Mercury in Compact Fluorescent Lights is Contaminating Homes and Environment

CFL-Light-BulbBy Pedro Aquila

Compact fluorescent bulbs (CFL’s) are contaminating homes and the environment with mercury. They contain much higher amounts of mercury than other typical factors in the poisoning of people, often with many milligrams of mercury, whereas other factors in mercury poisoning are usually measured in micrograms. Thousands of times more than other typical mercury contaminants.

The damage done to people and the environment by mercury is well documented in papers found at sites like PubMed. According to a paper titled: Current approaches of the management of mercury poisoning: need of the hour”: 

“Mercury poisoning cases have been reported in many parts of the world, resulting in many deaths every year.”

“Humans exposure to mercury usually take place via eating mercury contaminated food, dental care procedures (using amalgams in endodontics) using mercury based, thermometers, and sphygmomanometer), occupational exposure (e.g. mining) and others (using fluorescent light bulbs and batteries)”

So how much mercury is in a CFL light bulb, compared to amalgam dental fillings or contaminated food? Even micrograms of mercury are enough to cause long-lasting damage, and the light bulbs contain about 4 milligrams of mercury on average, thousands of times more mercury than is released regularly by mercury amalgam dental fillings, and possibly tens of thousands of times more mercury than eating contaminated seafood.

Micrograms of exposure to mercury make a difference over time, building up and eventually leading to serious symptoms, and mercury is one of the most difficult things to get out of your body, and one of nature’s most vicious neurotoxins.

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Can—Or Is—Wi-Fi Manipulating Human DNA?

digital-dna By Catherine Frompovich

The topic of DNA manipulation is extremely close to my intellectual heart and being because it is so fundamentally repulsive, Orwellian and dehumanizing, plus it is a ‘direct’ route to what’s planned by the one-world-controllers for all of humankind: Transhumanism.

Transhumanism deprives us of our basic and individualistic persona, including rights, given to us by Nature and the Higher Intelligence some refer to as God, Creator or the “Source.”

Transhumanism is being designed to make humankind into “one think” cyborgs, of sorts, utilizing implanted “smart” technology to control our brains, physiology and biochemistry.  Does this sound like science fiction?  Maybe, but I can guarantee you it’s in our future, if we keep ‘buying into’ all the smart technology controllers continue to push upon consumers, who gleefully accept it but really don’t understand the rancid underside of the planned “Internet of Things.”

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Who Owns New Zealand’s Media?

indexBy Wake Up New Zealand

New Zealand media companies are now owned by a small number of private funds and investment banks. In the case of MediaWorks, financial ownership has intensified its profit imperatives, and led to the demolition of its news and currents affairs programmes.

In 2015, New Zealand media companies were implementing ‘digital first’ strategies, and integrating newsrooms across the print and online platforms. Unfortunately, this didn’t put ‘journalists first’, and newsroom layoffs continued.

The revenue structures of media companies continued to encounter difficulties, and new forms of partnership and collaboration emerged.

For example, Fairfax partnered with Sky TV, The Huffington Post and The New York Times; and APN with News Corp and The Washington Post in content delivery.

Additionally, NZME, TVNZ, MediaWorks and Fairfax joined forces in advertising against companies such as Facebook and Google.

In 2015, Rupert Murdoch returned to the New Zealand media market by acquiring a 15 per cent stake in APN, publisher of The New Zealand Herald. In contrast, mining billionaire Gina Rinehart sold all of her Fairfax shares. Consequently, the investment bank Morgan Stanley became the company’s largest shareholder.

Yet again MediaWorks became owned by one financial institution.

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Yes, Your Smart TV Really Is Spying On You!

CIA-LobbyLeaked docs reveal CIA secretly turned Samsung TVs into microphones that spy on your conversations.

By J D Heyes

For years Deep State insiders and others familiar with the federal government’s spy agencies have been sounding the alarm about the development of technology that enables constant, real-time electronic surveillance of anyone, anywhere, anytime.

Now, thanks to another whistleblower following in the footsteps for former NSA contractor Edward Snowden, WikiLeaks has provided the proof that these insiders weren’t kooks or conspiracy theorists – they were spot-on.

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Canadian Town’s Water Turned Hot Pink

pink-water-shocks-townHealth officials claim there is no health risk from ingesting unregulated amounts of potassium permanganate — a common chemical used for water treatment. Remember, these are the same ‘officials’ claiming fluoride is beneficial to your health when it is actually a poison.

By Jennifer Earl

Residents of a small Canadian town woke up to quite a colorful surprise earlier this week: Hot pink tap water.

Complaints and concerns about the water’s odd hue started pouring into the town’s office on Monday, prompting officials from Onoway, Alberta, to investigate.“This is what just happened in the Town of Onoway,” one local resident posted on Facebook Tuesday afternoon, sharing several photos of the neon pink-colored water in her house. “This is a disaster.”

“Pink water in Onoway, Alberta — complete health hazard,” a Canadian Facebook group wrote. “Don’t drink the water.”

Onoway’s Mayor Dale Krasnow issued an apology to the town’s 1,000 residents on Monday, and said he would work to assess what exactly happened that led to the strange color.

Krasnow said it appears that a valve may have gotten stuck, allowing potassium permanganate — a common chemical used for water treatment — to get into the sump reservoir and thereby into the town’s water distribution system.

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Is A Picture Worth A Thousand Words?

balkan-route-gettyThe migrants were part of a wave of arrivals who came to Germany via the so-called Balkan route.

By Catherine Frompovich

Germany is facing a problem with refugees who apparently can’t find housing, as the ‘tent city’ photograph above apparently depicts.  According to news reports out of Berlin, thousands of refugees have disappeared off the radar, yet no one knows where they are. Have they gone ‘underground’, as some think, waiting for instructions?  According to German prosecutor Irich Scherding, “Fifteen to 20 percent of 18,000 refugees are obviously submerged.”  Concern and fears grow that ISIS may be involved in controlling the missing.

parisA boulevard in Paris, France—Refugee crisis

The refugee crisis in European Union countries apparently is spilling over into geopolitical ramifications insofar as EU member countries now are talking about leaving the EU.  The UK’s taxpayers are finding out they will be left paying for student loans by EU citizens, who studied in England but left the country without repaying those loans.  What’s the amount?  £130 million or roughly U.S. $159,691,956 based upon the conversion rate when I wrote this article.

Sweden has acquired a rather dubious title no one would envy.  Malmo, Sweden, is known as the “rape capital of Europe.”  The BBC reports, “According to Eurostat, the agency that collects statistical data from all EU countries, in 2015 Sweden had over 162,000 asylum applications or 1,667 asylum seekers for every 100,000 citizens. A large majority of the 2015 asylum seekers – 114,470 – were male, 45,790 of them between 18 and 34 years of age.” [1]   A majority of males between 18 and 34 years of age—not families!

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EMF Protection from Cell Phones, WIFI & Smart Meters

radisafe-imageElectromagnetic radiation is certainly affecting our health more than anything else today. Unbiased scientific studies show that this radiation is causing us serious harm. We need emf protection from the 100 million times more electromagnetic radiation (EMF) than that of our grandparents’ generation.

We need to consider electromagnetic field protection from phones, domestic appliances, power tools, even our cars and devices such as Smart Meters, cell phones, WiFi routers and wireless baby monitors.

These electromagnetic field protection products provide shielding and keep you calm, stress-free, healthy and sleeping better. Powerful stuff!

hqdefaultThe RadiSafe

These little buttons stick on to your cellphone or case and reduce the heat generated in your head whilst you are calling. They do not interfere with calls or call reception.

Unprotected cell phones lead to unwanted cancers – as agreed by the World Health Organization and a growing number of physicians/scientists. It’s as simple as that.

Cell phones emit high levels of electromagnetic (EMF) radiation directly into your head, actually heating it up in the process. There is increasing amounts of scientific evidence linking this to brain cancers.

Effective, efficient cell phone radiation protection i.e. RadiSafe cell phone radiation shields, can harmonize this harmful radiation. This enables your body to stay healthy.

Snappy Bandssnappies

Kids love Snappy Bands and need protection from daily school wifi exposure.

  • Full protection from Electromagnetic radiation
  • Energy balancing including the personal energy system and supports the immune system.
  • General wellbeing.
  • Help to concentration and learning. EMF radiation has been proved to affect memory and learning abilities.
  • Aid to sleep and sleep patterns. EMF radiation stops the production of Melatonin an essential hormone for sleep and preventing cancer.
  • Calming.

ki-balwebKi-bal Key Ring

Creates a protective field – 12 meters (about 13 yards) in radius which will take care of you at home, work, in public places, out and about, in the car and is perfect protection for kids in schools.

So with this little power-house on your key-ring you are a walking EMF safe-zone and as soon as you put it down you have good EMF Zone Protection for anybody in that space.


Vaccines Include Aborted Human Fetus Cells & African Green Monkey Kidney Pus Cells

CDC-Vaccine-excipients-VialBy Mike Adams

Almost no one has any real idea what’s found in vaccines. When they allow themselves to be injected with vaccines, they’re oblivious to the fact that they are being injected with aborted human fetus cell lines or African Green Monkey kidney pus cells harvested from infected, disease primates.

In a PDF posted on the CDC website entitled “Vaccine Excipient & Media Summary,” the CDC lists all the excipients currently used in vaccines being injected into adults and children across the United States. The CDC’s list, current as of January 6, 2017, was “extracted from manufacturers’ package inserts,” according to the CDC.

The complete list is found in this CDC document (PDF). In case the CDC removes it — because they’ve been known to suddenly “memory hole” documents they don’t want the public to see — we’ve also posted a copy at the Natural News servers (PDF).

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EXPOSED: the GMO Propaganda that is Pushed in Universities

indexBy John Lightheart

My name is Robert, and I am a Cornell University undergraduate student. However, I’m not sure if I want to be one any more. Allow me to explain.

Cornell, as an institution, appears to be complicit in a shocking amount of ecologically destructive, academically unethical, and scientifically deceitful behavior. Perhaps the most potent example is Cornell’s deep ties to industrial GMO agriculture, and the affiliated corporations such as Monsanto. I’d like to share how I became aware of this troubling state of affairs.

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We Are Becoming The Internet, The Internet Is Becoming Us

hive-mind_group-think_2_72_92By  Truthstream Media

The Internet is a military creation that has now become an essential part of communication in the modern world. Melissa Dykes explains the impact this is having on our relationships, our minds, and how we receive information.  But it’s also a two-way street where we give information that is used for surveillance, targeted advertising, and even social engineering.

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Wake Up Call: 2 Studies Show 347 Native Bee Species “Spiraling Toward Extinction”

beesBy Claire Bernish

In total, 700 bee species have been pushed to precarious footing by a web of threats, including increased pesticide use and severe habitat loss.

A growing number of pollinator species worldwide are being driven toward extinction by diverse pressures, many of them human-made, threatening millions of livelihoods and hundreds of billions of dollars worth of food supplies, according to the first global assessment of pollinators.

“We’re on the verge of losing hundreds of native bee species in the United States if we don’t act to save them,” said Kopec, whom EcoWatch notes spent a full year analyzing collected data. “Almost 90 percent of wild plants are dependent on insect pollination. If we don’t act to save these remarkable creatures, our world will be a less colorful and more lonesome place.”

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DARPA Using Warfare Technology On Unsuspecting Civilians For Mass Mind Control

darpa-mind-controlBy Paul Phillips

Never mind the bombs and bullets or other conventional weaponry, consider the use of hi-tech stealth weapons. Not just for use in warfare, but for other nefarious purposes. A number of whistleblowers have come out of the woodwork to let us know that governmental agencies such as DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) are using some of these hi-tech stealth weapons on unsuspecting civilians for mass mind control.

Through his research, such as that based on the startling revealing information he obtained from whistleblowers, author Dr Nick Begich explains the nature of the operations and hidden ulterior motives behind this rapidly developing mind control technology.

The mind control technology originates from the work of original scientists such as José Delgado and his EEG (electroencephalograph), bio-physics studies on subjects. The technology began with brain implants, which were later removed as it developed.

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California Forced To Release Secret “Health Guidelines” Document on Cell Phone Use

1432066809063.cachedBy Take Back Your Power

Last May, Dr. Joel Moskowitz and others sued the California Department of Public Health for release of a cell phone safety guidance document under the California Public Records Act. The document was originally prepared in 2010 and has been updated several times but never released to the public.

Last week, they finally released it. See the links below for more:

1) SF Chronicle: “State kept secret guidelines on safe cell phone use”:
2) The document that was prevented from public release:
3) Dr. Joel Moskowitz’ ongoing blog:

So-named ‘smart’ meters emit radiation pulses (which also travel through home wiring) that are at least hundreds of times stronger than transmitting cellphones.

Limiting our EMF exposure is now clearly necessary, as the scientific coverup is now obvious – something independent researchers have known for years.

Smart Energy Meters’ False Readings Almost 6 Times Higher Than Actual Energy Consumption

_86583957_86583956By Science Bulletin

Some electronic energy meters can give false readings that are up to 582% higher than actual energy consumption. This emerged from a study carried out by the University of Twente (UT), in collaboration with the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences (AUAS). Professor Frank Leferink of the UT estimates that potentially inaccurate meters have been installed in the meter cabinets of at least 750,000 Dutch households. The is published in the scientific journal IEEE Electromagnetic Compatibility Magazine.

In the Netherlands, traditional energy meters (kWh) — the familiar energy meter with a rotating disc — are being increasingly replaced by electronic variants (which are also known as ‘static energy meters’). One well-known variant of the latter is the ‘smart meter’. The Dutch government wants smart meters in every household by 2020.

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Pentagon Paid PR Firm $540 Million To Make FAKE Terrorist Videos

isis-propaganda-1250x640By Aaron Kesel

The Pentagon paid a UK PR firm half a billion dollars to create fake terrorist videos in Iraq in a secret propaganda campaign exposed by the Bureau of Investigative Journalism.

PR firm Bell Pottinger, known for its array of controversial clients including the Saudi government and Chilean dictator Augusto Pinochet’s foundation, worked with the US military to create the propaganda in a secretive operation.

The firm reported to the CIA, the National Security Council and the Pentagon on the project with a mandate to portray Al-Qaeda in a negative light and track suspected sympathizers.

Both the White House and General David Petraeus, the former general who shared classified information with his mistress, signed off on the content produced by the agency.

The Bell Pottinger operation started soon after the US invasion of Iraq and was tasked with promoting the “democratic elections” for the administration before moving on to more lucrative psychological and information operations.

Former employee Martin Wells told the Bureau how he found himself working in Iraq after being hired as a video editor by Bell Pottinger. Within 48 hours, he was landing in Baghdad to edit content for secret “psychological operations” at Camp Victory.

The firm created television ads showing Al-Qaeda in a negative light as well as creating content to look as though it had come from “Arabic TV.” Crews were sent out to film bombings with low quality video. The firm would then edit it to make it look like news footage.
They would craft scripts for Arabic soap operas where characters would reject terrorism with happy consequences. The firm also created fake Al-Qaeda propaganda videos, which were then planted by the military in homes they raided.

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Former IMF Chief Sent To Jail As Spain Prosecutes 65 Elite Bankers in Enormous Corruption Scandal

IMF-chiefBy Matt Agorist

In many other countries, excluding the United States, corrupt bankers are often brought to task by their respective governments. The most recent example of a corrupt banker being held accountable comes our of Spain, in which the former head of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), Rodrigo Rato was sentenced to four years and six months behind bars.

According to the AFP, Spain’s National Court, which deals with corruption and financial crime cases, said he had been found guilty of embezzlement when he headed up Caja Madrid and Bankia, at a time when both groups were having difficulties.

Rato, who is tied to a slew of other allegations was convicted and sentenced for misusing €12m between 2003 and 2012 — sometimes splashing out at the height of Spain’s economic crisis, according to the AFP.

The people of Spain were outraged over the scandal as it was discovered during the height of a severe financial crisis in which banks were receiving millions in taxpayer dollars. Bankia was eventually nationalized and given 22 billion in public money.

Although he was sentenced, Rato, who is also a former Spanish economy minister, remains at liberty pending a possible appeal because of highly connected elite status.

Rato was brought down in a massive effort by Spain to get rid of corruption within the banking system. The problem had gotten so bad, that Spain decided to clean house, and 65 people, include Rato, were brought to task.

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CloudPets Stuffed Toys Leaked Private Data And Millions Of Voice Recordings

CloudPetsBy Lily Dane

“Smart” stuffed animals that listen to the voices of children and parents have leaked over 2 million recorded messages online – and hackers are now holding them for ransom.

Cybersecurity expert Troy Hunt reports that an unnamed source contacted him about a data breach affecting CloudPets stuffed toys. The Bluetooth-connected stuffed animals let parents upload and download messages to and from their children via an app.

Hunt goes on to explain that most parents may be technically literate enough to set up a WiFi password but not savvy enough to understand how these toys actually work:

They don’t necessarily realise that every one of those recordings – those intimate, heartfelt, extremely personal recordings – between a parent and their child is stored as an audio file on the web. They certainly wouldn’t realise that in CloudPets’ case, that data was stored in a MongoDB that was in a publicly facing network segment without any authentication required and had been indexed by Shodan (a popular search engine for finding connected things).

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Here Come The Robots – And They Are Going To Take Almost All Of Our Jobs

Robot-Human-Hand-Public-Domain-700x465By Michael Snyder

What is going to happen to society when robots are able to do just about everything better, faster and cheaper than human workers can? We live at a time when technology is increasing at an exponential pace. Incredible advancements in robotics, computer science and artificial intelligence are certainly making our lives more comfortable, but they are also bringing fundamental changes to the workplace. For employers, there are a lot of advantages to replacing human workers with robots. Robots don’t surf around on Facebook when they are supposed to be working. Robots don’t need Obamacare, lunch breaks or vacation days. Robots never steal from the company and they never complain. Up until fairly recently, human workers could generally perform many tasks more cheaply than robots could, but now that is rapidly changing.

For example, a coffee shop has just opened up in San Francisco that is manned by a robot instead of a human. If that coffee shop demonstrates that it can be much more profitable than a coffee shop with human employees, it is just a matter of time before human baristas start to be phased out all over the nation.

A similar thing is happening in many supermarkets. Personally, I hate the “self-checkout lines”, but you are starting to see them everywhere these days.

And according to the Sun, Amazon is playing around with a concept that would employ hardly any human workers at all.

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‘Teen Vogue’ Pushes Abortion to Teens 63 Times in 2017

6a00d8341ce4a653ef01bb0977df5b970dKatie Yoder

Teen magazines targeting young women are no longer about make-up application, fashion tips or crushes. No, now they’ve found a more lucrative topic: abortion.

Teen magazines targeting young women are no longer about make-up application, fashion tips or crushes. No, now they’ve found a more lucrative topic: abortion.

Earlier this month, Teen Vogue rightfully came under fire after publishing “What to Get a Friend Post-Abortion.” Conservative media and teenagers alike challenged the story that recommended teens give presents to their friends after having an abortion – from signing up as an abortion clinic escort to gifting an “angry uterus” heating pad. But the story is just one of many. In 2017 alone, Teen Vogue has already promoted abortion to teens more than 60 times.

This year, Teen Vogue has already published at least 63 articles promoting abortion (including showing abortion positively or restrictions on abortion negatively). Ironically, most of them appeared under the obsessed outlet’s “Wellness” section.

In contrast, Teen Vogue hasn’t published one single story this year of someone writing a personal story on adoption.

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