nwo 1 dallorDo not let the social & economic devastation the Evil Elite are creating lead us down the wrong path. Never let those in power trample on our freedom. Peaceful options should always be explored first, but if necessary, defend yourself and your family at all times.
Truth is the rarest commodity now. We must do all we can to cultivate the truth instead of destroying it, for it is truth that will empower us during the darkest hours. Do not feel that we have no way out solely because something may be illegal. Our justice systems have been so perverted by the evil Elite that many things that are illegal are moral and many things that have been deemed legal are immoral. Be guided by what we know to be divinely right and by morality instead of by laws made by imperfect men enforced by immoral thugs.
Never consider suicide as an option to whatever dilemmas we may face. Always provide faith and love we to others so the strong will not falter, the weak will not perish, the Elite waging criminal wars against humanity, will not win at enslaving us. Stand strong in the face of cruelty and inhumanity, resist giving in and fight fear with cunning and solidarity with others, as there is strength in numbers.
Bankers may take away our homes and jobs, but we must not let them steal our minds, our collective spirit, faith, courage and morality. We must prepare our minds now because to divide and conquer us. Do not be divided by their tricks and messages of religious and racial hate, which they will adopt as weapons of division. The more they preach about our differences, the more we must focus on our similarities. The more they attempt to divide us, the more we must strengthen the true perspective of spiritual unity.
The more they deceive the confused masses, the more we must take care to protect them with the truth from their propaganda. The more they attack us, the more we must resist them as one humanity, the more they take away our wealth, the more we must pool our resources to resist. Think about the benefits of self-sufficient communities & farms to resist dependency, while forming community services, and loans for those struggling among us.
We must not allow the tyrants to turn us against one another as the economic struggle deepens. We must be kind to one another, but at the same time, we must be extremely vigilant in rooting out all lies and liars that will seek to fracture our unity. We must learn to let go of our egos for the greater good of humanity. If we can do these things, moral deception has not a chance of covering us and a new humanity will prevail.
This new humanity must share spiritual values that are based upon the fact that we are all eternal living entities and not these temporary bodies full of imperfections. As spiritual beings we have a spiritual duty and awakening to and performing that duty is our actual unifying responsibility; for as we develop our own service we simultaneously develop the reality for others and this encourages them to develop their service and that in turn develop the individual & collective consciousness of humanity. The mentality of a detached perspective, as opposed to the selfishness of modern thinking, affords us the strength and vision with which we can share and collectively grow our own humanity.