Why Does The Mainstream Media Have A Gag Order On Agenda 21?

gag justiceBy The Post sustainability Institute

If you’re new to learning about UN Agenda 21/ Sustainable Development you’d be understandably confused about what it is and how it impacts you and your area. You may be wondering how something that affects every aspect of your life including education, health care, law enforcement, energy, land use, and economic development could have eluded your attention for more than 20 years.

How could this have happened?

This is a public relations campaign–the biggest. Your government knows that if you knew what the plan was about in 1992 you would have objected to living under a dictatorship. You would have objected to having your educational system converted to a social indoctrination camp. You would have been distressed to learn that representative government was to be transitioned to non-representational government by appointed boards and commissions over which you have no control . So the propaganda campaign was in full force to hide the source and goals of ‘Sustainable Development.’

It’s only recently that the press even admits that UN Agenda 21 exists. Did the United Nations chose to call it the ‘Agenda for the 21st Century’ purposely in order to block further investigation? It sounds crazy. Up until very recently anyone who referred to UN Agenda 21 was labeled a ‘conspiracy theorist’ or a nut. Now the press acknowledges its existence but says it is a non-binding, twenty year old plan that has no impacts on local government. The United Nations, you are told, is ineffectual and the US just ignores proclamations and agreements it doesn’t like.

The tracks of UN A21/SD are everywhere but the corporate press has lied about it for 20 years. When the press isn’t pretending that it doesn’t exist it does the next best thing: mocks anyone who questions or calls out Sustainable Development as a corporate takeover plot to eliminate pesky national boundaries and representative government.

And the press? The corporate press is tasked with selling this to you and using the hard sell. The threat is that you’ll be destroying the planet if you don’t go along. They make it sound so good that you won’t ask the question: If this is so good why has it been a secret for the last 20 years?

Will you listen to the corporate press and be duped? What does it take for you to realize that the left and right are fighting the same fight? It’s the banks and big corporations buying off the government and non-profits. Global governance. It’s the New World Order behind the green mask.