The 12 Principles of ENSLAVEMENT

SurveillanceStatePersonBy Dragan Matijevic for Activist Post

June 17, 2013

There were always people who wanted to control others and by imposing their will secure their existence, materially and spiritually. It’s all about disconnecting people from their source, from God, disconnecting people form each other, and about taking control of their mind.

Generally, we people are very uncertain as to what are we doing in this world, of what we really want, of who we really are. Deep down we feel insecure, confused and disconnected and this makes us frightened. This is a fertile ground for the manipulators of the world to work on.

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Skynet to Launch October, 2013

skynetby Jack Mullen, Activist Post

Business Insider published an article about the NSA data center being constructed in Bluffdale,Utah. The facility, being roughly 1 million square feet, will house a computing and data harvesting and long term data storage facility to be operational by October 2013.

The stated purpose of the facility is to “listen and decode all foreign communications of interest to the security of the United States.” But in light of the recent revelations of NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden, the data center under construction in Utah is far more likely a tool of the United States Government (and its global masters) to collect unimaginable amounts of data on Americans and eventually every human on earth.


eye barcodeThe UN’s Local Agenda 21 program may already be in your local community, through your home town or city’s membership in ICLEI – Local Governments for Sustainability. Agenda 21 seeks for the government to curtail your freedom to travel as you please, own a gas-powered car, live in suburbs or rural areas, and raise a family. Furthermore, it would eliminate your private property rights through eminent domain.


Ninety percent of U.S. tobacco is GMO; hey smokers, you’re smoking pesticide!

cigarette_chemicalsJune 10, 2013 by: S. D. Wells
Smoke herbicide and pesticide all day and what do you get? You get a recurring hangover that seemingly needs a new blast of nicotine to quell or “dissipate,” but in actuality, the only thing the nicotine does is stave off the headache, the nervousness, the anxiety, the “chemical hangover,” and after 30 to 40 minutes, it kicks in again, that feeling of angst, of unnecessary worry, and you need another fix. What is the TRUE driving force of the cigarette addiction? Could it possibly be that the 4,000-plus chemicals, which are comprised of pesticide and different super strength herbicides, cause a “hangover” which beckons for relief?

Monsanto pushes bizarre conspiracy theory to deflect blame for GE wheat contamination of commercial crops

Wheat-Field-Green-Aliens-MonsantoJune 07, 2013
by Mike Adams, Editor of

The real conspiracy is that Monsanto is trying to dominate the global food supply

by making sure its seeds genetically contaminate all commercial crop fields across America, allowing the company to sue farmers for the “theft” of intellectual property.