Another Reason to be Vegetarian: The Meat Glue Secret

meat-glue-1024x570By Catherine J. Frompovich

The food industry is extremely innovative at reducing waste products and salvaging any last bit of animal tissue aka meat.

Transglutaminase is an animal-blood enzyme used as “meat glue” to create a prime filet steak, which many cooks and eaters can’t tell the difference.

“Meat Glue” is a naturally occurring enzyme found in animal blood called Transglutaminase or Thrombin. It is a coagulant that causes blood to clot and has the ability to crosslink proteins together creating an intramolecular bond that is highly resistant to protein degradation.

Resource:  Transglutaminase Enzyme

Here’s a tell-all video that may whet your appetite for more vegetarian meals than a potentially bacteria-ridden meat-glue steak.