Television The Great Hologram Programming Tool

Television is the greatest and most all pervasive hypnotic and propagandist tool ever conceived. Television teaches people what to think, but not how to think. TV has given viewers an utterly false view of society, of the world, and of each other.

Through TV the power elite has succeeded in creating a distracted, misinformed, misguided, divided and class driven society suffering historic amnesia completely oblivious to the true realities of their surroundings.

All these people view themselves as truly informed and are very quick to berate and criticize those around them who offer an alternative perspective.

Subsequently, through the ideas imprinted in their heads, a TV driven obsession has developed with the collection of trivia and trinkets including fashion and meaningless items and possessions, that the TV tells them, ‘defines who they are as people’.

The power elite have managed to rob the common man of their wealth, possessions, land, education and history, but most importantly, it has robbed the people of the ability to think critically and objectively and that is exactly what television was specifically created to do.

Each television set is designed to emit alpha waves that condition the viewers brain wave patters to the lowest level. Similarly there are color pulsation patterns and flicker rates and subliminal inserts further conditioning the brains ability to concentrate and evaluate.

How often have you seen a person sit and watch a program, and say ‘I don’t like this program’ and yet they continue to watch it anyway? How often have you done it yourself? It is because the combination of these conditionings that generate the hypnotic alpha waves, that place you in a trance like state as your told what to think by scripted actors and news readers. What is wrong with you?

Your told what to buy, what to wear, what to value and believe and always kept distracted by sport and meaningless celebrity gossip and a variety of sex and entertainment. These are ever more frequently punctuated by messages of fear and warnings of eminent terror.

These alpha waves produced by your TV set affect your electrical field even if you’re not watching it. The TV merely has to be on. You become addicted as your energy field becomes affected. Many people would feel unable to cope without their daily fix of their favourite TV show. Then this hypnotic state carries on throughout the day as people work, robot like, at their given tasks usually discussing what the television taught them and their co-workers.

Often people think they are discussing their own thoughts, but when the conversation is really analyzed, it’s usually not. It’s usually about the show they watched last night, or sport or something they learnt on the Discovery Channel. Their feelings towards the opposite sex, or perhaps something about the war on terror, and whether they realise it or not, what they are talking about and 98% of what they think they know about anything at all, was taught to them by the television or print media, that are wholly owned by the six people that own the television stations.

That’s right, six people. 60 years ago, the media in the western world was run by 86 small corporations that competed against each other to deliver the best and most informative news. Today, it is run by a well oiled and stream lined organization that now control all the major western television and print media.

At the current rate of corporate growth, that number is set to reduce to 3. This has set an extremely dangerous precedence that means that all mainstream televised and print media will be under the control of very few people.

For a better and more informed perspective, obtain your news online from one of the many emerging independent news websites and go to many sites and different sources comparing the same story from a variety of different perspectives.

You have been told that the internet is an unreliable source of information and it’s true that there are many bogus websites. But there is also a lot of very reliable information from very reliable sources if you look in the right places.

And remember, the ones that are telling you that the thousands of independent websites, with opposing views to the mainstream shouldn’t be trusted, number only five.

It is just the five companies with interlocking boards of Directors, that control all the major media. So those five are able to control most of the news that gets to the general public and how such information is presented. Movies Music TV Cable satellite, magazines, book clubs, everything.

It must also be dually considered that all six of these major corporations have extremely close ties to financial institutions and arms manufactures. Such a conflict of interest immediately imposes huge questions regarding the objectivity and reliability of any information presented by these organizations.

And if that were not bad enough, each one of these six corporations gets it’s news from one of two organizations. Reuters or Associated Press. These two international news corporations channel all news down to the six corporations.

Only Reuters owns the Associated Press and Reuters itself is fully owned by the Rothschild’s. This is why there is never any negative press against the world bank or the international banking cartel reported to the people by the mainstream media.

That is also why the majority of the people have no idea about terrorism, the alien presence and the effects of fluoride, MSG or Aspartame. It is also why the actual deaths caused by the unjust invasions and wars are not factually reported.

And they simply have no idea how the world and it’s corrupt monetary system is run.

For you to be who you really are you must stop the television.