Gauravani’s Vegetarian Recipes Book

There are many reasons why a person should not eat meat. Meat eating is not only the major cause of many physical disorders such as kidney disease, heart disease, high cholesterol, cancer, premature ageing and senility, but it is also more expensive than a vegetarian diet. The most important reason though, is to maintain the correct moral conduct of a human being.

Few people make any conscious connection between the slaughter of animals for food and the meat products that appear on their tables. These animals are usually slaughtered by very cruel and inhumane methods for the satisfaction of human tongues. In truth, when we eat meat we are simply feasting on dead stale corpses.

It is not as if we are killing and eating lions or wolves out of self-defence. We slaughter harmless, tame creatures who have little or no means of protecting themselves or harming us. For the sake of eating flesh, we deprive these innocent creatures of the duration of life to which they are entitled to by birth. Since the eating of meat is not a true necessity of man. Why must this cruelty take place? Where is compassion towards all living creatures?

Various philosophies and religions try to convince everyone that animals are nothing more than machines without souls and feelings. However, anyone who has ever lived with an animal (whether a dog, cat, horse, bird etc) knows that this theory is completely untrue and intended to justify cruelty for the satisfaction of perverted taste buds.

We are all God’s creatures. Yet, we pray to God for justice and mercy while we continue to eat the animals that are slaughtered on our account. This is not just. Why would God sanction the killing of animals who are also his children? Since we cannot create, we have no right to kill

The laws of both nature and cause and effect (karma) insure that those who cause violence and suffering to other living beings, must themselves experience equivalent violence and suffering, whether it be immediately or some time in the future. As the famous quote states, “As you sow, so shall you reap”.

When a human unnecessarily takes the life of another entity, especially under conditions of great pain and suffering, this act of aggression produces a severe karmic reaction. You can therefore understand that the widespread violence among humans could be a karmic reaction to animal slaughter and because men unrestrictedly kill so many animals, they must also be slaughtered like animals in big wars.

It is our duty and responsibility to use our superior intelligence to plant seeds and grow food for this hungry planet, instead of killing and eating our friends the animals. This book is a compilation of recipes that hopefully will help you to experience pure eating free from the negative reactions of meat eating.