Why Most Vegetarians Do Not Vaccinate Their Children

vege kids

People with true convictions don’t like to be hypocrites, because they like to “practice what they preach,” so to speak. Most vegetarians are vegetarians because of one or more of these reasons: They don’t want to eat animals; they don’t want animals being abused and killed for food; and they don’t want their bodies to have to work so hard just to get protein that’s readily available in higher quality in so many other organic vegetable and nut-based sources. These vegetarians, as well as most vegans, make it common practice to buy personal care items that are also truly natural, organic and safe for the skin, knowing that the skin is the largest organ and absorbs everything, just as hair and fingernails do eventually.

Now, when it comes to medicine, many of the same vegetarian convictions apply – sometimes all of them. These health enthusiasts do not want animals being tested on (and totally abused) by rogue scientists with the goal being “for the greater good.” Health “consciousness” involves respecting the land, the animals and the water in general. It’s not about corporations being allowed to spread deadly fertilizers, herbicides and insecticides all over the place, while claiming they’re saving a starving world. These organic “foodists” want, no demand, to eat clean food; whole food; raw food. They know where to obtain the densely-packed nutrients, and they know when they are getting their money’s worth at the store, online, or in their own backyards from gardens and greenhouses they tend. There are many “green thumbs” in the vegetarian/vegan world.

These natural medicine advocates grow their own medicine by growing, indoors and out, the best herbs and superfoods on the planet. They never eat fast food. They never get the flu shot. They certainly never rush to get a shot when an infectious disease “breakout” appears on television or in the newspapers. A point in case is the CDC-staged Disneyland measles outbreak, which mainly affected vaccinated people. The whole staged Disneyland breakout extravaganza event was given nicknames for being so over-hyped, and health enthusiasts said to “send in the clowns.”

Instead of panicking, vegetarians and vegans open their home “medicine cabinet” and ramp up their daily intake of vitamin C, vitamin D, oil of oregano, turmeric, garlic, cinnamon, licorice root, chlorella and medicinal mushrooms. They juice organic raw vegetables and drink it poured over filtered ice with lemon and lime juice. You don’t fight infectious disease with more chemical-laden virus combinations, and you most certainly don’t fight cancer with chemicals either. It doesn’t make sense. Hardly a vegetarian or vegan on planet Earth would ever consider chemotherapy for cancer, and for very good reason. And few and far between are the vegans and vegetarians who get the CDC status quo schedule of vaccines, or administer those 50 different vaccines to their children, from birth to age 7.