Smart Meters Interfere With Human Heart Rhythms

heart-rate-459225_960_720AMI Smart Meters emit EMFs/RFs with non-thermal radiation waves causing both assault and battery to a person’s heart, body and wellbeing!  Those are legal charges that can, and should be, filed against utility companies, AMI Smart Meter manufacturers, and public utility commissions.

By Catherine J. Frompovich

One of the most intrepid independent lay EMF/RF and AMI Smart Meter investigators Warren Woodward of Sedona, Arizona, has taken upon himself to put AMI Smart Meters to the heart test.

In EKG Proof That “Smart” Meters Affect the Human Heart video, you will see me connected to an EKG monitor while resting near an Elster brand “smart” meter of the type used by APS here in Arizona. When the “smart” meter transmits, the EKG shows that my heart rhythm is interrupted. Looking at the results of the EKG is startling.

Learn more and see the video here: