Vegetarians On The Rise In New Zealand

unnamedMany New Zealanders are turning toward more meat free meals.

The worldwide trend is for eating more plant-based food. More people are breaking free from the violent ideology that meat eating is normal, natural & necessary. Eating less meat also benefits your health with a diet that’s higher in fibre, vitamins, minerals and less carcinogenic or health crippling substances.

This is definitely not a fad, but an evolution of people making conscious changes in the way they eat.

Lord of the Fries are well known throughout Australia for their huge vegetarian and vegan menu, featuring burgers, hotdogs, poutine, nuggets, and shakes, as well as their delicious golden fries. Lord of the Fries is now providing vegetarian food to help feed the growing number of New Zealander vegans, vegetarians and those wishing less meat in their diet.

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