RUSH FM Mission & Responsibility

We want to contribute to the mass awakening that is taking place. The mainstream media is a system that aims to keep people ignorant and unquestioning. We believe it is essential that information flows from an alternative media, so that broader viewpoints can be heard and considered.

The global move toward Government Internet censorship is happening to you and me. We are supportive of restricting criminal or perverted behaviour but this must not be used as cover for the repression of freedom of speech and opposition to government corruption that is rampant.

We can not remain passive while fascist tyranny legislates its way into power over democratic principles.

The next period of history will be defined by how well we are able to overcome our conditioning and resist what we know in our hearts is the wrong course for humanity.

You must become actively informed and spread the truth. By practicing what you preach the oppressive nature of Tyranny is no match for a free mind.

RUSH FM is attempting to feed your mind the spirit of freedom and relieve it from repression that has been unknowingly programmed into the entire human civilization.

RUSH Social Position

Our position is that we are:
Anti-GMO crops
Anti-Chemical Farming
Anti-Woman and Child Abuse and Animal Cruelty
Anti-Government Mismanagement and Corruption
Anti-Corporate Globalization–Anti Fossil Fuel Dependency
Anti-Bank Created Debt and False Currency Issuance
Anti-Internet Censorship of Legal Opinions
Anti-Environmental Pollution – Chemtrail Spraying
Anti-1080 Poison
Anti-Fluoride Dosing
Anti-Vaccines & Pharmaceutical Drugs

We are pro:
Truth & Peace
Self /God Realization,
Organic/biological farming
Compassion for all species of life.
Renewable Energy Rights, Accountability of Government
Locally produced and consumed products,
Environmental protection, Water Filtration, EMF Blocking

We advocate:
Self-sufficiency and survival (as a person, family, community or nation)

The control over your personal bank accounts
The right to a private computer
The right to home privacy
The right to distribute literature about your favourite cause
The right to know what is in your food
The right to refuse GMO crops
The right to fluoride free water
The right to live free of foreign debt
The right to dissent
The right to be treated with dignity and respect
The right to live in a poison free environment
The right to browse the internet freely

WHAT WILL YOU LOSE under the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement
The right to be nuclear free
The right to refuse foreign control over your farm land or radio & TV content
The right to set our own contaminate levels on imported foods
The right to have GE foods labelled
The right to make our own laws for the next century
The right to potent vitamins and natural remedies
The right to refuse a vaccine or a microchip