The Sun Is Not Causing Your Skin Cancer

Into_the_sunDr. Scott Graves

Recently, this article in the Huffington Post was published warning us about the ravages of skin cancer, the sun, tanning beds and modern treatments. The article’s intent appears to show the world the harsh reality of skin cancer treatment, the harm of the sun and the use of tanning beds. Skin cancer can definitely be very brutal.

But is the sun or the tanning bed really to blame? If not, what really is the cause of the skin cancer epidemic?

The most common form of cancer in the world today according to WEBMD is non melanoma skin cancer. Skin cancer rates have skyrocketed and are literally almost out of control. The mostly widely known solution in our modern era is to wear lots of sunscreen, takes immune suppressing drugs, and get laser or burn treatments. Unfortunately, the Western treatments option never address the root of the issue. Due to this, the sun has gotten a massive amount of blame. But, again, is the sun or even UV rays to blame?


We are not getting the whole picture here. In fact, one of the last things that should be done if you have skin cancer is to put sunscreen on. Going back out into the sun is not the answer either, at least in the short term. However, it is cringe-worthy to hear people say the sun is to blame and that they need to “protect” themselves from it. This simply isn’t true and is misguided. The sun actually protects you against skin cancer in most cases, especially considering the powerful role of vitamin D in the body. Many other reasons exist as to why someone has skin cancer that you don’t hear much about and this discussion will mention what some of those physical and emotional those factors are.

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