‘Food Security Is Security’: Brazil’s urban farm success story

By Charlotte Peet

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil – Every week, Ezequiel Dias, an urban farmer, knocks on the doors of his community’s red-brick, makeshift houses with a delivery of fresh sweet potatoes, pumpkins, onions, cabbage and herbs.

He checks to see if the families require additional help. Some need facemasks, others need soap. But few are hungry. Many of his neighbours – the majority of whom are informal workers, who make up approximately 60 percent of Rio de Janeiro’s labour force, with little-to-no savings – have been unable to work during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The 44-year-old Manguinhos resident knows the grim reality well. Many years ago, he too was at rock bottom. “I was unemployed for five years, helpless, with my family at home to feed,” he told Al Jazeera.

“Then suddenly, the Manguinhos vegetable garden project appeared and turned my life around,” he added.

The Horta de Manguinhos project (Manguinhos vegetable garden), an urban agriculture initiative and Latin America’s largest community farm, is helping at least 800 families survive the coronavirus outbreak, as well as employing more than 20 local workers at a time when Brazil grapples with a pandemic-battered economy.

Dias, who has been employed by the project since it launched in 2013, is now providing seeds of hope to many of the 32,000 residents of Rio’s North Zone Manguinhos complex, one of the city’s poorest clusters of favelas.

According to a 2015 study by Brisbane’s Griffith University, the demographics and standard of poverty in the area are bleak.

More than 15 percent of teenage women have children and in some areas, unemployment is more than 50 percent, making Manguinhos’s Human Development Index as little as 0.65 percent, among the five lowest in Rio de Janeiro, said the report, which was conducted between 2010 and 2015.

‘Our lives are always a fight’

Hortas Cariocas, which founded the Manguinhos vegetable garden project, is one of the few municipal-led social development initiatives that aim to alleviate poverty in communities like Manguinhos. The project was founded to solve food insecurity, boost the local economy and provide fresh, affordable food to residents who would often go weeks without meat or vegetables.

“When we wanted to create the farm 15 years ago, the first thing we thought was that the poor can’t afford to eat organic. The poor need to eat organic, without having to spend a fortune in the supermarket,” explained Julio Cesar Barros, creator of the Hortas Carioca Project.

Learn more: https://www.aljazeera.com/news/2021/3/6/food-security-is-security-brazil-urban-farm-success-story


200 Million Americans currently HYPNOTIZED and LOBOTOMIZED by Big Food and Big Pharma

By S.D.Wells

There are more than 200 million numb and dumb American consumers, who’ve watched TV their whole lives and believed that food advertised as healthy actually is. This two-thirds portion of all American adults have no clue that most food is literally designed to cause your body to develop diabetes, cancer, heart disease and dementia. Then, they also have no clue whatsoever that medical doctors and the hospitals they report to only serve up four forms of “medicine” and they’re all corrupt to the core: Lab-concocted prescription medications, vaccines, surgery and chemotherapy.

These are the “Insidious Four” that make Big Food and Big Pharma the richest industries in the world. They script and fund 99 percent of the advertising you see, and oversee 99 percent of the FDA/CDC regulatory agency decisions. Now, get ready for some mind-blowing statistics.

HALF of all Americans are on prescription drugs right now

Yes, every other American is sucking down chemical medications daily, and one in five of those are under age 12. More than 85 percent of seniors are being dosed with laboratory experimentation known in this country as prescription medication. (And that’s who’s running our country!) You’re probably guessing right now that many of those people take only one drug, but you would be way off. The average American takes 4 different prescriptions daily. It gets worse.

The total number of prescriptions filled for the “numb and dumb” skyrocketed 90 percent in the last 20 years, approaching 5 billion per year. Take one guess which country in the world pays the most for lab-made drugs that, for the most part, don’t really work? Yes, the US pays more than FOUR TIMES the average price in other developed countries, and that’s surpassing $1,200 per person per year.

Prescription drugs cloud and warp your judgment, reason, emotions and the ability to rationalize

Why are we saying that Americans are hypnotized and lobotomized, you may still be wondering (especially if you’re on meds, no offense). That’s okay. Let us explain. The most abused drugs are opiates (think morphine and oxycontin), depressants, and of course stimulants (think ADD & ADHD meds for kids ages 6 – 18). Are you suffering from confusion and mental cloudiness? Are you slow to perform tasks or answer questions? That’s the drugs – the prescription quack meds. This confusion is a short-term side effect that increases with more frequent drug use. Did your doctor just “ramp up” that devilish pharma-concoction for you?

Bouts of insomnia are common among the mass-medicated. Those victims are further medicated to combat the side effects of all the other medications. That’s when anxiety kicks into full gear. Even while taking the medications as directed by the chemical drug slinger (MD), the abused patient becomes very uneasy, worried and constantly nervous about anything and everything.

These lobotomized zombies have no ability to rationalize what’s going on around them. They become hypnotized by the mass media, which turns them into depressed zombies, criminals, drug users or suicidal maniacs. Suicidal feelings increase if you abruptly stop taking the drugs, so that becomes a catch-22 nightmare in itself.

Guess where it all starts? Processed food. GMO food. Sugar and gluten. MSG and aspartame. Bleached foods and tap water. Hormones and antibiotics in milk and meat. That’s how Big Food and Big Pharma collaborate on your health destruction for profit.

The INSIDIOUS FOUR and the history of corruption at the core

“Mainstream medicine” has been distilled down to just four offerings:

#1. Lab-concocted prescription medications

Many Americans will go to multiple doctors, multiple pharmacies, and even forge prescriptions once they become addicted. Some people are buying and selling pharmaceuticals illegally online. Others will rob hospitals (often where they work), pharmacies and even other people’s homes.

#2. Vaccines

You probably heard that the first vaccine invented saved the world from polio, but that was a lie. That’s how the whole insidious vaccine industry built their fortune, with the help of propaganda spread by none other than the CDC (Center for Disease Creation).

#3. Surgery

Without running ultra-expensive diagnostic tests and then operating on 1/2 of America to remove “non-vital” organs, skin, animal fat (clogged arteries), and stones (kidney and gall stones), the American medical industrial complex might collapse. Black Americans are finally speaking out against Black population genocide by the vaccine industry.

#4. Chemotherapy

Straight from the gas used to kill millions of Jews in the Holocaust, comes the formula for chemotherapy. The creators of chemotherapy were German scientists who watched as cancerous tumors receded temporarily, then came back with a vengeance. Chemotherapy has a 96 percent failure rate, and that’s why 75 percent of all doctors in America refuse it for themselves and their own family members. They know.


Soybean Oil Linked To Brain Damage

New research has determined that soybean oil, which is added to nearly everything Americans eat these days, may be linked to brain damage.

Consuming soybean oil, the vast majority of which is genetically engineered (GMO), leads to neurological changes in the brain that researchers believe directly contribute to serious health conditions like dementia and autism, according to recent research.

Currently the most widely consumed oil in America, soybean oil is found in everything from salad dressing to chips to baby formula. All the major fast-food chains use it, as do most of the corporations that supply processed foods to the “middle aisles” of supermarkets.

It is difficult not to consume soybean oil even if you try not to – that is how prolific it is. And yet the latest science shows that it is a public health disaster.

Researchers from the University of California, Riverside have been studying the health effects of soybean oil for years. They previously determined that the highly refined industrial additive causes diabetes, obesity, heart disease — and a laundry list of other health conditions.

Published in the peer-reviewed journal Endocrinology, their latest paper demonstrates that the brain is likewise affected by the toxic oil, particularly in the hypothalamus, which is crucial for regulating mood and behavior.

In test mammals, soybean oil negatively altered more than 100 different genes, including the one that controls oxytocin, the so-called “love and bonding” hormone.

“Soybean-fed mice showed lower levels of oxytocin in the hypothalamus,” reports RT.

“Other genes affected had to do with metabolic and hormone pathways, including the insulin pathway, synonymous with diabetes. There was also upregulation of genes associated with anxiety, depression, and schizophrenia.”

Soybean oil consumption may increase risk of Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s

Based on the available evidence, it seems that soybean oil consumption may increase one’s risk of developing Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease and autism – all conditions that skyrocketed in prevalence after toxic industrial oils like that derived from soybeans went commercial.

“If there’s one message I want people to take away, it’s this: reduce consumption of soybean oil,” announced lead author Poonamjot Deol.

GMO soybean oil, which contains artificially lower levels of linoleic acid (LA), had similar detrimental effects. Mice who consumed the glyphosate-saturated oil suffered the same brain damage as mice that consumed non-GMO soybean oil.

Glyphosate, the primary active ingredient in Roundup herbicide, is also carcinogenic, meaning it causes cancer. This was confirmed by the World Health Organization (WHO) and many other groups, which also found that Roundup is genotoxic.

This means that consumers of GMO soybean oil are not only incurring brain damage but also massively upping their risk of developing cancer.

Roundup also disrupts hormones, which could explain why rates of transgenderism and other gender-related mental illnesses are off the charts like never before.

Americans who consume fast food, processed food, and other “easy” foods are essentially killing themselves, thanks to the government-approved use of soybean oil and other toxins in their manufacture. This is the real public health threat that few seem to care about – not Chinese germs, legalized cannabis, and all of the other scapegoats that pearl-clutching politicians obsess over in their lust for power and control.

“The only oil that does not change structure during high temperature is coconut oil,” wrote one RT commenter, highlighting a beneficial oil that is rarely used in processed foods.

“Choose the odorless type, preferably organic. Stay away from the hydrogenated oils that contain trans fats. Most vegetable oils also contain too much omega-6. Virgin olive oil and virgin coconut oil are great, but not for frying.”