Media Propaganda About “Man-made global warming” Hottest Air

gMedia headlines, like those in the Washington Post, are all abuzz with reports of 2016 being the hottest year on record.

Why do warming propagandists talk about “hottest years?”

For the same reason they talk about ice; to distract us from the fact their computer models are wrong.

Global warming policy is completely predicated on models that project a much warmer planet than real-world observations record.  The globe has simply failed to warm as they expected.

Absent confirmation of their prognostications, the warming campaign needs another narrative.  Their go-to tactic is to hype natural events as warming.  They also “adjust” data to help them spin their tale.

Facts, however, are stubborn things:

  • Satellite measurements show the Earth has not experienced any significant warming since 1998
  • Computer models project warming that has not occurred
  • 1998 and 2015-2016 were times of naturally occurring El Niños
  • If 2016 was “the warmest” year, it was so by insignificant hundredths of a degree
  • The margin of error is actually a far larger one-tenth of a degree
  • Temperature data adjustments by NASA and NOAA are highly suspect and not supported by satellites
  • Ice, by the way, expanded in the South at the same time it retracted in the North, neither a “warming” event

Climate Depot quoted MIT atmospheric scientist Richard Lindzen, who said the following in an interview on Howie Carr’s radio show:

“‘To imply that a rise of temperature of a tenth of a degree is proof that the world is coming to an end — has to take one back to the dark ages.’ He added, ‘As long as you can get people excited as to whether it’s a tenth of a degree warmer or cooler, then you don’t have to think, you can assume everyone who is listening to you is an idiot.’”

“Lindzen continued, ‘The whole point is so crazy because the temperature is always going up or down a little. What is astonishing is that in the last 20 years it hasn’t done much of anything… What they don’t mention is there has been a big El Niño in 2016 and in recent months the temperature has been dropping back into a zero-trend level.’”

If actual temperature measurements confirmed the climate computer models, well, that might be a real story.

Hyping meaningless “adjusted” temperatures to hundredths of a degree during an El Niño event is not.

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Former DEA “Chief Propagandist” Says Agency Knows Cannabis Is Safe, Keeps It Illegal for Profit

deaBy Justin Gardner

A former “chief propagandist” for the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA), now turned cannabis advocate, made startling comments at the recent Marijuana for Medical Professionals Conference in Denver, Colorado. There, Belita Nelson described what many of us suspected – the DEA is corrupt to the bone and full of lies.

Marijuana is safe, we know it is safe. It’s our cash cow and we will never give up,” Nelson said to the audience of doctors and nurses, describing the actual modus operandi of the DEA.

Nelson has a succinct way to describe the agency “If you think the DEA are the good guys, they are not. They are really not. We are talking corruption on steroids.”

The DEA refused to reschedule cannabis from a Schedule 1 drug last year when it had the opportunity, somehow concluding that ‘more research is needed’ to show cannabis has medical benefits. The only explanation for maintaining the absurd classification for this miraculous healing plant is to protect Big Pharma, which knows cannabis is a threat to their profits.

DEA continues to tell 25 lies on its website about the purported dangers of cannabis, even though they refuted these very lies in 2016. This willful deception is in violation a federal law called the Information Quality Act.

The DEA is the biggest obstacle standing in the way of freedom and health. It is abundantly clear that corruption and lies – not the interest of the American people – is what drives this agency to continue its tyranny.

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Is Geoengineering the Cause of High Levels of Aluminum in Bumblebees?

bees-276190_960_720By Kristan Harris

Recent University Study Shows High Levels of Aluminum in Bumblebees Maybe the Cause of Decline in Population

A recent study published on the journal Public Library of Science One, links aluminum as a contributing factor to the decline of bumblebees. There has been much debate on what is causing the rapid loss of the insect species, from pesticides to pollution.

A recent University of Sussex study showed “The actual content of aluminum in pupae are extremely high and demonstrate significant exposure to aluminum. Bees rely heavily on cognitive function and aluminum is a known neurotoxin.”

University of Pittsburgh study published “bees are at risk of ingesting toxic amounts of aluminum and nickel found in flowers growing in polluted soil.”

So where is the aluminum coming from? One cause could be from geoengineering experiments. A short time ago, military whistle-bower Kristen Meghan came forward and exposed aluminum barium as an ingredient in weather modification. Air, soil and water all tested positive for Aluminum Barium, Strontium Oxide and Sulfates.

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Dirty Dairy Is in Panic Mode

imagesBy Dr. Mercola

The industrial dairy industry is in crisis mode in the U.S. after Dannon Company announced in April 2016 that it would be committing to non-GMO (genetically modified organisms) agricultural practices over the next three years. “Because consumer preferences are continuing to evolve and Dannon puts consumers at the center of every decision it makes … new yogurts with non-GMO ingredients are available for the first time from Dannon,” the company wrote in July 2016. The company said this was only the beginning of a transformation of its Dannon, Danimals and Oikos brands of yogurt to all non-GMO ingredients.

In addition, by the end of 2018, Dannon pledged to ensure the cows that supply milk for its three flagship brands will be fed non-GMO feed — “a first for a leading non-organic yogurt maker.”

The latter change alone will require the conversion of about 80,000 acres of farmland to produce non-GMO crops for the feed. In addition, the company stated that it would clearly label GMO ingredients in those products that contain them, “independent of actions taken (or not) by the federal government.”

Consumer Demand Is Challenging the Dairy Industry

It’s a major step forward that is indeed a sign of changing consumer attitudes and an attempt to protect itself from steep losses facing competitors.

Industrialized Dairy Takes Aim at Dannon’s GMO-Free Pledge

Genetically engineered (GE) feed dominates the industrial dairy industry, despite mounting concerns that it’s not safe for people or the environment.

In addition to risks from the genetic engineering itself, glyphosate, the active ingredient in Roundup herbicide, is used in large quantities on GE glyphosate-tolerant crops (i.e., Roundup Ready varieties).

Glyphosate in animal feed has been found to sicken farm animals, with farmers noting correlations between glyphosate in animal feed and rates of miscarriage, deformities in piglets and infertility among the animals.

Drastic Changes in How Food Is Produced, Including Dairy, Are Desperately Needed

Part of Dannon’s pledge included a promise to provide a fixed profit margin to its farmer partners supplying milk, which is newsworthy in itself since the price of milk is now so low that an average-sized dairy farm in Vermont (about 125 cows) is operating at a loss of $100,000 a year.

And though it hasn’t been mentioned, mortality rates in U.S. dairy herds are more than 10 percent a year, up from 3.8 percent in 2002, according to a Cornell University study.

It’s the cost of producing milk in a system that values maximizing production above all else, even the health of its producers, the cows themselves. So, change is indeed desperately needed; it can’t come soon enough.

Why Grass-Fed Dairy Is Better

Returning to grass-fed (and naturally GMO-free) dairy is a solution to the problems created by industrial dairy. As it stands, however, only about 22 percent of U.S. dairy cows have access to pasture, and even this tends to be limited.

While monocrops of GE soy and corn used for dairy feed and processed foods are often considered “healthy” for the environment, they require inputs in the form of fertilizers and pesticides.

Grass-fed cows require only grazing and manure from grazing cows. It’s a closed-loop system that regenerates the soil, supports wildlife biodiversity, sequesters carbon and limits pollution of waterways.

The fact that Dannon is switching to GMO-free products shows the power that the public holds, even over giant corporations. They are responding to consumer demand, and so will other companies if the demand for grass-fed continues to grow. By choosing to support companies that, in turn, support natural and traditional farming practices like grazing cows on pasture and feeding 100-percent grass, you let your voice for positive change be heard loud and clear.

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Microwave EMF Science: Deliberate Claptrap Misinformation?

truth-lies-pixabayBy Catherine J. Frompovich

Scientific mischief and outrageousness is going on within vested-interest microwave technology sciences so as to keep you, the gullible and enthralled technology ‘smart’ device consumer, confused into believing there are no adverse health effects from microwaves EXCEPT what’s acknowledged and called thermal radiation, which can heat skin.

If smart technology gadgets don’t heat your skin, then they are safe, which is the standard “tobacco science” pap disseminated by industrial professional societies such as IEEE, the American National Standards Institute (ANSI), the National Council of Radiation Protection (NCRP) and the International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection (ICNIRP), who fund and/or perform the studies the World Health Organization and global government health agencies cite as ‘factual’ science.

Basically, microwave technology industrial professional societies state emphatically there is no such effect as non-thermal radiation adverse health effects, which contribute to and/or cause electromagnetic hypersensitivity (EHS) or what physicians call idiopathic environmental intolerance (IEI) in sensitive people around the world.

NON-Industry studies found 70% HARMFUL effects!

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Aspartame In Diet Soda Linked to Significant Health Issues & Tumors

SodaSugarDrinksBy Ethan Huff

They’re a popular mealtime beverage for millions of people who believe that by drinking them, they’re avoiding the pitfalls of sugar consumption. But diet soda pop is neither healthy nor safe, as research continues to show that its primary sweetening constituent in most cases, aspartame, is a damaging neurotoxin that can lead to a host of chronic health issues, including cancer.

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Drug Companies “BUY” Positive Research Results. The Entire Body of Big Pharma ‘Evidence’ Must Now Be Questioned

Vaccine-Stab-Paper-Doll-Drugs-Pills-e1485171736788By JD Heyes

If you ever wanted to know why it is vital that the incoming Trump administration implement dramatic reforms of the pharmaceutical industry, this should answer that question comprehensively.

To say that Big Pharma is corrupt is an understatement, especially after a shocking new study published in the British Medical Journal found that drug makers actually purchase positive field trial results so that it will be easier, cheaper and quicker to get new drugs approved.

The fraudulent nature of clinical trials involving Big Pharma has been known to insiders for quite some time.

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Watching Major Media Commit Suicide: Notes On The End Of The News Business As We Know It

corporate-media-dying-1024x576-1-777x437By Jon Rappoport

I’ve been investigating and reporting on deep medical fraud for 29 years. I’ve been around the block a few hundred times. I’ve spoken with scientists who work for the government and universities, and the media operatives who support them. I know the game.

Trump has blazed a trail of rejecting major media. As a result of his merciless attacks, press outlets are going mad pushing numerous outlandish fake stories. They’re ripe for further incursions on their territory.

In the past, this was the pattern: an outsider enters the scene and accuses the government of vast fraud; media operators assemble their usual cast of sordid characters, who dismiss the charges; everybody goes home and the story dies.

But that’s not working anymore. Media pomposity is exposed as fakery. Millions of people see through the ruse.

Giving the major media what they deserve is a force to be reckoned with, because there is no effective response to it. Nothing works. Who can lead the fight to preserve mainstream news? Answer: mainstream news. That isn’t going to go anywhere, because more and more people are rejecting the mainstream wholesale.

Think of major media as a ship. In full view of the passengers, the captain has just steered it into a shore of high rocks. The craft is beginning to tilt, and it’s taking on water. As the passengers scramble to safety on the beach, the captain is yelling, “Don’t leave, come back, everything is all right, I didn’t do anything wrong, it’s your fault, you’re too stupid to understand the correct principles of navigation!”

Translation: “I’m committing suicide. Go down with me.”

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Rothschild Family Wealth is Five Times that of World’s Top 8 Billionaires Combined

Jacob-Rothschild-Net-Worth_00001-800x445By Waking Times

A recent report by Oxfam International highlights the dramatic rise in income equality by noting that the combined wealth of the world’s top 8 individual billionaires is more than the lower half of the world’s population, some 3.6 billion people. The intention of the report was to bring awareness to the unfairness and injustice inherent in our global economic system.

“It calls for a fundamental change in the way we manage our economies so that they work for all people, and not just a fortunate few.” [Oxfam]

Listed below are the 8 billionaires along with their estimated wealth, which combined equals $426.2 billion.

Bill Gates – $75 b
Amancio Ortega – $67 b
Warren Buffett – $60.8 b
Carlos Slim Helu – $50 b
Jeff Bezos – $45.2 b
Mark Zuckerberg – $44.6 b
Larry Ellison – $43.6 b
Michael Bllomberg – $40 b

Oxfam’s assertion is that world economies are mismanaged in favor of the wealthy, which is largely true, however, the report failed to hit the mark on this serious issue by not acknowledging the greatest problem with the world’s economy, which is the global central banking model of privately owned debt-based fiat currencies.

At $2 trillion plus, the family’s reported wealth is closing in on five times as much as the combined wealth of the world’s top 8 individual billionaires, meaning that the Rothschild family alone controls more wealth than perhaps three-fourths or more of the world’s total population.

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Major Peanut Allergy Study Stuns Experts – They Were Wrong

peanut-allergy-cureBy Dr. Mercola

Research actually suggests that exposing children to peanuts early on can help reduce their risk of developing an allergy, while strict avoidance actually heightens the risk.

Moreover, giving trace amounts of peanuts to children with peanut allergy has been shown to de-sensitize their immune systems and boost their tolerance over time.

More general recommendation that parents should avoid feeding their children peanut products during infancy has now radically changed. In fact, research suggests early exposure to peanuts may cut the risk of allergy by 80 percent or more.

Peanuts do contain a number of valuable nutrients, including trace minerals such as copper, manganese and molybdenum, along with vitamins B1, B3 and E, folate, biotin and phosphorous. They also contain a number of highly beneficial antioxidants, including resveratrol and p-coumaric acid.

Unfortunately, peanuts tend to be heavily sprayed with pesticides and are frequently contaminated with aflatoxin — toxic metabolites produced by certain molds that grow in soil and moist environments.

To avoid pesticides, buy only organically grown peanuts and peanut butter. Just beware that organic peanuts are not a guarantee they’ll be free of aflatoxin.Contamination can occur anytime during pre-harvest, storage and/or processing, and is therefore difficult to avoid.Gut problems such as leaky gut can be related to the presence of mycotoxins such as aflatoxin.

To rid your body of aflatoxin, you need to use bentonite clay.

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Vegetarians Improve the World

quote-nothing-will-benefit-human-health-and-increase-the-chances-for-survival-of-life-on-earth-albert-einstein-40-7-0721By Major RUSH

One of the evolutionary transitions unfolding within the human society is the awareness that animal abuse culminates in meat eating.

The ultimate animal abuse is to kill it and this has expanded to epic proportions with the corporate dominance of slaughterhouses that now kill over 1.5 billion animals a week; every week of every year. This means that over 2,500 animals die every second.

The natural compassion that is universally felt toward domestic animals such as cats & dogs has been inexplicably dismissed when it comes to the killing of other animals with similar consciousness.

Loving domestic animals and eating farm animals is a moral contradiction. Meat is a violent ideology because meat cannot be procured without violence. Meat eating is a practice that is inherited from the previous generation at the earliest stage of life.

You did not make a conscious choice whether to be a meat eater or vegetarian. Your behavior is a byproduct of social conditioning. This conditioning takes the form of considering meat eating to be natural, normal and necessary; concepts that are actually false.

Meat eating is not natural: Nature has placed man at the top of the food chain by giving him hands that he is to use as caretaker of the animals not to kill them. Hands also infuse man with the responsibility to sow seed and feed himself, others and all the animals from the fertility of the natural environment. But man has failed in his responsibilities to contribute to the food chain, in preference to supporting the slaughter of huge numbers of animals for food. Only 3 percent of humans contribute to the agrarian food chain, when everyone with hands is responsible to somehow contribute.

A meat diet is not normal: Everywhere we see people putting the bodies of dead animals in their mouths as though nothing were wrong. Because meat eating is socially acceptable everyone is automatically conditioned to think that it is normal.

The human body is not constructed in such a way to process meat without causing disease. There are some 30 diseases that are directly attributed to meat eating and none attributed to a vegetarian diet. There are several other false claims that have been sited that are not supported from a moral, health or sustainability perspective; such as: “Humans need the high levels of protein available in meat”.

When we believe that the myths are the facts, we leave ourselves open to being manipulated into participating in this violent ideology that numbs our normal human compassion. Since meat eating is so wide spread it is seen as a given rather than a choice.

When eating animals is not necessary, which it is not in most of the modern world, than it is a choice. From the karma point of view there cannot be peace in human society when it is inflicting uncontrolled violence and cruelty upon the animals by choice. For humanity to free itself from the negative karma reaction of this crime, it is essential for us to be humane and compassionate by stopping this practice.

The unacceptable cruelty of meat is becoming recognized as immoral, unnecessary and unsustainable in guiding the human society to peace and self-realization and most people do not realize they have a choice that will create a humane and just world of higher values, culminating in the spiritual awakening of love of God. If we are to evolve to a higher level of consciousness we cannot continue to dampen our hearts empathy and diminish our minds objectivity which are the side effects of eating meat.

Violently killing and eating animals is not necessary: This ideology is propagated by an industry whose main justification is that it is necessary to eat meat or you will die, so it is not to be questioned. The corporate meat industry is hugely profiting from our blind compliance. They cunningly make it convenient for you to participate in their crimes with pre-packaged animal bodies. This is supported by maintaining the invisibility of the animal cruelty involved. When buying the end product you are funding the continuation of the horror.

There are many studies that show 10 times as many people can subsist on the land area now raising animals for food.

Eliminating meat will end starvation forever because there is ample area and fertility for the total global population to be sustained on the resources currently being employed for meat.

Cornell and Harvard Universities say that the optimum amount of meat in a healthy human diet is zero. From economic, environmental and health points of view meat is like a 2 cent coin that costs more to produce than it is worth, since meat causes more harm than benefit. We can stop this abnormal behavior by simply not buying these meat products and turning to a vegetarian diet.

We have totally destroyed the balance of nature with the practice of killing and eating most of the lower species of life, as opposed to maintaining an agrarian

food production system that would aid in the development of higher human behavior and moral perspectives. If the human society honestly accepts the responsibility of being vegetarians we can achieve better health standards, become environmentally sustainable and stop the unnecessary cruelty.

While vegetarians and vegans agree that commercial methods of cow husbandry are cruel, there are two points that are overlooked in the vegan diet.

Firstly, Raw milk is an important wholesome and healing addition to your diet that builds brain development and functions. You should not avoid natural raw milk, only processed milk. Second, soy contains anti-nutrients and toxins (growth inhibitors) that curtail protein absorption of nutrients, minerals and zinc (the intelligence mineral). It disrupts hormones, lowers testosterone levels & sperm counts

The only safe & humane diet to ensure healthy and intelligent development is the vegetarian diet that rejects soy and includes minimally processed milk.

Awareness of animal cruelty is therefore the greatest social justice issue of our time because without addressing this issue man is no more than an animal himself.

Awareness has always been the antidote to violent ideologies. Your awareness is the first step of the solution. Acting on your awareness is the rest of the solution

Stop the Violence. Stop Eating Meat. Become a Vegetarian. Improve the World

Adolf Hitler Arrested and Executed ‘Fake News’ Journalists


By John Wrightman

Chicago Daily News correspondent Edgar Mowrer frantically tried to warn readers worldwide, saying, “What he’s saying about the Jews is serious. Don’t underestimate him.”

American correspondents in Berlin were living in relative luxury. The good correspondents and diplomats worked hard to gather information, although it was becoming progressively more difficult and dangerous to obtain.

Edgar Mowrer took huge risks to get information by meeting with a German-Jewish doctor. Not all correspondents and diplomats were so brave as to obtain dangerous information. Most felt constrained and didn’t wish to put themselves in jeopardy. The mainstream media was used against the people, and those brave enough to report the truth were subject to the ultimate consequence.

Learn more and also watch the video P C Language control and the rise of The Third Reich:

Manuka Honey Kills Superbugs

Bee-On-Honeycomb-e1482242704853Study: Manuka honey kills more bacteria than all available antibiotics

By Amy Goodrich

Not all honey is created equal. While the benefits of raw, unprocessed honey have been well-documented over the centuries, Australian researchers have found one type of honey, called Manuka honey, to be better than all known antibiotics.

Manuka honey is produced by bees that forage on the nectar of Leptospermum Scoparium, or New Zealand’s Manuka bush, as well as tea trees, native to Australia and New Zealand only.

This remarkable type of honey not only effectively kills bacteria, but none of the bugs killed by it have been able to build up immunity. In a world where many of the last resort antibiotics are failing against antibiotic-resistant superbugs, Manuka honey may hold the key to fighting resistance issues, saving thousands of lives worldwide.

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Facebook becomes Propaganda Echo Chamber


By Mike Adams

Facebook has announced a new plan that will very quickly transform the social media site into an “echo chamber” of left-wing media lies and delusional propaganda.

This Ministry of Truth “news dictatorship” plan will, of course, transform Facebook into nothing more than a news “bubble” where propaganda is repeated as “fact” while independent journalism is labeled “fake.”

This means all stories that are critical of vaccines, GMOs, Planned Parenthood or Hillary Clinton will be censored out of existence.

It’s time to leave Facebook and discover alternatives.

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Researchers Found: Vitamin C Kills Cancer Cells


By David Gutierrez

One of the greatest controversies in oncology may have been resolved: Researchers may have discovered the reason that research into the effectiveness of high-dose vitamin C as a cancer treatment has been so mixed.

When taken orally, massive quantities of vitamin C are either broken down or excreted unused by the body. In contrast, intravenous administration of vitamin C produces blood levels 100 to 500 times higher than oral administration.

This could explain why many clinical trials on vitamin C and cancer — most of which have used oral administration — failed to support the results seen in laboratory studies using cancer cells.

Surprisingly, the most recent study on the topic from researchers at the University of Iowa (UI), published in the journal Redox Biology, suggests that vitamin C’s cancer-fighting potential might come not from its antioxidant capabilities, as previously assumed. On the contrary, vitamin C appears to generate free radicals that tear apart cancer cells while leaving healthy cells unharmed.

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Block The Damaging Effects Of Mainstream Media News In Your Life

mass deceptionoff






By Bernie Suarez

Believe it or not there are several thought processes you could and should practice to essentially keep your mind and thought process free of mainstream media poisonous lies and deceit. Anyone who believes some mainstream media news will likely find this article ridiculous, untrue, nonsense perhaps, exaggerations, or whatever. Those that think this way only do so because they are attached subconsciously to mainstream media news and the paradigm it offers them in their daily perception of the world. It feels real and your mind simply cannot fathom that mainstream media news is fabricated.

Well, it is. It absolutely is and that is why you should be noticing and asking question like why is it that all standard (big six) western mainstream media outlets all report the same stories and all of them present the stories in the exact same way? Start asking yourself, how can the entire mainstream media including the newspapers and magazines like Newsweek and Time and including politically competing networks (like NBC versus FOX) all narrate stories in the exact same manner?

You may think that propaganda won’t get to you but these CIA propaganda and media techniques are proven to work. They are proven to convince even the smartest of people throughout history and they will fool you too if you are not astute and watching carefully with a vigilant mind.

These techniques are thus simple things you can do to be a smarter more aware and resilient human being instead of a brain dead zombie who absorbs mainstream media CIA lies and propaganda with every day that goes by.

Here are some techniques that will help exercise your mind in order to maintain a healthy strong mental freedom from mainstream media lies and deceit.  When you try these techniques you will be exercising how to remain mentally free from their enslavement.

New Documentary “Overcast” – A Breakthrough In The Research Of Geoengineering And Chemtrails

Overcast-movieThe Swiss filmmaker Matthias Hancke worked on his first documentary OVERCAST for almost seven years. In 2007 he realized for the first time, that the man-made cloud cover was not a natural byproduct from aviation. Therefore, he started his investigation with the intention to finally prove the ongoing geoengineering program in order to stop this crime.

OVERCAST is a movie that every activist should watch in order to get the best arguments. Show it to your skeptical and unaware friends to wake them up. It is a film that gives the whole issue and movement the credibility needed in order to stop this crime. OVERCAST has already been shown in over 12 film festivals worldwide.

Read more and watch here:

Industrial Farming Threatens Food Security

industrial farmingBy Dr. Mercola

Agriculture has undergone massive changes over the past several decades. Many of them were heralded as progress that would save us from hunger and despair. Yet today, we’re faced with a new set of problems, birthed from the very innovations and interventions that were meant to provide us with safety and prosperity.

For decades, food production has been all about efficiency and lowering cost. We now see what this approach has brought us — skyrocketing disease statistics and a faltering ecosystem. We need farmers to shift over to regenerative practices that stops depleting our soil and fresh water supplies.

Regenerative Agriculture Can Help Solve Many of Our Problems

Around the world, farmers are waking up to the many adverse effects of industrialized agriculture. While chemicals and machines have allowed farms to expand and increase production, there’s growing awareness about how these strategies harm the soil, ecology and, ultimately, human health.

As a result, a growing number of farmers are transitioning over to more sustainable and regenerative methods that do not rely so heavily on chemical and technological means. While regenerative strategies may appear “novel” to born-and-raised city slickers, it’s really more of a revival of ancestral knowledge. In the video above, Dr. Joel Gruver demonstrates sustainable agriculture techniques taking place at Allison Farm, the largest organic research farm in Illinois.

Regenerative agriculture — which includes strategies such as crop rotation, diversification, cover crops, no-till, agroforestry and integrated herd management — can help rehabilitate land turned to desert, improve water management and protect water quality. It also eliminates the need for toxic fertilizers and other agricultural chemicals, and reduces greenhouse gas emissions like carbon dioxide and nitrous oxide. Importantly, by improving soil quality, regenerative farmers can produce more nutrient-dense foods.

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What is H.A.A.R.P doing to the Clouds?

HAARP stands for The High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program. The goal of this program is to further advance our knowledge of the physical and electrical properties of the Earth’s ionosphere which can affect our military and civilian communication and navigation systems. The HAARP program operates a world-class ionospheric research facility located in Gakona, Alaska.

Since this top secret project was exposed a few years ago, the government has attempted to propagandize all reports concerning HAARP and cover up the real horrors this ultra-advanced apparatus is capable of. As much as possible, I will attempt to avoid a long, technical and boring explanation of how it all works and get to the nuts and bolts of the matter.

HAARP is capable of blasting a super-charged, high frequency radio wave into the earth’s atmosphere. This controllable [?] radio wave is so powerful and electromagnetically charged that it can actually lift the ionosphere while simultaneously heating it! The ionosphere is an electromagnetically charged shield that surrounds the earth’s upper atmosphere. The ionosphere (ozone layer) protects the earth from deadly radiation and spikes emitted by the sun.

Even though there are several technologically advanced nations that have similar projects, the American “Big Blaster” in Alaska is the most powerful of them all. HAARP has been able to achieve such unprecedented high radio frequency blasts that all of it’s,effects are not yet known. The government and military propaganda machine has neglected to tell the true story about HAARP. In their official reporting, they cite advanced HAARP communications capabilities for our military as a positive mechanism for national security. HAARP has the capability of being able to knock out all enemy communication systems with ultra-high frequency radio waves while simultaneously allowing our military to use these same destructive frequencies for it’s own communications.

There is now information indicating that HAARP may also be used to create earthquakes and used as weather weapons.

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