Dear RUSH FM Listeners,

Thank you for even considering a donation to Rush FM, because this signifies that you value the information and perspective we present.

Rush FM does not have paid advertisers as we are about information distribution and awakening the public. We keep our cost levels as low as possible, so we do not need to take on advertising for products or services you do not need or want.

Therefore we could use anyone’s contribution to help us cover the basic costs, such as Internet and phone connections, power, business cards, and leaflets we produce and distribute for free.

We understand that the money is being extracted from circulation and everyone has difficulty in making ends meet. We also see the costs and prices of everything increasing without justification. In this climate we are very reluctant to ask our listeners for anything other than to awaken to their responsibility to an awakening society.

Everyone needs to contribute to the awakening of humanity as their pushback against the globalization policies that are dominating our world. If you can support our attempt to awaken the people and give them hope and the realization that they are not alone, they will greatly appreciate it.

If you have the facilities to donate to keep us on air we would humbly accept your support. Our request is for $20 to $50 (nzd) a month as a donation to help us cover our costs. If we get more than costs we will use it to expand our reach and influence.

Below is our bank account number so you can make a deposit from your phone or computer if you can afford this level of monthly contribution, but anything is gratefully accepted.

We thank you in anticipation and assure you of our continued efforts to bring facts and perspective to the sleeping people such that they can join you and Rush FM in working together for reestablishing sanity in our human society.

From all of us at Rush FM, thank you very much.

Major Rush

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