Vegetarians Improve the World

quote-nothing-will-benefit-human-health-and-increase-the-chances-for-survival-of-life-on-earth-albert-einstein-40-7-0721By Major RUSH

One of the evolutionary transitions unfolding within the human society is the awareness that animal abuse culminates in meat eating.

The ultimate animal abuse is to kill it and this has expanded to epic proportions with the corporate dominance of slaughterhouses that now kill over 1.5 billion animals a week; every week of every year. This means that over 2,500 animals die every second.

The natural compassion that is universally felt toward domestic animals such as cats & dogs has been inexplicably dismissed when it comes to the killing of other animals with similar consciousness.

Loving domestic animals and eating farm animals is a moral contradiction. Meat is a violent ideology because meat cannot be procured without violence. Meat eating is a practice that is inherited from the previous generation at the earliest stage of life.

You did not make a conscious choice whether to be a meat eater or vegetarian. Your behavior is a byproduct of social conditioning. This conditioning takes the form of considering meat eating to be natural, normal and necessary; concepts that are actually false.

Meat eating is not natural: Nature has placed man at the top of the food chain by giving him hands that he is to use as caretaker of the animals not to kill them. Hands also infuse man with the responsibility to sow seed and feed himself, others and all the animals from the fertility of the natural environment. But man has failed in his responsibilities to contribute to the food chain, in preference to supporting the slaughter of huge numbers of animals for food. Only 3 percent of humans contribute to the agrarian food chain, when everyone with hands is responsible to somehow contribute.

A meat diet is not normal: Everywhere we see people putting the bodies of dead animals in their mouths as though nothing were wrong. Because meat eating is socially acceptable everyone is automatically conditioned to think that it is normal.

The human body is not constructed in such a way to process meat without causing disease. There are some 30 diseases that are directly attributed to meat eating and none attributed to a vegetarian diet. There are several other false claims that have been sited that are not supported from a moral, health or sustainability perspective; such as: “Humans need the high levels of protein available in meat”.

When we believe that the myths are the facts, we leave ourselves open to being manipulated into participating in this violent ideology that numbs our normal human compassion. Since meat eating is so wide spread it is seen as a given rather than a choice.

When eating animals is not necessary, which it is not in most of the modern world, than it is a choice. From the karma point of view there cannot be peace in human society when it is inflicting uncontrolled violence and cruelty upon the animals by choice. For humanity to free itself from the negative karma reaction of this crime, it is essential for us to be humane and compassionate by stopping this practice.

The unacceptable cruelty of meat is becoming recognized as immoral, unnecessary and unsustainable in guiding the human society to peace and self-realization and most people do not realize they have a choice that will create a humane and just world of higher values, culminating in the spiritual awakening of love of God. If we are to evolve to a higher level of consciousness we cannot continue to dampen our hearts empathy and diminish our minds objectivity which are the side effects of eating meat.

Violently killing and eating animals is not necessary: This ideology is propagated by an industry whose main justification is that it is necessary to eat meat or you will die, so it is not to be questioned. The corporate meat industry is hugely profiting from our blind compliance. They cunningly make it convenient for you to participate in their crimes with pre-packaged animal bodies. This is supported by maintaining the invisibility of the animal cruelty involved. When buying the end product you are funding the continuation of the horror.

There are many studies that show 10 times as many people can subsist on the land area now raising animals for food.

Eliminating meat will end starvation forever because there is ample area and fertility for the total global population to be sustained on the resources currently being employed for meat.

Cornell and Harvard Universities say that the optimum amount of meat in a healthy human diet is zero. From economic, environmental and health points of view meat is like a 2 cent coin that costs more to produce than it is worth, since meat causes more harm than benefit. We can stop this abnormal behavior by simply not buying these meat products and turning to a vegetarian diet.

We have totally destroyed the balance of nature with the practice of killing and eating most of the lower species of life, as opposed to maintaining an agrarian

food production system that would aid in the development of higher human behavior and moral perspectives. If the human society honestly accepts the responsibility of being vegetarians we can achieve better health standards, become environmentally sustainable and stop the unnecessary cruelty.

While vegetarians and vegans agree that commercial methods of cow husbandry are cruel, there are two points that are overlooked in the vegan diet.

Firstly, Raw milk is an important wholesome and healing addition to your diet that builds brain development and functions. You should not avoid natural raw milk, only processed milk. Second, soy contains anti-nutrients and toxins (growth inhibitors) that curtail protein absorption of nutrients, minerals and zinc (the intelligence mineral). It disrupts hormones, lowers testosterone levels & sperm counts

The only safe & humane diet to ensure healthy and intelligent development is the vegetarian diet that rejects soy and includes minimally processed milk.

Awareness of animal cruelty is therefore the greatest social justice issue of our time because without addressing this issue man is no more than an animal himself.

Awareness has always been the antidote to violent ideologies. Your awareness is the first step of the solution. Acting on your awareness is the rest of the solution

Stop the Violence. Stop Eating Meat. Become a Vegetarian. Improve the World