviewing Eng’s study.

Scientists in Europe revealed in 2017 that neonicotinoids can decimate honey bee populations, threatening food sources for humans and other species.

The European Union banned the use of neonics in 2018 due to their effects on pollinators.

Learn more: https://www.naturalblaze.com/2019/09/not-just-the-bees-first-of-its-kind-study-shows-neonics-may-be-killing-birds-too.html

Globalist Media Ordered To Start Pushing Cannibalism As A Food Source

Planetary collapse of Earth’s biosphere is now being engineered.

By Mike Adams

This is an abbreviated story format to bring you the most important highlights you need to know.

Item 1: The mainstream media has been ordered to start promoting cannibalism

  • A Swedish scientist is now promoting the “food of the future” … and it’s dead humans. And yes, just as you suspected, eating dead humans is being pushed in the name of stopping “climate change.” As Paul Joseph Watson reports, “He told the host of the show that one of the biggest obstacles to the proposal would be the taboo nature of corpses and the fact that many would see it as defiling the deceased.”
  • Newsweek magazine is also pushing cannibalism as the next step for “progress” on Earth. As reported by Natural News: “Citing a paper published by psychologists Jared Piazza and Neil McLatchie from the University of Lancaster in the United Kingdom, Newsweek makes the proposition that cannibalism might not be all that bad after all because some cultures throughout the world have been doing it since the beginning of time.”

Item 2: This follows the last several years of the corporate media pushing insects as a viable food source and a solution to stop “climate change.”

Item 3: Democrats and the science establishment have declared war on life, and their new term for that war is “decarbonization”

  • Climate change lunatics are now pushing a new term: “Decarbonization.” This means eliminating carbon in the name of (somehow) saving the planet.
  • All food webs on planet Earth are based on carbon. All plants consume carbon dioxide and would die without it.
  • All humans are made of carbon. Setting aside water and hydrogen, carbon is the most abundant element (by atomic count) in the human body.
  • The Democrats’ “war on carbon” is a war on human life, plant life and food webs across the planet.
  • This is an irrefutable scientific fact. No educated scientist could deny the fact that the food webs upon which we depend are based on carbon and require carbon dioxide in the atmosphere to support plant metabolism. In effect, “decarbonization” is the same as “depopulation.”

Item 4: A global collapse of all food webs is now being engineered to deliberately depopulate the planet

  • Schemes are being actively pursued by globalists (Bill Gates), scientists, academia (Harvard, etc.) and governments to collapse global food webs.
  • All independent voices sounding the alarm are being systematically censored, de-platformed, smeared, slandered and blacklisted. The globalists must control the narrative to convince humanity to go along with their own engineered planet-scale suicide.
  • Dimming the sun, achieved through geoengineering. Bill Gates is funding the SCoPEx project with Harvard scientists to achieve this outcome which would involve the mass pollution of Earth’s atmosphere to block sunlight. (Yes, on purpose.)
  • Dimming the sun would diminish photosynthesis, reducing all plant life and phytoplankton energy production in marine ecosystems.
  • The result will be an engineered global food web collapse affecting both ocean-based and land-based ecosystems.
  • The sharp reduction in photosynthesis would drastically reduce oxygen output by plants, causing global depletion of atmospheric oxygen. This is, of course, what humans breathe.
  • The ultimate end game is the coordinated mass genocide of not just humanity but global food webs upon which human depend. This is genocide of Earth’s biosphere, a kind of mass genocide that goes beyond just one ethnicity or species. It is an engineered mass extinction event being rolled out right before out eyes and even promoted by insane, delusional members of the U.S. Congress.

Item 5: Globalists, mad scientists and governments are literally attempting to carry out mass genocide at 1000 times the scale of the Holocaust

  • Perhaps you have already done the math, but killing six billion people is 1000 times the scale of mass death carried out in the Holocaust. Earth’s population is currently over seven billion, so the actual death toll may be more than 1000 times the Holocaust.
  • Left-wing genocidal lunatics like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez are directly pushing the mechanisms of this mass genocide. AOC is, strictly speaking, a psychotic mass genocide advocate who should be arrested to face trial for attempted crimes against humanity.
  • Surviving the engineered collapse of the biosphere will be nearly impossible for non-preppers, and it will be extremely difficult for those who are prepared. The highest death rates will be experienced in the cities, where the left-wing masses congregate in artificial constructs (cities) that have no self-sustainability whatsoever.
  • Options: 1) Store a year’s worth of food and hope you can out-live the least prepared. 2) Learn to eat dead humans as Newsweek seems to recommend. (But as a heavy metals scientist, I can tell you that the average human is so heavily contaminated, they’re quite literally dangerous to consume under any circumstances. You will be eating lead, mercury, arsenic and cadmium in huge quantities, should you embark on such a treacherous endeavor.) Option 3) Hope the mad science lunatics can be stopped before they destroy the biosphere, the atmosphere and the global food webs.


Big Pharma’s BIG LIE:

Most new drugs have zero new benefits, research confirms.

By Isabelle Z.

No matter what ails you – real or imagined – there’s a drug for that. These days, stopping at the pharmacy on the way home from the doctor’s office has practically become a given. While you might think that medicine has simply evolved so much that we can now fix more problems than ever before, the truth is that the vast majority of new drugs aren’t backed by any evidence of added benefits.

In fact, a study carried out by the German Institute for Quality and Efficiency in Health Care found that more than half of new drugs that make their way into that country’s healthcare system show no additional benefit whatsoever.

Learn more:https://www.naturalnews.com/2019-09-04-big-pharmas-big-lie-most-new-drugs-have-zero-new-benefits.html