The US Government Has Recently Issued 2 Alarming Warnings to Prep … But Is Anybody Listening?

government_warning_prepareBy Daisy Luther

When the US government steps outside of the apple pie and baseball narrative of the American Dream and issues warnings to prep, you’d better pay strict attention and start upping your preparedness game.  (Whether you believe that the threat to prep for is manufactured to engineer consent or not is, while an interesting debate, is entirely beside the point of this article.)

The US government, much like the ones in Venezuela and Greece, likes to paint a rosy picture of life in our country, often to the point that those who are awake are incredulous that others accept the propaganda.  Sort of like when Obama said that anyone who claimed there was something wrong with the US economy was a peddler of fiction.  Or when Venezuelan President Maduro said last year that they were merely being environmentally friendly when they began rationing electricity.

But what does it mean when that rosy picture gets a huge rip down the center? Particularly when the rip comes straight from the government, whose usual job it is to photoshop the rips so no one sees them?

I can give you a recent example. Remember how President Maduro said there was no food shortage for the longest time? Then suddenly, he announced that the country was out of food (as though the crisis hadn’t been building all along) and recommended that folks grow veggies and raise chickens on their balconies.  And then, all hell broke loose.  The country is out of positively everything and what is available is dramatically hyperinflated. (A dozen eggs for $150, anyone?)

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How The Elite Will Sell Global Collapse To The Masses

domino-theoryBy Brandon Smith

In our modern world there exist certain institutions of power. Not government committees, alphabet agencies, corporate lobbies, or even standard military organizations; no, these are the mere “middle-men” of power. The errand boys. The well paid hitmen of the global mafia. They are not the strategists or the decision makers.

Instead, I speak of institutions which introduce the newest paradigms. Who write the propaganda. Who issue the orders from on high. I speak of the hubs of elitism which have initiated nearly every policy mechanism of our government for the past several decades. I am talking about the Council On Foreign Relations, the Tavistock Institute, the Heritage Foundation (a socialist organization posing as conservative), the Bilderberg Group, as well as the corporate foils that they use to enact globalization, such as Monsanto, Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, the Carlyle Group, etc. Many of these organizations and corporations operate a revolving door within the U.S. government. Monsanto has champions, like Donald Rumsfeld who was on the board of directors of its Searle Pharmaceuticals branch, who later went on to help the company force numerous dangerous products including Aspartame through the FDA. Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan have a veritable merry-go-round of corrupt banking agents which are appointed to important White House and Treasury positions on a regular basis REGARDLESS of which party happens to be in office. Most prominent politicians are all members of the Council on Foreign Relations, an organization which has openly admitted on multiple occasions that their goal is the destruction of U.S. sovereignty and the formation of a “one world government” or “supranational union” (their words, not mine).

However, one organization seems to rear its ugly head at the forefront of the most sweeping mass propaganda operations of our time, and has been linked to the creation of the most atrocious military methodologies, including the use of false flag events. I am of course referring to the Rand Corporation, a California based “think tank” whose influence reaches into nearly every sphere of our society, from politics, to war, to entertainment.

The Rand Corporation deals in what I would call “absolute gray”. The goal of the group from its very inception was to promote a social atmosphere of moral ambiguity in the name of personal and national priority. They did this first through the creation of “Rational Choice Theory”; a theory which prescribes that when making any choice, an individual (or government) must act as if balancing costs against benefits to arrive at an action that maximizes personal advantage. Basically, the ends justify the means, and moral conscience is not a factor to be taken seriously if one wishes to be successful.

Hilariously, rational choice theory has been attacked in the past by pro-socialist (collectivist) critics as “extreme individualism”; a philosophy which gives us license to be as “self serving” as possible while feeling patriotic at the same time. In reality, the socialists should have been applauding Rand Corporation all along.

What Rand had done through its propaganda war against the American people was to infuse the exact culture of selfishness needed to push the U.S. towards the socialist ideal. At the onset of any communist or national socialist society (sorry socialists, but they do indeed come from the same collectivist mindset), the masses are first convinced to hand over ultimate power to the establishment in order to safeguard THEMSELVES, not others. That is to say, the common collectivist man chooses to hand over his freedoms and participate in totalitarianism not because he wants what is best for the world, but because he wants what is best for himself, and he believes servitude to the system will get him what he wants with as little private sacrifice as possible (you know, except for his soul…).

The psychologist Carl Jung notes in his observations of collectivism in Nazi Germany and Stalinist Russia that most citizens of those nations did not necessarily want the formation of a tyrannical oligarchy, but, they went along with it anyway because they feared for their own comfort and livelihoods. Many a German supported the Third Reich simply because they did not want to lose a cushy job, or a steady paycheck, or they liked that the “trains ran on time”. Socialism is by far the most selfish movement in history, despite the fact that they claim to do what they do “for the greater good of the greater number”.

Rand also used Rational Choice Theory as a means to remove questions of principle from the debate over social progress. Rational Choice propaganda commonly presents the target audience with a false conundrum. A perfect example would be the hardcore propaganda based television show ‘24’ starring Kiefer Sutherland, in which a government “anti-terrorism” agent is faced with a controlled choice scenario in nearly every episode. This choice almost always ends with the agent being forced to set aside his morals and conscience to torture, kill, and destroy without mercy, or, allow millions of innocents to die if he does not.

Of course, the real world does not work this way. Life is not a chess game. Avenues to resolution of any crisis are limited only by our imagination and intelligence, not to mention the immense number of choices that could be made to defuse a crisis before it develops. Yet, Rand would like you to believe that we (and those in government) are required to become monstrous in order to survive. That we should be willing to forgo conscience and justice now for the promise of peace and tranquility later.

This is the age old strategy of Centralization; to remove all choices within a system, by force or manipulation, until the masses think they have nothing left but the choices the elites give them. It is the bread and butter of elitist institutions like Rand Corporation, and is at the core of the push for globalization.

In my studies on the developing economic disaster (or economic recovery depending on who you talk to) I have come across a particular methodology many times which set off my analyst alarm (or spidey-sense, if you will). This latest methodology, called “Linchpin Theory”, revolves around the work of John Casti, a Ph.D. from USC, “complexity scientist” and “systems theorist”, a Futurist, and most notably, a former employee of Rand Corporation:

FDA’s Latest Nutrition Label ‘Makeover’ Ignores GMOs and Toxic Chemical Additives

Reading-Label(NaturalNews) When will the government of the United States of America ever actually help Americans get healthy, and duly inform consumers about all food ingredients by utilizing honest food labels instead of using trickery and deception? Every year, the FDA and the USDA approve more and more food toxins, while covering up the health detriment they cause, all while leading people down a dark corridor of poor health.


The Dangers of Common Core

apple stop signBy Stefan Molyneux

What do you know about Common Core? What role has Bill Gates played in the controversial program? Dr. Duke Pesta joins Stefan Molyneux to discuss the horrifying truth about modern education, the origin of these government standards and the results which have been seen by implementation across the United States. Common Core represents of the most comprehensive steps toward complete government control of childhood education.

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How Does The Health of Vaccinated Children Compare to Unvaccinated Children?

vaccinated-versus-unvaccinatedBy Michelle Goldstein

While there have been no official US government-sponsored studies comparing the health of vaccinated to unvaccinated children, several independently funded studies have been done in the US and overseas. The majority of these studies have been conducted abroad, but many involve American children.

What do these studies show? The research demonstrates conclusively that unvaccinated children enjoy far superior health when compared to those vaccinated. Unvaccinated children experience almost no incidence of autism, autoimmune disorders, asthma, allergies, diabetes and other common childhood diseases which have reached epidemic proportions in recent years.

What They Didn’t Tell You About the Maryland Bee-Killing Pesticide Ban

ag sprayingBy Brandon Turbeville of

Beginning on January 1 2018, legislation banning consumer use of neonicotinoid pesticides will take effect. Allegedly prompted by concerns that neonicotinoid pesticides are responsible for the increase in deaths for butterflies, bees and birds, SB 198/HB 211 was provided as a partial solution.

Under the bill, anyone who violates the ban, will be subject to a $250 civil penalty but the violation will not be considered a misdemeanor. The ban will apply to both the sale and use of imidacloprid, acetamiprid, dinotefuran, nithiazine, clothianidin, thiacloprid, thiamethoxam and any other chemical that has been designated to be a neonicotinoid by the Maryland Department of Agriculture.

Banned for the Consumer…not Industry

Interestingly enough, however, while the bill focuses on consumer use of these pesticides, it includes exemptions for farmers, veterinarians and “certified applicators.”

While exemptions for veterinarians (and pet care products – fleas, ticks, heart worms, lice, bedbugs, ant bait etc.) are understandable, it is remarkable that the most aggressive users of the chemical are also given an exemption. If neonicotinoids are indeed responsible for killing bees and other important wildlife, then why are specific and small uses of the pesticide banned for individual consumers but are allowed on an industrial scale?

The danger that neonicotinoids present to the environment as well as animal and human health are widely known, but a ban on neonicotinoids for the benefit of the bees that only might effect an incredibly minute percentage of the use of that pesticide, seems largely pointless.

At the same time, an immediate ban on neonicotinoids has real effects for both farmers and consumers, thus, a shift must begin to take place using whatever available means to producers, consumers and government. New, effective and safe pesticides must be developed immediately so that pestilence does not overtake American agriculture, and so that American agriculture does not overtake the natural environment.

Propaganda Bill in Congress Could Give America Its Very Own Ministry Of Truth

1984By Claire Bernish

In the true Orwellian fashion now typifying 2016, a bill to implement the U.S.’ very own de facto Ministry of Truth has been quietly introduced in Congress — its lack of fanfare appropriate given the bill’s equally subtle language. As with any legislation attempting to dodge the public spotlight, however, the Countering Foreign Propaganda and Disinformation Act of 2016 marks a further curtailment of press freedom and another avenue to stultify avenues of accurate information.

Introduced by Congressmen Adam Kinzinger and Ted Lieu, H.R. 5181 seeks a “whole-government approach without the bureaucratic restrictions” to counter “foreign disinformation and manipulation,” which they believe threaten the world’s “security and stability.”

“As Russia continues to spew its disinformation and false narratives, they undermine the United States and its interests in places like Ukraine, while also breeding further instability in these countries,” Kinzinger explained in a statement. “The United States has a role in countering these destabilizing acts of propaganda, which is why I’m proud to introduce [the aforementioned bill]. This important legislation develops a comprehensive U.S. strategy to counter disinformation campaigns through interagency cooperation and on-the-ground partnerships with outside organizations that have experience in countering foreign propaganda.”

Make no mistake — this legislation isn’t proposing some team of noble fact-finders, chiseling away to free the truth from the façades of various foreign governmental narratives for the betterment of American and allied populations. If passed, this legislation will allow cumbrously pro-‘American’ propaganda to infiltrate cable, online, and mainstream news organizations wherever the government deems necessary.

“From Ukraine to the South China Sea, foreign disinformation campaigns do more than spread anti-Western sentiments — they manipulate public perception to change the facts on the ground, subvert democracy and undermine U.S. interests,” Lieu explained. “In short, they make the world less safe.”

H.R. 5181 tasks the Secretary of State with coordinating the Secretary of Defense, the Director of National Intelligence, and the Broadcasting Board of Governors to “establish a Center for Information Analysis and Response,” which will pinpoint sources of disinformation, analyze data, and — in true dystopic manner — ‘develop and disseminate’ “fact-based narratives” to counter effrontery propaganda.

Listed among nine core duties of this propaganda response squad, according to the bill’s text, emphasis added, will be “Identifying current and emerging trends in foreign propaganda and disinformation, including the use of print, broadcast, online and social media, support for third-party outlets such as think tanks, political parties, and nongovernmental organizations, and the use of covert or clandestine special operators and agents to influence targeted populations and governments in order to coordinate and shape the development of tactics, techniques, and procedures to expose and refute foreign misinformation and disinformation” — ostensibly in foreign lands.

Also called the Countering Information Warfare Act of 2016 (S. 2692), when introduced in March by Sen. Rob Portman, the legislation represents a dramatic return to Cold War-era government propaganda battles. “These countries spend vast sums of money on advanced broadcast and digital media capabilities, targeted campaigns, funding of foreign political movements, and other efforts to influence key audiences and populations,” Portman explained, adding that while the U.S. spends a relatively small amount on its Voice of America, the Kremlin provides enormous funding for its news organization, RT.

“Surprisingly,” Portman continued, “there is currently no single U.S. governmental agency or department charged with the national level development, integration and synchronization of whole-of-government strategies to counter foreign propaganda and disinformation.”

Though putatively aimed to counter purported disinformation abroad, text of the bill hints the effort would operate on some level within the U.S., as well — or at least cracks the door to widening that scope and focus in the future.

“Whether it’s counter-propaganda, whether it’s counter-extremism, we just really have to come to terms with the fact the United States government is not always the most credible voice in these debates,” said Kristin Lord, CEO of IREX, a non-profit organization promoting ‘global change,’ at a meeting of the Atlantic Council in March. “So we have to invest in the people who are making the credible arguments.”

COMING SOON: New ‘Useless Class’ of Humans Being Created, as Artificially Intelligent Machines

Robot-Face-Neck-Cyborg-Future-Computer(NaturalNews) The Age of Robotics truly is upon us, and while this kind of technology will prove useful in any number of ways, it will also usher in a massive wave of unemployment that will destabilize scores of nations, as tens of millions of human workers are replaced by machines.

As noted by the UK’s Daily Mail, the rise of machines and artificial intelligence could very well create a much worse scenario than any doomsday movie you might have seen. Instead of being wiped out by dangerous robots that kill, humans may essentially become “eternally useless” because of the rising capabilities of AI – and whole societies may destroy themselves as billions of people around the world who only have rudimentary skills that can be easily replicated by a machine find themselves trapped in an endless cycle of hopelessness.

At least, that is according to bestselling author Yuval Noah Harari, who explores this scenario and humankind’s bleak future, as well as “the rise of the useless class,” in his upcoming novel, Homo Deus: A Brief History of Tomorrow.

‘It’s true this time’

As reported by The Guardian, Harari – a historian and lecturer at Hebrew University in Jerusalem – compares the fate of humans to the doomed protagonist in the fable of the boy who cried wolf. While humans have long said that machines would eventually take over a multitude of societal tasks and employment, thus far, those forecasts remain unfulfilled. But clearly, the age of robotics is only just beginning. And the resulting dramatic societal shift will likely leave most humans aimless and unemployed, The Guardian reported.
“As the self-made gods of planet earth, which projects should we undertake, and how will we protect this fragile planet and humankind itself from our own destructive powers,” his book asks. But again, as Harari warns, these “destructive powers” have already begun to take hold.
The Guardian reports further:
“In a nutshell, as artificial intelligence gets smarter, more humans are pushed out of the job market. No one knows what to study at college, because no one knows what skills learned at 20 will be relevant at 40. Before you know it, billions of people are useless, not through chance but by definition.”
“I’m aware that these kinds of forecasts have been around for at least 200 years, from the beginning of the Industrial Revolution, and they never came true so far. It’s basically the boy who cried wolf,” says Harari. “But in the original story of the boy who cried wolf, in the end, the wolf actually comes, and I think that is true this time.”

Humans will have to constantly reinvent ‘usefulness’

He noted further: “Children alive today will face the consequences. Most of what people learn in school or in college will probably be irrelevant by the time they are 40 or 50. If they want to continue to have a job, and to understand the world, and be relevant to what is happening, people will have to reinvent themselves again and again, and faster and faster.”

That means that human beings will have to continually figure out, in advance, how to remain relevant. That won’t be easy, and considering how rapidly technology already advances, the gap between useful and non-useful will constantly shrink, Harari warns.

All of this begs the question: what should we do? “First of all, take it very seriously,” Harari told The Guardian. “And make it a part of the political agenda, not only the scientific agenda. This is something that shouldn’t be left to scientists and private corporations. They know a lot about the technical stuff, the engineering, but they don’t necessarily have the vision and the legitimacy to decide the future course of humankind.


Pro-abortion Activists Increasingly Accept ‘POST-BIRTH ABORTIONS’ of Children up to 5 YEARS OLD!!!

Infant-ObWake Up People!!!

Have We Really Fallen to This Level of INHUMANITY!


(NaturalNews) The depopulation agenda is getting help from a burgeoning branch of volunteers who promote even post-birth abortions. This idea has spread from pro-abortion activists of years prior to an increasing number of college students surveyed at four different universities.

The increased embracing of infanticide is at least partly attributable to colleges giving assignments based on 1970s philosopher Peter Singer, who claimed, “human babies are not born self-aware, or capable of grasping that they exist over time. They are not persons… [therefore] the life of a newborn is of less value than the life of a pig, a dog, or a chimpanzee.”

A pro-life, anti-abortion group called Created Equal came upon these ideas and attitudes among more students than ever before while visiting the campuses of Purdue, University of Minnesota, University of Ohio and University of Central Florida.

Although infanticide up to four years old was the common limit expressed by many, some considered infanticide allowances to include five-year-old kids.

And even more extreme version of depopulation

At the University of Texas in Austin, Dr. Eric R. Pianka, the University of Texas evolutionary ecologist and lizard expert, gave a speech the day he was awarded a plaque as the Texas Academy of Science 2006 Distinguished Texas Scientist.

In that speech, he claimed that the most efficient way to reduce the population should be spraying airborne Ebola viruses over populated areas.

Pianka believes that 90 percent of the world’s population needs to be eliminated to save the planet and that humans are no more important than a pile of bacteria. He openly lamented with his presentation that war and famine wasn’t working, and AIDS was too slow. But airborne Ebola works at killing its host in days.

Of course, he didn’t mention that Ebola delivers an agonizing, painful death and that days are likely to add up to weeks. After Pianka’s speech, he was warmly applauded by the audience. Some even cheered, and many flooded the lectern area to praise him.

A few hours later the same day, a large banquet was held by the Texas Academy of Science in honor of Eric Pianka’s award. Upon arriving, Eric received a standing ovation.

Too many scientists think their cleverness supersedes anything mystical or spiritual about human life and earthly existence. They think their intelligence is superior to any master universal intelligence.

Indeed, as mad scientist manipulators of life, they have put the planet in peril more than too many humans on board. Their vast chemical explorations alone have invaded earthly matters to the tipping point of biological extinction.

Did too many humans demand nuclear energy? No, a few scientists and industrialists did, without any regard to how it could adversely affect the ecology of the planet or its animal and human inhabitants. How about oil and its grip on energy and petrochemical plastics?

Did the masses rise up to demand more petrochemical pollution? Did small rural farmers in third-world villages want to give up farming? No, many were pushed off their lands by corporate mega-farming interests with centralized distribution that further diminished their lives.

All of these events are from the collusion of big monopolistic business and soulless scientists who think that they are the high priests of life serving their greedy corporate masters.

If wisdom prevailed over ego-driven mad science, there would be long-range planning that decentralizes farming and food distribution. There would be more safe energy sources and less untested chemicals running rampant.

If the multitudes are so ignorant and foolish, they need wiser people in charge and better access to real information instead of a system that is disconnected from nature and insists on dumbing down the population.

Instead, the immoral elites want the world as their personal playground, unimpeded by too many “useless eaters.”

Why Does the Mainstream Media Censor Citizen Science?

Censored-Herbal-Remedies(NaturalNews) It’s no secret that the mainstream media is an unreliable source of information, especially as it pertains to health. Sensational headlines about the latest scientific breakthroughs that promise a “miracle pill” for anything and everything are dime a dozen. Meanwhile, citizen scientists – those who conduct independent scientific work – go unnoticed. Why?

Some of the blame is chalked up to ignorance. Many reporters for the mainstream media lack a basic understanding of health and nutrition. “I’ve seen mainstream media journalists think you can wash pesticides off the outsides of vegetables,” said Mike Adams, the Health Ranger. “They think you can spray watermelons, for example, with pesticides over and over and and after months of growing, you can just wash the pesticides off,” he added. In actuality, those pesticides are absorbed by the watermelon, contaminating the fruit from the inside-out.

Meanwhile, the mainstream media continues to ignore and in some cases undermine the benefits of alternative and integrative medicine. Media outlets like CNN, Fast Company and Popular Science have even gone so far as to parade a study in which health “experts” deemed healthy eating habits a mental disorder. In other words, according to the mainstream press, if you do not care for low-quality processed foods with cancer-causing additives, you just might have an eating disorder.

Scientists Shocked to Discover that Earth’s Mantle Is Moving at TEN TIMES the Rate We All Thought…


(NaturalNews) A shocking discovery by scientists shows that the Earth’s mantle is moving ten times faster than originally thought, as reported by the Daily Mail. The revelation, which has taken researchers by complete surprise, came after the first comprehensive survey of the Earth’s mantle. In fact, it seems that the surface of the planet is literally “bobbing” up and down “like a yo-yo” on a million year scale.

This bizarre and dynamic concept means ten times more activity than geologists originally predicted. So what does it actually mean?

Learn more:

A Message from the New Zealand Wellness Association about the NATURAL HEALTH PRODUCTS BILL

natural healthWe are running out of time. The Natural Health Product and Supplements Bill Final Reading could be at any time. There is pressure from vested interests to have it read as soon as possible.

To ensure access to safe and therapeutic products and to allow research in this field to continue, we need to act now. The public needs to be made aware that many effective products currently used to promote health and wellness may not be available to them if this Bill is passed.

The Natural Health and Supplementary Products Bill, if passed, will establish a new regulatory regime, separate from those in place for food and medicines. It aims to control low-risk natural health products such as garlic capsules and Echinacea, and supplementary products such as vitamin tablets. The full regulatory scheme will be phased in over three years.

This Bill will affect everyone in New Zealand. Practitioners and GPs who have limited options to provide to patients. Small locally-owned businesses who cannot afford to register their products for sale

People with chronic health conditions who have limited options available for treatment.
Children with ADHD who can only access pharmaceutical drugs, Couples struggling with infertility. Anyone with circumstances or concerns that could be treated with quality therapeutic levels of natural health products.

Even if you think this Bill doesn’t affect you now, there may come a time in your future when your health is compromised and you might wish you had options.

This Bill will limit your choice of natural products.This Bill will harm your family now and in the future: You may think your family doesn’t need natural products now, yet you may want that freedom of choice in the future, if not for yourself, but for your children, your nieces and nephews, your parents, siblings, and extended family.

This Bill will stifle future breakthroughs in natural health, by stifling innovation in Natural Health research. If you limit the variety and dosage of natural health ingredients, and make huge financial barriers of entry for the approval of new ingredients that are discovered, your freedom of choice for future breakthroughs are limited.

Natural health products will become less effective from this Bill by unfairly banning ingredients or putting severe restrictions on dosages to sub-therapeutic levels. Can you help someone who is dehydrated with a thimble full of water? No. This Bill will further limit levels of natural ingredients to watered-down levels.

Natural Health Products are already safe

  • A report prepared in the EU found that natural products were 45,000 times safer than properly prescribed allopathic drugs, and 75 times safer than eating a meal.
  • No coroner in New Zealand has ever recorded a death from consuming natural health products.
  • The 2014 US FDA report recorded that there were no deaths from consuming vitamins.
  • The supposed health risks of natural health products are a medical myth created by public relations professional paid to protect allopathic monopoly of healthcare.

You may not have a chronic health concern now, but down the track if you suffer from arthritis, dementia, infertility, have a child with allergies or ADHD your options will be limited to the conventional medical model. You don’t have to believe in or agree with the efficacy of natural health products to value your freedom as an individual to choose the best course of action for you or your loved ones.

View The Natural Health Product and Supplements Bill here: