‘Hit Squads’ Are Using The Refugee Program To Infiltrate Western Nations

Terrorist-Public-DomainBy Michael Snyder

I know that the headline sounds over the top, but this has actually been confirmed by German intelligence and by the mainstream media. ISIS terrorists have been using the refugee program to sneak into North America and Europe, and yet very little is being done to stop this from happening. One of the reasons why this hits so close to home for me is because leftists are pushing to bring a lot more Islamic refugees up here to north Idaho. Since our area has a low population density, a significant number of refugees could dramatically alter the character of our community very rapidly. Many moved up here in order to have a safe place to raise their families, but now the left seems determined to bring the danger of Islamic extremism to our local neighborhoods.

Refugees typically have little or no paperwork, and it can be exceedingly difficult to tell a terrorist apart from a non-terrorist. German intelligence has discovered that ISIS has been using this confusion to smuggle “hit squads” and “sleeper cells” into Germany.

German intelligence says that there are literally “hundreds” of reports of ISIS hit squads being among the refugees.

CNN has reported that two of the Islamic extremists that were involved in the Paris attack last November entered Europe through the refugee program.

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