Sirian Council – An Introduction

Of All The Things That Are Being Done To Us, by the forces more powerful than we are, such as the Secret Global Government. The natural evolutionary change that is being imposed by material nature upon us, is the transitional change upon the Earth in its rotational relationship with the other celestial bodies. This repositioning is by nature cyclic and is upon the solar system relationships now, during our manifestation on the Earth.

This force is far greater than any human potency and irresistible for us, in the human form, for this is much grander than greatest achievement can be.

The impact of this change is being appreciated and observed by Extraterrestrials of significantly higher realms. One such group is the Sirian Council of the Galactic Federation. They have produced a series of books with the channel Patricia Cori that express their viewpoint of the already begun transition. Their perspective is clearly expressed and is worth consideration when we think that the Secret Government is also about to subjugate us presently. From the Sirian perspective this is actually not possible, but the upcoming upheaval and chaos will still happen due to it’s much greater scale. It will serve to cleanse the inhuman humans from the planet for the uplifting of the remaining humans that are evolving with the greater forces at work.

Review by RJH

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