UN Regional Disarmament Overview

un gun controlIn 1981, a UN Group of Governmental Experts on regional disarmament concluded that there was a vast and somewhat unexplored potential for progress in disarmament at the regional level. The Group found that progress in regional disarmament, equitable solution of problems, just settlement of disputes and with confidence-building measures at the regional level, could create conditions that would promote disarmament and relax tension at the global level.

In 1993, the UN Disarmament Commission (UNDC) adopted guidelines and recommendations for regional approaches to disarmament. The UNDC found that regional and global approaches to disarmament and arms limitation complemented each other and should be pursued simultaneously, in order to promote regional and international peace and security.

READ MORE: http://www.un.org/disarmament/disarmsec/about/?lang=en

Future Earth: Agenda 21′s ‘Forbidden Zones’

July 31, 2013agenda21earth

Melissa Melton, Activist Post

The concept of forbidden zones is not new. Agenda 21 has a similar concept laid out to protect the planet from the people. For those unfamiliar with United Nations Agenda 21 ‘sustainable development’ plan, writer and anti-Agenda 21 activist Rosa Koire describes it as this:

In a nutshell, the plan calls for governments to take control of all land use and not leave any of the decision making in the hands of private property owners. It is assumed that people are not good stewards of their land and the government will do a better job if they are in control. Individual rights in general are to give way to the needs of communities as determined by the governing body. Another program, called the Wildlands Project, spells out how most of the land is to be set aside for non-humans.


Pre-Crime And Mind Control Technologies Are Already Here

August 6, 2013world eye

Michael Snyder, Activist Post

Should the government be trying to figure out if we are going to commit a crime in advance? That sounds like something out of a Tom Cruise movie, but the truth is that “pre-crime” technologies such as were portrayed in Minority Report are being aggressively developed, and some have actually already been deployed.

We live at a time when technology is advancing at an exponential rate, and it can be really hard to keep up with how rapidly our world is changing. In the future, authorities may not only be able to use pre-crime technology to read our minds, they might also be able to use technology to directly control our minds as well.


440hz Music – Conspiracy To Detune Us From Natural 432Hz Harmonics?

August 4, 2013brain waves

Most music worldwide has been tuned to 440 hertz since the International Standards Organization (ISO) endorsed it in 1953. The recent rediscoveries of the vibratory / oscillatory nature of the universe indicate that this contemporary international concert pitch standard may generate an unhealthy effect or anti-social behavior in the consciousness of human beings.

440 Hz is the unnatural standard tuning frequency, removed from the symmetry of sacred vibrations and overtones that has declared war on the subconscious mind of Western Man.


The Coming Push to Give HPV Vaccines to Infants

VACCONES vaccty_deesAugust 1, 2013

by Heidi Stevenson

If you can push the most dangerous vaccines in use today on teen and pre-teen girls, and later on boys of the same age, without any proof that they work, then why not give them to newborn infants—plus another ‘booster’ later on? That appears to be planned for Gardasil and Cervarix, along with a slick new marketing program, thanks to the vaccine-industrial complex.


Are We Being Conditioned to Accept ‘Transhumanism’ as Evolution?

transhumanism_conditioningAugust 4, 2013

Anne Gordon, RN, Activist Post

Do you wonder why films and shows such as World War Z, Walking Dead, I Am Legend, or even the tongue-in-cheek marketing campaigns focus on ‘zombie apocalypse warnings’? Is it just for your entertainment and giggles? After all, we know that zombies do not exist. Why then, would ‘zombie apocalypse’ be among Google’s most popular search? A few years ago, it was the blood sucking vampires, which are still quite popular. Are we being psychologically conditioned to accept human changes, such as cannibalism, or ‘transhumanism’ as evolution?


The U.S. Government Believes that the Founding Fathers Were Terrorists

Mount RushmoreApril 1, 2013 by WashingtonsBlog

Government agencies such as FEMA are allegedly teaching that the Founding Fathers should be considered terrorists.

Indeed, the government might consider you a potential terrorist if you speak out against government policies, protest anything, question war, take pictures or videos, value online privacy or oppose surveillance.


Nestle CEO seeks to control the world’s water supply

Pure waterApril 22, 2013

by: Lance Devon

Gun control may be a hot topic, but what about water control? Recent comments from Nestle CEO Peter Brabeck imply that the world’s water will soon come under the control of corporations like his. Brabeck makes the astonishing claim that water is not a human right, but should be managed by business people and governing bodies. He wants water controlled, privatized, and delegated in a way that sustains the planet.

Learn more: http://www.naturalnews.com/040026_Nestle_water_supply_domination.html#ixzz2bKnY5P8u


General Wesley Clark: Whistleblower, Warrior

wesley clarkby Stephen Lendman

He formerly commanded NATO. From March 24 – June 19, 1999, he led naked aggression against Yugoslavia. For 78 days, hundreds of warplanes attacked mercilessly. About 3,000 sorties were flown.
Many thousands were killed, injured or displaced. Two million people lost livelihoods. Homes and communities were destroyed.

Lawless aggression was called humanitarian intervention. It was prelude for worse to come.