7 ways GMOs are destroying humanity and the planet

Agricultural-Engineer-On-Field-Examining-Ripe-Ears-Of-Grain-GMO-Test-Crop(NaturalNews) No matter what personal views you might have on genetically-modified organisms (GMOs), these relatively new biological creations are wreaking havoc on both the environment and human health, as thoroughly demonstrated in the scientific literature. And here are seven concrete examples of why:

1) GMOs lead to superbugs and superweeds.

2) GMOs are killing off our pollinators.

3) GMOs allow corporations to control life.

4) GMOs cross-contaminate natural crops.

5) Accidentally growing GMOs is a crime.

6) GMOs place an unmanageable burden of debt on farmers.

7) GMOs destroy biodiversity, the life-force of our planet.

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