Pope Francis slams GMO and chemical companies for destroying health and environment for profit

Editorial-Use-Pope-Francis-Waving(NaturalNews) A controversial new encyclical by Pope Francis set for release by the Vatican casts blame for worsening environmental damage on technology that is in common use today. In particular, the pontiff blames agricultural and fossil fuel technology for destroying ecosystems and changing the planet’s climate patterns.

In addition, the Holy See’s encyclical hits GMOs and pesticides as it calls for the financing of independent and interdisciplinary research to study their effects.

“It is difficult to give an overall judgment on the development of genetically modified organisms (GMO), plant or animal, for medical purposes or in agriculture, since they can be very different and require different considerations,” says the encyclical, according to a version that was leaked prior to its official issuance.

“GMOs is an issue which is complex, it must be approached with a sympathetic look at all its aspects, and this requires at least one more effort to finance several lines of independent and interdisciplinary research… as we have seen in this chapter, the technique is unlikely to be able to …self-limit its power,” he wrote, according to the leaked version.

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