Cell Tower Attack: Mind Control & Microwave Sickness, Tinnitus, Insomnia, Fatigue


After several months of searching, I have moved to a location which has minimal cell towers, the nearest one being 5 miles away, with a line-of-sight obstructed by mountains.The second nearest tower is about 10 miles away beyond that. For comparison, the previous location had 4 towers within a 2.5 mile radius, with the nearest one slightly less than 2 miles away.

Since I’ve made the move, all of the problems I had experienced previously are gone; no more pressure sensations, headaches, muscle weakness and spasms, fatigue, “nervous” digestion/bowels, sore/stiff joints, disorientation, or sudden drowsiness and yawning. The body feels much more relaxed and energetic. I can also sleep deeply and completely without the use of the Faraday cage/canopy. The microwaves were clearly responsible for my difficulties.

The measurements I’ve taken here show extremely low readings overall (0.0 – 0.2µW/m²). The only two sources I’ve been able to detect are the power company’s meter (smart meter signal), and a very weak reading in the direction of another house, which is probably Wi-Fi (wireless router). The previous residence had microwave exposures that ranged from hundreds to thousands of times greater in magnitude.

I still hear noise, however, but it’s a different kind of noise from what I was hearing before. The strong “ringing” and “whining/screaming” (high amplitude fluctuation) noises that I was experiencing at the old place are gone. Those noises seem to be related to the microwaves. The noise I hear now is a constant, high-frequency hissing which resembles white noise or static. Even when the “volume” increases, there is no discernable feeling of pain or discomfort. It’s possible that I’m hearing the same signal as before, just in a weaker state, toned-down without the big fluctuations.

I’m not sure what kind of signal is responsible for generating this noise. Is it EM-based (LF, RF, pulsed microwaves) or some kind of psychic energy? Whatever it is, it has a long range and seems to be unaffected by terrain and obstructions. A Faraday cage doesn’t stop it either. Even when there are theoretically no microwaves present, it’s still there.

So far, the only way I’ve found to reduce the “volume” of this noise is to increase your distance from the towers. The closer you get to a tower, the louder the noise gets, and vice versa. This has consistently been my experience. I’ve visited places recently where I was 12-15 miles from the nearest tower and the noise was barely perceptible. I actually had to stop and listen in silence to detect it.

There are surely other sources contributing to this signal – GWEN, satellites, a highly-charged atmosphere, possibly even the power grid, but the cell towers appear to be the biggest factor.

Being completely noise-free may not be possible at this point. The ‘Luciferian’ control grid is pumping out radiation all over the Earth, and the coverage appears to be remarkably widespread.

Microwave Sickness

Most of today’s illnesses are caused by exposure to EM radiation, specifically microwaves in the 1GHz to 5GHz range. Ever wonder why so many devices use the 2.4 GHz band, so crowded together in frequency that they often interfere with one another?

2.4 GHz was first chosen for the microwave oven because it was found to vibrate (heat) water molecules and fat cells more strongly than any other frequency. Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, PDAs and most wireless peripherals operate around 2.4 GHz. We all know that the brain consists almost entirely of water and fat.

Exposure to microwaves causes the cells to release calcium into the bloodstream (efflux) which leaves them depleted as a result. Calcium is what drives the chemical reactions that fire muscle cells and neurons.

This would explain the muscle weakness and spasms at a minimum. Much of this free-floating calcium gets deposited into the joints, which must account for the joint pain and stiffness (arthritis).

Microwave exposure also results in reduced melatonin production, which is vital to healthy sleep. Cell/mobile phone usage increases the permeability of the blood brain barrier, creating holes through which toxins, heavy metals and other foreign substances can enter the brain. DNA can be damaged by microwaves. Those are just a few basic examples of the impact EMFs (microwaves) have on the body.

Other effects include:

– Depressed antioxidant levels, greater oxidative damage

– Mitochondria dysfunction (energy production in cells)

– Decreased red blood cell count, reducing oxygen transport

– Weakened immune system, reduced NK, T-cell counts

– Adrenal exhaustion

– Reduced levels of serotonin and dopamine (depression)

– Reduced levels of norepinephrine (regulates nervous sys.)

– Promotes growth of viruses, bacteria and mold in host

There is a W.H.O. study that was recently published on the health risks of cell/mobile phone usage, which was sponsored in part by those same cell/mobile interests. There were roughly 13,000 people (cell/mobile users) in the survey group, none of whom were from the U.S., the country with the highest use and lowest standards for EM safety in the world. There should’ve also been a control group of non-users, but they’re so few and far between I guess they couldn’t be bothered, assuming the study was actually trying for legitimate results, which it was not.

At the conclusion of the study, they found that over 5,000 of these people had developed significant brain tumors during the course of this ten year period. That’s nearly 40%. Given the cherry-picked nature of these kinds of studies, real-world tumor rates are certain to be higher. The researchers, however, concluded that no link could be made between cell/mobile phone usage and the development of brain tumors. I suppose a 100% fatality rate is required for it to be conclusive in their book.

The Program

So far, they appear to be boiling the frog, moving the power up in increments to allow the population time to acclimate to the increased intensity, without causing widespread illness and debilitation. The increases are definitely coming in bigger and bigger jumps lately. This is why I suddenly moved into “hearing” range from literally one day to the next.

I expect them to dramatically escalate the program over the next few years, not only by increasing the power to existing units, but also by adding technology which will expand coverage and range, 4G systems, Wi-MAX, femtocells (mini base stations), broadband over power, etc. They will also continue to put down more towers and stations to increase density.

Many people in high-density areas will become sick and eventually die from the constant EM stress. Many have died already, and the numbers will only grow. Most of these people who are sick from EM exposure have no idea what’s causing it. Their Luciferian puppet-doctors diagnose it as “chronic fatigue syndrome”, “fibromyalgia” or even “lupus”. The noises are dismissed as “tinnitus” or “stress”. At best, the drugs just mask the symptoms. Most of the time, they make the individual even sicker.

What is all of this about? “Higher bitrates, greater availability and more bandwidth and channels” is what they tell the cattle. That’s just what we all need right now, right? No, that’s just the shiny wrapper, the rationale that’s used to gain the public’s acceptance of this technology, its use and proliferation.

This program serves the Luciferian agenda, as they all do. Their goal is to subjugate the human mind, spirit and soul in the most absolute sense. This has been stated openly at times by certain individuals like Dr. José Delgado and Aldous Huxley. This program has been underway for a long time, but now is when it enters its final phase.

Dr. José Delgado

From the New York Times Archives:

The latter two experiments, show that electrical brain stimulation does not simply evoke automatic responses but reactions that become integrated into social behavior according to the individual’s own personality or temperament, Dr. Delgado said.

Experiments have been conducted on human beings by Dr. Delgado and other scientists, primarily during the treatment of certain types of epilepsy. Stimulation of particular areas of the brain have produced anxiety, profound feelings of friendliness and, in one case, a six­fold increase in word output.

The Yale neurophysiologist believes that techniques such as the one he is using can lead to the discovery of the cerebral basis of anxiety, pleasure, aggression and other mental functions and that “we shall be in a much better position to influence their development and manifestation (in various ways); especially by means of more scientifically programed education.”

Direct quote from Dr. Delgado:

“We need a program of psychosurgery for political control of our society. The purpose is physical control of the mind. Everyone who deviates from the given norm can be surgically mutilated. … The individual may think that the most important reality is his own existence, but this is only his personal point of view. This lacks historical perspective. Man does not have the right to develop his own mind. This kind of liberal orientation has great appeal. We must electronically control the brain. Someday armies and generals will be controlled by electric stimulation of the brain.”

You must know who’s behind this and what they are trying to do. None of this is a mistake or done out of ignorance. There’s no point in trying to go through the legal system or government agencies like the FCC. All of these organizations are controlled by the Luciferians from the top down. The fox is always guarding the henhouse.

This is the greatest threat we face, not only to physical being, but to the survival of mind and soul. The Luciferians have constructed this EM control grid around Earth to suppress the increasing vibratory rate of Ascension and establish total control over human consciousness.

They are trying to weigh us down, keep us anchored to their frequencies so that we cannot escape this density, so that we only see what they want us to see. This is real reason they’re in such a hurry to roll out all of this new “telecommunications” technology. They are working furiously to expand and upgrade their global control grid before the final act.

Forget about microchip implants at gunpoint. They would never use such obvious brute-force, in-your-face tactics, that even the dimmest of the dim would be able to figure out. That’s just another diversion to keep you from seeing what’s going on at this very moment, right under your nose (next to your head). Brain (mind) control is already here and has been here for a very long time. Over the years, the Lucies have been refining the system, incorporating new technologies, but there has always been a framework of control in place.

They work through more subtle means. This program is streamlined into everyday life, built into the foundation of the consumer society, and is invisible to nearly everyone. It’s the toxins and chemicals in the food and drink, the radiation from “telecommunications” networks and consumer devices, the subliminals and hypnotic messages in the media, and more. Not only do people not know they are being attacked, they view these things as desirable and beneficial, as a sign of “progress”, and would resist having any of it taken away.


Cell/mobile phones are brain-frequency entrainment devices. I have absolutely no doubt that this is the primary purpose of this technology. These microwave pulses are designed to alter the bioelectric fields of the brain, to shift brain wave frequencies and stimulate electrochemical responses. They are also used to disable or destroy certain parts of the brain (pineal gland).

It’s all too clear that most people are addicted to these devices. The statistics show it in the ever-increasing usage (time spent) per individual. You can see it in daily life, demonstrated by the heavy, often obsessive usage of so many people.

I know that there is some kind of pleasure sensation being generated. The behavior people exhibit makes it obvious. Perhaps there is some “feel good” effect from talking, being “in touch” and “connected”, but I believe that this is mostly driven by electromagnetic stimulation.

It has been shown that people can become addicted to radiation and will suffer withdrawal symptoms when they are separated from the source of that radiation for long stretches. When you take a realistic look at the “society”, you’ll see that most decisions people make are driven by some kind of addiction. “I can’t live without (give up) my…” is an addict talking.

Look at the fast/junk food industry for example. While low prices are certainly an incentive, what really keeps people coming back are the food additives. The food itself is practically worthless in terms of nutrition or even taste. Its main point is to serve as an additive-delivery system. It’s not the food, but the chemicals/agents in the food that are important (to the agenda).

These substances are designed to alter brain chemistry and/or cause damage to certain parts of the brain, whether in the form of excitotoxins like Glutamate (MSG) or Aspartame, GMOs, or chemical preservatives, colors and flavors. When an addictive quality is attached, it ensures that the individual will continue to return for his/her next fix and “treatment”. The most “successful” products are those which are addictive.

TV, movies, video games and music are also sources of programming and addiction. Beyond the obvious message of the content, which usually involves vibration-lowering fear and anger-based behaviors, violence and general stupidity, they also program the subconscious mind with subliminal images and sounds, flying under the radar of conscious awareness.

Whenever you see activity on the screen involving flashing/strobing lights, scrolling numbers and symbols, images and colors dancing around, fading in and out of the background, they are using hypnosis. Many public and media speakers are skilled at using their voices and speech to hypnotize the audience, through methods of tone, pace and reversal.

People who are entrained to the program will have a pleasurable response when they are exposed to this kind of activity. This is what truly makes TV-viewing addictive, not the actual content. People who are not entrained/hypnotized will find these effects disturbing, and headaches, dizziness or nausea may result.

The refresh/redraw rate of the TV itself has been shown to slow brain wave activity into light-trance states. Fluorescent lights can have a similar effect on brain waves due to their pulsed nature, causing drowsiness and headaches in some people. They are also a source of dirty power and RF radiation. Most LCD screens use fluorescent backlights.


These devices (TV, cell phones, games) are a major source of distraction. Time, attention and energy are wasted in trivial pursuits while all the important things go unseen and unknown. In this state, the individual is not Present. He is oblivious, incapable of observation or conscious creation. People who lack focus and coherent thought, whose “minds are elsewhere” are easily manipulated.

The movie Equilibrium gives a pretty accurate take on how the “powers that be” subversively exert ‘mind control’ over the public, getting them to self-medicate for the “greater good”. Replace the martial society with a consumer one, the syringe with a cell/mobile phone, toxic food, and pharmaceuticals and you get the idea.

The Lucies get people to enslave and diminish themselves through their own actions and desires. The public has even been trained to police itself, so that anyone with a different view or reality, who questions the status quo, will quickly get hammered (ridiculed, threatened) back into place by the matrix people around him.

Mind control is not about people marching around in unison like robots, following direct mechanical commands. It’s about shifting behaviors and perceptions, getting people to believe in something that is not true and then act on it under their own volition, with the belief that they’re doing it in their own best interest. This is how mind control really works.

Lock and Key

Relatively few people hear the noise. I believe that most people, because of their heavy cell/mobile usage, have been strongly entrained to the signal. Their bioelectric fields and brain waves have been conditioned, harmonized to these frequencies. They have already been programmed and therefore do not hear or feel it.

It’s also likely that the brain damage they’ve suffered over time has de-sensitized them to this radiation. I’ve yet to encounter a cell user who can hear the noise, or so they say.

If you can hear it, it means you are not compatible with the program, and it comes across as interference, discordant energy, noise as it strikes the layers of the Auric/bioelectric field. It’s like trying to open a lock with the wrong key. The effort will produce scraping, noise, and perhaps even damage, but the door will not open. For most people, the key fits their lock perfectly and they open right up, without any difficulty.

Frequent cell/mobile usage seems to be necessary for this ‘mind control’ program to work. If you don’t use or only use on occasion, you’re probably not subject to manipulation. The Auric/bioelectric field likely works as a shield or buffer, protecting against external radiation and psychic attacks.

When you bring this device inside your field and use it right next to the body, you allow the radiation to bypass that protective barrier and punch a hole in your field from the inside-out, leaving you exposed to outside radiation and attacks. The program signal would then be able to pass through your defenses unimpeded.

People whose fields are weak and penetrable are easy prey. Other entities can reach in and manipulate those individuals or siphon lifeforce from them. This seems to be another purpose of this program, to increase human vulnerability to parasitic attacks and energy harvesting.

If judged by sheer numbers, their program has been an overwhelming success. Most people are deeply enslaved to entrainment and addiction. Their pineal glands are lost, the connection cut, and the brain in general has been reduced to a very low level of function.

They are unable to think or act outside of the confines of the matrix. What the media tells them is reality. What authority tells them is truth. Motives are not questioned. Everything is taken implicitly. Large chunks of the true reality around them are filtered from their perception.

It’s important to understand that these people did have a choice. No one put a gun to their heads. They are fully responsible for the consequences of their actions, as are we all.

I’ve also considered the possibility that they could ultimately use this system to conduct a mass-harvest of the population. Were they to increase the power to a very high level and release it as a massive pulse of radiation, it would burn out the nervous system of every person within range of a participating tower. It could be done selectively to certain areas and the result would be instant. I wouldn’t put anything past them at this point and I don’t doubt that the capacity to do this exists within the technology.

The Chemtrail Connection

I have consistently observed that the signal is stronger at night and on overcast days. The nightly increase in power is done intentionally to disrupt sleep, though atmospheric/ionospheric conditions at night probably play a role as well.

Given the composition of this artificial cloud cover, filled with metals and ionic materials, it’s not surprising that the radiation becomes more intense on cloudy days. The chemclouds act as a reflective/amplifying layer, catching the ground-based radiation coming from towers and other sources and radiating it back down to Earth. When excited/charged by a system like HAARP, cell towers, or EM-equipped planes, it could also be made to resonate long-wavelength, low frequency EMFs.

This explains why people often feel exceptionally poor on overcast or heavy chemtrail days, especially after a string of consecutive days under those conditions.

Yet, as soon as the skies clear, one often begins to feel better almost immediately. I believe that “chemtrail sickness” is primarily due to the EMFs radiating down from the chemlayer, rather than the ingestion or inhalation of the chemtrail fallout itself.

When they drop organisms (viruses, fungi) and chemical agents onto the population, they almost always use helicopters, not planes. I’ve personally seen and been subjected to this several times now, and others have told me the same. People tend to develop serious problems after the helis have been around, whether it’s flu-like symptoms, rashes or neurological disorders.

The “cloudiness” that they are so intent upon creating is to a large extent about maintaining EM-vibrational control over the planet, keeping their radiation trapped inside while blocking the Sun’s Light and other cosmic energies which are ascending consciousness.

Can’t have “armageddon” or “climate change” without terrible weather, right? Only their artificial DOR clouds can produce the destructive storms they want. Natural weather formations are harder to control. Terraforming may be part of it as well, as I have suggested. They’re also using the cover to hide objects and activities in the atmosphere and space.


Even if we as individuals are not caught in the ‘mind control’ program, this radiation (EM/psychic/DOR) still builds up on our Auric/bioelectric fields. It pollutes the waters, interfering with the natural flow of Light-energy-information in and out of our fields. It creates noise and disharmony and makes us ill.

If you’ve made it this far with some understanding of what’s being said, then you haven’t been too deeply entrained to the program. Even if you are a mobile/cell user who has managed to resist the program up to this point, keep in mind that damage is still occurring and its effects are cumulative on both body and field.


My advice would be to stop using these devices altogether and eliminate any other sources of microwave radiation from your environment, especially wireless routers (WiFi). If you feel that the phone is a practical necessity, use a WIRED headset and keep the phone at least several feet away.

EM radiation strength/density from a radially-emitting source (cell phone/tower antenna) decreases by the square of distance (I = P/4(pi)r²), with r being radius/distance. The radiation density a few feet away will be a fraction of what it is at source, and at 10 feet away it will be two orders of magnitude less. The fastest drop in strength occurs as you initially move away from the source, so every bit of distance helps at close range.

Here’s an example. Let’s say you have an antenna transmitting at 100W.

At 1 meter (3’3″): I = 100W/12.57(1m)² = 7.95 W/m²
At 2 meters (6’7”): I = 100W/12.57(2m)² = 1.99 W/m²
At 3 meters (9’10”): I = 100W/12.57(3m)² = 0.88 W/m²
At 5 meters (16’5″): = 0.32 W/m²
At 10 meters (32’10”): = 0.08 W/m²
At 20 meters (65’7″): = 0.02 W/m²

Calculated density values for distances less than 1 meter are purely theoretical and have no practical use, which is why they were not included. Note that the density at 1 meter is 9 times what it is at 3 meters, a little more than 6 feet away.

From personal experience, I would say that being close (less than half a mile) to a single tower/station is much worse than having several towers at a moderate distance (2-3 miles). This makes sense given the inverse square rule.

Obstructions should also be taken into account. Buildings made out of dense materials like stone and concrete will attenuate microwave radiation more effectively than wood and drywall. Earth will provide the best protection, from a buried structure, basement or mountainside.

If you decide to move, check the prospective areas in advance to make sure they’re safe.

You can use these sites to locate towers/stations:

US: www.antennasearch.com

Canada: www.ertyu.org/steven_nikkel/cancellsites.html

UK: www.sitefinder.ofcom.org.uk

There is nothing more important right now than reaching and sustaining deep sleep. We move to advanced states of awareness during this time, making connections with other sources and minds, processing, integrating vast amounts of information and energy which are vital to our evolution. This becomes of ever-greater importance as we proceed through Ascension, the ‘dimensional’ quantum shift. The parasites (Lucies) are trying to stop this from happening by cranking up the power at night.

As described in my first video, you can easily and inexpensively make a Faraday cage/canopy to protect yourself while you sleep. These kinds of products can also be purchased, for a steep price.

Orgonite (Orgone) around the premises and even under the bed will help to negate the DOR component of this radiation as well.

The only sleep aids I would ever use are melatonin and tryptophan (a precursor to melatonin and serotonin). Remember that microwaves interfere with melatonin production (which takes place in the pineal gland), so supplementing can be a big help if your body is having trouble making its own.


As I’ve said many times before, awareness is everything. The human mind has enormous potential, the power to manifest reality through its thoughts and beliefs. The parasites harness this power for themselves by keeping humanity asleep and getting them to believe in the media’s concocted “reality” of fear, conflict and scarcity.

Raising awareness, opening eyes and minds, is the first and most profound step towards changing reality. Once that happens, resistance and limitation are removed, allowing the impossible to become possible. If enough people became aware of the true purpose of this technology and stood against it, the towers would have to come down, one way or another.

If people were to figure out who’s really (and I mean really) behind all of this and what they’re doing, the game would end right there. They would see through all of the schemes and deceptions. All the laws, mandates and orders would be useless without the belief. Without belief there is no control.

We as minds can only be controlled if we allow it to happen. Free-will exists for every soul. Most of what has happened, people have done to themselves, giving their consent at each step, making it real through their choices and actions. The current situation is a reflection of that, technology, control systems, all of it. It only changes when we exercise our free-will, choose to stop being ignorant and limited, and take responsibility for ourselves, our own minds.