Watering Your Garden with City Water Injects Pharmaceuticals Into Your Veggies

city_water_gunBy Steven Maxwell

Do you water your vegetable garden with recycled city water? If so, you may be eating pharmaceutical contaminants that accumulate in your food.

A recent study by the American Chemical Society published by Chemistry and Engineering News shows that “eating vegetables grown using reclaimed water boosts urine levels of carbamazepine, an anti-epileptic (mood stabilizer) drug commonly detected in wastewater” meaning that anyone who consumes this produce is exposed to the carbamazepine drug in detectable dosages.

The drug can enter waterways in a multitude of ways, from drain disposal of unused medication, excretion through the urinary tract of those who consume it, and even water that is disposed of by facilities that produce drugs. Since the carbamazepine drug is transmittable through the waterway, this has sparked the attention of agricultural workers who utilize large amounts of water for their crop irrigation systems.

The decision to continue to consume water and vegetation exposed to drugs such as carbamazepine and other substances depends upon the individual and the degree of the toll you believe it will take on your health. For drinking water, it’s best to use a high-quality water filter. Bathing is another issue altogether. You may consider installing a whole house filter or at least a shower unit.

Read the entire article: http://www.activistpost.com/2016/04/watering-your-garden-with-city-water-injects-pharmaceuticals-into-your-veggies.html?