Ebo-Lie: Exclusive Interview With A Man In Ghana Reveals The Truth About Ebola

ebolieBy Steven Bancarz
A few months ago, a lot of talk was made about Ebola being a conspiracy. The 15 million in grants given by the US to develop ebola detection kits back in 2009, the patenting of the virus in 2009, the $140 million dollar ebola vaccine contract signed 2 months before the major outbreak, and the crisis acting caught on video all added up to the conclusion that something fishy was going on. I put together a YouTube video which contains all of the evidence supporting that Ebola is a conspiracy, which can be found at the end of this article.

But the point of this article is not to establish that Ebola is a conspiracy. It is to give the world an inside look into the life and mind of a West-African who can tell us what is actually going on there from a first-hand account.

I have been fortunate to be in direct contact with a man living in Ghana, a neighbour country of Liberia where the Ebola outbreak occurred. His name is Nana Kwame, and he wrote a Facebook note a while back on how Ebola was a conspiracy which ended up going viral. It got passed around some blogs, including this website, and I decided to reach out to him personally. We had been messaging back and forth for a while, and he agreed to do an interview with me.

So here is an exclusive interview between myself and a West-African civilian who shares his side of the Ebola story from the geographic heart of the outbreak:

Steven Bancarz: Just to summarize for those who have not read your Facebook note, why is it that you believe Ebola is a conspiracy? Why is the US so obsessed with curing a virus in West-Africa? Why don’t you believe that this is just another virus that emerged naturally?

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