Just One Night of Lost Sleep Scrambles Your Emotions

sleeplessBy Heather Callaghan

Readers – do you know how many mental, personality, social and developmental disorders are indicated by modern psychiatry where there are symptoms of emotional dysregulation? Before you ever self-diagnose yourself with one or figure you must be in a state of arrested development – consider the amount of sleep you are getting! Or rather, not getting. It’s nearly impossible to cheerfully join the rest of the human race if a person feels like a confused ghost because they are lacking one of the most basic needs of the body – something nearly all of us take for granted.

And yes, you can get caught up on rest, but it should never be skipped. Sleep as many hours as needed until you know you simply don’t need as many hours. Then, establish a delightful sleep ritual you can look forward to every night by 10 p.m. (More ideas at the bottom,) Relish in the restoration and enjoy greater emotional health and mental clarity!

Cranky or grumpy after a long night? Your brain’s ability to regulate emotions is probably compromised by fatigue.

A new Tel Aviv University study has identified the neurological mechanism responsible for disturbed emotion regulation and increased anxiety due to only one night’s lack of sleep. The research reveals the changes sleep deprivation can impose on our ability to regulate emotions and allocate brain resources for cognitive processing.

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