Can Smart Meter EMFs Dirty Electricity Cause Type 3 Diabetes?

frequencyBy Catherine Frompovich

Diabetes usually is diagnosed as Type 1 or Type 2 but, according to Dr Magda Havas, PhD, there is a third type of diabetes that needs to become mainstreamed information.  It results from exposure to electromagnetic frequencies.  Dr Havas ought to know what she’s talking about since she works at the Centre for Health Studies and Environmental & Resource Studies, Trent University, Petersborough, ON, Canada.

  • Type 1 “Childhood” diabetes usually is genetic and affects 5 to 10 percent of diabetics.
  • Type 2 “Adult onset” diabetes usually results from lifestyle issues and affects 90 to 95 percent of diabetics.
  • Type 3 “Environment” diabetes which is caused by dirty electricity emitted by microwave EMFs, including those from AMI Smart Meters retrofitted as replacements for EMF-free analog meters.

Since we live in a microwave-induced electromagnetic soup we can’t escape from cell and mast towers, horrific Wi-Fi—especially in schools where kids are exposed for hours, monitoring devices, cell phones, all sorts of ‘smart’ devices and appliances that emit RFs/EMFs, and especially utility companies’ AMI Smart Meters, which transmit dirty electricity 24/7/365, we really need to assess the biological fact that we are living in what amounts to an ‘operating microwave oven-like atmosphere’!

There are tremendously negative health consequences to our ‘love affair’ with smart technology we really haven’t realized yet.  When we do, we will realize too late how dumb we were to buy into all these tracking and surveillance devices—as that’s what the ‘smart’ is all about so big brother knows what we do—but it may be too late.  Our brains will have been fried!  I hope I’m wrong.

Here’s another thought in closing:  What impact do all these EMFs have on human emotions and our brain activity?  Can they be ‘programming’ some of the irrational behavior we experience as a society?  Just a thought.

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