Sirian Council – Let There Be No More Secrets

No More Secrets, No More Lies by Patricia Cori (Channel for the Sirian Council)

Let There Be No More Secrets (Chapter One)

We ask you to consider; however, that the release of negative thought forms and blocked energies can be a difficult process, but that it is a fundamental aspect of light body awakening. If you should feel compelled to ‘blame’ the material for any emotional discomfort that may arise, know that the message, of itself, is not the cause. You may want to consider, instead, how the upset lies in the fear and parallel emotions that you are inevitably pushing yourselves to confront (for once and forever) as your planet prepares for the final phases of ascension and you mutate from the chrysalis to take wings.

For those of you still stuck in survival and others who have not yet begun the work of clearing, we are committed to jump-starting that process here. We believe you made that freewill decision when you reached for this book and first opened its cover.

You, who have long ago opened the way, will achieve further clarity of that which you already know – your truth – while the extraordinary waves of light moving through you will facilitate your attunement and further accelerate the awakening.

We invite you all to call upon your Spirit Guides to validate that this process is for your highest purpose. Know that your guides are always there for you and that they serve as the sentinels of your souls. We, too, call upon guidance as a screening process of our inter-dimensional encounters. This is a practice that should become (if it is not already) so natural to you that you needn’t even think about it.

We ask you to trust and to recognize our intention and that of the Light Ones of many dimensions. Allow yourselves to feel and to respond to our message, never suppressing the surfacing of buried emotions. If you are going to serve as awakeners – true spirit warriors – you must first resolve your survival issues, silencing those gnawing fears in order to release from your inertia and swing into the action zone. You can walk in the light of knowledge, free of the torments that bind you, once you let go of fear. You will then move through the Earth Changes unscathed, knowing where you are headed and what awaits you once you arrive.

Therefore, do not give up on us when the first waves begin to rush through you, for it is our intention to move you and it is your intention to be moved. And you will.

So let us fly the skies of your imagination, exploring the periphery of visions that may have escaped you until now, because there is so much you want to know about us and about yourselves; about the material realm and the multidimensional universe; about the darkness and the light.

Although you thoroughly enjoy savouring the idea that yours is the ‘information generation’ inventor of vast telecommunications systems that have put your electronic fingers on the pulse of the entire globe, while the Secret Government reaches out into space – you remain, paradoxically, one of the most isolated species in existence. The mass population, trained to look no further, still knows nothing of the intelligent universe. This is a wonder to countless civilizations populating the universe of matter … and it is even more bewildering to those who constantly fill your night skies with their mechanical flying ships and holographic projections.

There is untold commerce and exchange amongst alien nations, federations of interplanetary cooperation, travel, cultural exchange and genetic blending. The material universe is bursting with life – filled with the incredible – and, as on Earth, the struggle between the dark and light forces exists, in varying degrees, at every juncture. That duality is a constant of existence, which refines its contrastive nature as we ascend the spiral, reaching for full illumination, where polarity resolves and all individual units of consciousness eventually merge back into Source.

Despite all the signs and communications that come through for you – despite the mother ships and sightings and transmissions such as ours – most of the human race still holds tightly to the belief that Earth is the true center of the Universe, and that yours is the only planet hospitable for life … in any form whatsoever. Even though growing numbers of you are awakening to a cosmic perception of the conscious Universe, an overwhelming majority still refuses to believe just how small a speck Earth is in the body of the Cosmos, or that you are as minute to the universe of the living as is a grain of sand to the shore.

We have difficulty imagining how you can live with such a sense of loneliness, yet it helps us comprehend your spiritual dilemma. It helps us understand how you have for so long been dominated, controlled and suppressed as a people. But we have good news for the human race. We are telling you, as are those who are connecting to you through other superb channels or reaching you directly in the dream-time, that the time of your isolation is over. In spite of the hostile messages the governors of your species send out across the waves, your brothers and sisters of the material universe are moving ever closer, seeking ways to approach without being destroyed or creating mass panic amongst you. That is no easy task, for the Secret Government still does not believe you are ready – nor are they prepared to release you. And so, the message being sent into the Cosmos by the militia that rules your planet is less than inviting, and their alien allies of the dark persuasion are just as forbidding.

Let us paint a picture for you, through which you can see yourselves, for just an instant, as some members of your greater galactic family look upon you and your planet from afar.

Besides the alien civilizations that have already connected with Earth or which are capable of studying you in detail, there are yet other remote worlds that have attuned, in varying degrees, to your realm.

Many are the extraterrestrial beings who, in studying Earth’s atmospheric conditions, electromagnetic emissions and violent eruptions, surmise that Earth is a discordant, violent planet, clearly inhabited by some form of intelligent life.

Here, it seems, is a technologically advancing civilization, responsible for causing highly disruptive electromagnetic frequencies to course through the planetary body and out into deep space – a civilization with an apparent disregard for the sanctity of space and what appears to be a total lack of awareness of the consequences of its actions.

Observers of your planet find it is encased in a clutter of satellite devices, most of which are bouncing electromagnetic waves of varying degree back and forth from the surface, rather than serving as humanity’s voice out into space. Many are armed weapons systems and these, too, are pointing down at you. This is understood to serve as some primitive kind of control network – the paranoid behavior of an unevolved governing body, which (whatever the intended purpose) appears to be holding the planet hostage, while discouraging interplanetary exchange. That, of itself, is a most revealing insight into the living conditions there.

Numerous alien scientific research teams have intercepted an unnatural electromagnetic grid encircling the planet – an indication that some form of aggressive intervention has occurred during its evolution. Studies conducted by their astronomers have identified holes in this matrix, particularly (but not limited to) the polar regions and parts of the equatorial belt … and in those regions of extreme thermonuclear radiation. Diverse alien scientific commissions studying Earth have deduced that this energy grid is disintegrating and that such peculiar satellite mechanisms may be an attempt to reweave an ancient girdle of controlling frequencies around the surface.

Judging from the perennial explosion of nuclear weapons that have been recorded there, the planet is believed to be inhabited by warring, violent beings, who (given what most of the intelligent universe understands about radiation) may be nearing the point of extinction. And it is seen as a destructive population, one that is burning the green belts that supply its oxygen, ripping apart its atmosphere and filling the blue waters – the source of all life there – with the blackness of its own unprocessed waste.

And we ask you: do you really wonder why beings from other worlds are so terribly hesitant to show themselves to you?

There are others, those whose mother ships are currently journeying just aside of Earth’s auric body. The prototype has been shown to you through the time traveller, Gene Roddenberry, whose science-fiction accounts of the activities of the Galactic Federation were anything but fictional.

Theirs is a first-hand awareness of the situation on Planet Earth, for they have been moving through your quadrant of space for some time now, observing the events leading up to your Sun’s ascension from the third dimension. They are close enough to observe and study you and they see beyond the smoke and static that permeates the space around you. They see the crisis in which you find yourselves, just as they see the greatness of humankind – the beauty beneath the clouds. And, although universal law does not allow their direct intervention, they do monitor the Secret Government and the alien nations with whom they are in strict collaboration. They are aware of your struggle.