The dairy controversy: Is milk good or bad?

Milk-Cheese-Dairy(NaturalNews) Let’s face it: The world is waking up to the dangers associated with pasteurized milk. But, as conventionally-produced milk demands are declining, we see a growing interest in locally-grown, farm products – including raw milk. So, the question remains: Is milk a health problem or not?

What happens when you drink pasteurized milk?

According to Mark McAfee, “people are sick and tired of getting sick from pasteurized milk. There’s a lactose intolerance issue … when you drink pasteurized milk, you get gastric cramps.”

He goes on to say, “it’s been processed to such a high level of shelf life, that it’s no longer good for gut life. The proteins are denatured, the enzymes are gone, the bacteria are blasted and become part of an allergenic elixir of white fluid milk that people simply can’t digest.”

Think about it: Most holistically-minded nutritionists tend to warn people about drinking all kinds of milk products – but, they forget to teach their customers/patients about the most important issue – quality. Thankfully, we see a major shift happening – within the natural health world – toward the focus on quality (clean) food.

The most dreaded concept within the food industry and mainstream media

It’s called an ‘educated consumer.’ Clearly, there’s an emerging upward trend in the demand for thoughtful discussions about the quality of our food supply. People are growing weary of the same old weight loss or “health” advice about eating less calories or avoiding saturated fat. In fact, intelligent food consumers now know that quality is far more important than ever discussed before.

For example, intelligent vegetarians understand that simply avoiding meat is not an optimal path toward health – especially with all the processed “natural” foods on the market, loaded with GMOs. And, milk lovers now know that “low fat” or “no fat” milk is not only lacking in nutrients – it’s actually harmful to your health.

Bottom line, people are discovering the health benefits of getting better educated about food choices; taking the time to visit a local farmers market and supporting the local (organic) farmer to obtain the best quality food at very affordable prices.

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