About Us

RUSH RADIO NETWORK incorporates New Zealand’s first INDEPENDENT FREEDOM RADIO stations.

This network is an independent resource, as opposed to a global media presence. Therefore Rush FM holds a unique position as; local stations that have independent international content.

We broadcast to the individual not the public and we are not for retail or other public entertainment. Rush FM is broadcasting on 87.7 in Hamilton, Waikato, & 88.1 in West Auckland. Primarily we stream globally to the net and are available through our apps on most phones, laptops and computers.

We are an underground radio network that is helping the people regain their rational perspective of what it means to be a responsible human being. We are a non-profit organization that is funnelling all funds we receive from sponsors or donations or advertising to the costs to run the station and expand the awakening of humanity.

We believe in informing, educating and stimulating our listeners; taking pride in being honest over social issues and in the valuable products we endorse through advertising and sponsorship. We believe this is being true to the social responsibility radio is intended to maintain.

RUSH FM is a thinking person’s radio network with an attitude. Our playlist consists of broad-spectrum message- based music of many genres.

In recognition of our growing international listenership we are adjusting our playlist and daily schedule to accommodate both sides of the planet as far as possible.

Generally, early morning starts with Spiritual Music & Lectures till 7:30 AM and then mostly Classic Music until 12 noon when our Rock, Reggae, Dance And Electro content begins, till 7PM and then Metal and Heavy Metal are added is in until 4AM.

Our unique insertion of Thoughtful Quotes, Truth Inserts and Station Spots and a distinct flavour of awakening information that stimulates our listeners minds and contemplations. We insert funny to hard hitting information throughout. RUSH FM is content focused. We intend on being Influential Radio, not Spam Radio.

We intend on maintaining a level of intensity and reflect it in our programming and speciality show content for stimulating thought and awareness. We are introducing a new level of boldness and analysis that has not been broadcast before in our own unique format.

We are incorporating several international independent radio programs of new informative and challenging programs that will penetrate the thinking process of the listener.

The global situation is changing dramatically at an accelerating rate generally known as the quickening. Mainstream media of all varieties is perverting the information it presents to the general populace about the actual situation that is affecting their lives on a daily basis.

From a perspective of social responsibility Rush FM is seeking out information from all independent global sectors on events that have relativity to our lives.

We are presenting the facts as best we can research them and presenting them so the listener is more informed and stimulated to find further information themselves on our very successful web site RUSHFM.CO.NZ and
we provide many links to additional sources of information that supports our broadcasting inserts and web articles; which minimizes the listeners research time.

We believe there are larger destructive forces on the planet that are designing our future without our interests at heart. Recognizing that we may have very little input into the outcome of our own lives, we are making suggestions and offering perspectives to at least stimulate our listeners into action for their own preservation.

We have several primary subjects that we focus upon on network and website;

-The first is the need to be self-sufficient and reduce your dependency on artificial resources or multinational corporation products. This must incorporate a degree of self-sufficiency from a personal to a national level, incorporating sustainable agricultural principles free from chemicals and GMO’s.

-The second is to encourage an exit from the giant corporate banking system with its plans to indebt the entire human population by systematically extracting our savings and assets from us with interest rates and fees, and in the latest examples, outright theft.

-The third area is exposing the corrupt commercial media that is withholding and editing the flow of crucial information from the people of the world in support of the corrupt Elite leaders, bankers and Secret Shadow Governments and the United Nations depopulation agenda.

-The fourth area is to expose the Agenda 21 protocol that has been signed by the Hamilton City Council through the United Nations non-government organization, International Committee for Local Environmental Initiatives (ICLEI). This 50 year plan is a ‘below the radar’ method of achieving a ‘new world order’ control over local and central governance of all resources on the planet, resulting in the loss of individual rights and freedoms.

-Finally we are presenting the non-sectarian spiritual perspective to life as emanating from the Vedic scriptures; the scientific understanding of the living entities quest for enlightenment.

We are broadcasting lectures by the Spiritual Master for this planet,
who is accepted on every continent, in all major cultures of the world, as the purest exponent of the spiritual knowledge provided in the ancient VEDIC LITERATURE.

We hope this combination of spiritual and relevant information provides stimulus, faith, and determination to assist our listeners in sustaining their lives as enlightened beings as opposed to enslaved zombies, as the controlling Elite would have it.

We hope to develop the flow of information coming to our listeners on these and other subjects directly affecting their lives in such a way that our listeners become more informed to make intelligent decisions in their lives.

RUSH FM is determined to provide solutions to the problems the alternative media is exposing to the world, to avoid a sense of hopelessness or depression and replace it with a sense of duty and responsibility that employs the energy and resourcefulness of every individual for the upliftment of the consciousness of humanity. For any real change to manifest in the material lives of society we must first have an upliftment of the consciousness through knowledge, purification and realisation.

Contact details:


(In New Zealand) 0-800-100-857