Agenda 21 Vertical Gardens on a Grand Scale

Nov 15, 2011 by Craig GibsonArtist’s impression of the twin apartment buildings that will comprise the Bosco Verticale development.
A street level view of the Bosco Verticale rising from the Milan suburb they are located in.

Milan-based architects Boeri Studios are taking the concept of vertical gardens one step further and building two entire apartment blocks or vertical forests in the city. It is a tantalising glimpse of the greening of our cities and a brave vision of the potential future of our urban environment.

A Vertical Forest

Named the Bosco Verticale (vertical forests), this form of ‘biological architecture’ will comprise two residential towers of 105 meters and 78 metres. With 700 trees and 16,000 shrubs and plants split between the two buildings, this component will equate to one hectare of forest. This environment will not only create an important micro-climate, it will also help to absorb dust, smog and produce oxygen, making it a global symbol for sustainable living.

Urban Biological Habitats

All plants for the project are to be sourced with their specific positioning on the apartment facades in mind – a process that took a group of botanists two years to conclude. The building design also necessitated a complex irrigation system to supply the distribution of plants across the various floors.

The project is being touted as a measure to contain urban sprawl, as it will house the same density of residents as 50,000 square metres of conventional urban development.

Designed in 2006, the project is under construction and due for completion in late 2012. Apartments in the complex will retail for between AU$879, 872 to AU$2.6 million.

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