A War On Globalism

GlobalizationBy Michael Snyder

Have you ever wondered why Donald Trump is so deeply hated by the elite?  It isn’t because he is a Republican.  In fact, there are lots of Republicans out there that the elite absolutely love.  The truth is that the reason the elite have such deep animosity toward Trump is because he is fighting their globalist agenda.  When Trump talks about a border wall or a travel ban, the elite hate that because they ultimately want a world where national borders have been made meaningless.  And when Trump talks about tearing up trade agreements that really freaks them out because they have been working very hard to try to merge the economies of the planet into a single global economic system.  Worst of all for the globalists was when Trump pulled out of the Paris climate agreement.  For decades the elite have been using such international agreements to impose their values on the entire planet, and now the leader of the most powerful nation in the world is standing up to them.

Unfortunately, most of the members of Congress are still embracing the globalist agenda, and this puts them directly at odds with Trump.  So just because someone is a “Republican” does not mean that they care about American sovereignty.  Sadly, sometimes Republicans are actually some of the worst offenders when it comes to pushing globalist causes.

This is why we need a new political war against globalism.  It wasn’t enough just to get Trump into the White House, because the globalists in Congress seem determined to block most of the things that he is trying to do.  So we need to kick the globalists out and replace them with true patriots that truly want to restore our republic.

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