What is Happening?  Why Am I Feeling This Way?

This is the one question so many are asking now and the answer has many levels. Most are feeling the uncertainty and fear since the elections, how the outcome will affect them. Others are feeling the processing of others as well as their own process triggered and amplified by AI, satellite, and unseen negative influences creating a lot of psychic turbulence, a suppression of consciousness. Then we have a massive coronal hole directed at the Earth along with the incoming solar flares which many are saying is bring up vibrational changes. It is not just one thing impacting us; more like an ‘all the above’ answer.

Those who are sensitive, more spiritually advanced are really getting hammered. Some call it frequency targeting and that targeting is coming from psychotronics, friends family lovers co-workers in process, as well as unseen negative influences residing in the lower astral level. It is a veritable hit storm and it is multidimensional.

It is part of the awakening and healing process. When energy is added to a system the system reacts. Higher frequencies create chaos until everything finds equilibrium. We are in the chaos phase. This will increase until the full moon on the 30th then begin to taper off a few days after, yet from there on out it will be a roller coaster ride. The hardest lesson through all of this is to depersonalize it, practice loving detachment, go within and feel deeply what is coming up from within, why you are reacting, being triggered. It is time to ask with brutal honesty have these feelings, these situations happened before and find a way to release it. Do not blame or project, this will not work with these new energies which are forcing personal responsibility.

Prayer, meditation, process-oriented therapies can help release the wounds, traumas and wrong conclusions from past experiences. Some therapies are limited to childhood trauma yet this process also includes surfacing of past life traumas.

The main stream and social media are fully aware of how to energize and manipulate people harboring unhealed wounds and traumas. They divide and conquer by dividing race, religion even gender. There are also unseen negative influences, evil genius that have the gift of reading your books and using the information for their own malevolent agendas. They can jump in friends, families and lovers at opportune moments causing them to say and do things they otherwise would not. There is a premise that is as true today as it has been in ancient time. “The closer you get to Nirvana, the more the demons rear their ugly heads.” The more enlightened you become the less you want to become an amplifier of what others love, fear, or hate about themselves. In other words your circle of friends grows smaller. In some cases self-love demands personal distance. You have the right not to participate in the projections and drama of others as well as set any necessary boundaries.

What we are seeing now is the double speakers, posers, those who are not authentic being exposed, their masks are coming off and their true agendas revealed. It is happening in the political, religious, business communities, the UFO and spiritual communities as well. The controlled narratives are failing; the planned opposition to truth that owe their allegiance to the selfish controllers are also having a hard time maintaining their leadership positions and false messiah complexes. They cannot create, they only borrow, plagiarise the work of others and parrot what others have written or what their handlers tell them. They have to stay within the controlled narrative.

There are some that have succumbed to spiritual ego unfortunately to the level of narcissism. They have deadly charisma feeding off the energies of others who naively give it to them. They are the leaking masses.

This message is not for those that have placed themselves in an elevated position above everyone else which is not enlightenment it is separation. They are the posers who hate anyone who is authentic and in service to others.

This message is for those who have maintained a level of humbleness, knowing everyone and everything is the guidance from their teacher and they are not separated by anyone or anything. The compassionate people are in service to the Creator within all Creation. Now is the time to step into your own sovereign power, make your own personal God /Great Spirit/Supreme Lord connection and find your own unique purpose. Stop giving your power away to others or expect them to do everything for you. Revive your service mentality and original love of God.

Be well;

James Gilliland (edited)