Shopping with the Sheeple

You may ask why there is a need to wake the sheeple?

How did humans become sheeple?

Well the answer is right in front of you;

By the corporates pulling the wool over your eyes.

One example is self service!

They have introduced the ‘self serve check out system’ and made you do their work for them. The stupid ‘sheeple employees’ train customers to do their job of serving the customer, so that the machines will replace them and add more profits to the corporation.

Lets look at the facts; While advertising themselves and ‘customer service businesses’; like “Where everyone gets a bargain”, they are installing machines and restricting the needed number of checkout staff, forcing you to use the machine and thereby increase unemployment of checkout staff and their corporate profits.

They have created the check-out bottleneck and they use you to do the work as the solution. Thus they reduce costs and staff and you do not get a discount for doing their work.

They eliminate the cost for an employee, (wages, taxes, benefits, holiday pay, etc) because you, the customers, are being used as the employee.

The owners take more profit in dividends while they increase our unemployment.

But you don’t complain because the machine is faster than waiting in their artificially created check-out lines bottle-neck, that waste you time.

You are now a sheeple. Oblivious to the exploitation being used on you.

And to add insult to this injury, they have turned their responsibility to provide you a bag for your purchase; into another income steam by politely asking you if you want to purchase a plastic bag at 1000% mark-up. 10c.

These corporates are using this method to grow their profits and their number of outlets.

The moral of our story is: Wake up sheeple, you are feeding their domination over your life by not complaining.

RUSH FM is advising you to Boycott self serve and make them give you, the customer, what you are paying for!