Forbes Attacks Pro-organic group ‘Moms Across America’

our childrenForbes attacks pro-organic group ‘Moms Across America,’ for promoting GMO-labeling through independent billboard campaign

Why would a media outlet take the time to criticize healthy eating? Why would a media outlet attack positive organizations that promote organic foods and transparency in the marketplace? Why would the media outlet in question – Forbes – attack a great pro-organic organization like Moms Across America? Why did Forbes write a hit article against Moms Across America for simply putting up billboards that encourage families to eat organic fruits and vegetables for better health?It’s because media outlets like Forbes are heavily influenced by the demands of the biotech industry. For this reason, Forbes is nothing more than a propaganda rag, spewing out the same pro-chemical nonsense we hear time and time again from biotech juggernauts like Monsanto and Syngenta, among others.

It’s not a conspiracy that Forbes is a heavily-influenced propaganda outpost, promoting biotech products. It’s a blatant reality. In a recent hit piece from Forbes, the media outlet started lashing out against pro-organic Moms Across America for their billboards that read, “Our Families Get Better When They Eat Organic.”

Moms Across America (MAA) has a simple, honest message, and they are adamant about spreading that truth. So, on Earth Day, the organization put the positive message up on 191 billboards in the U.S. as part of a 30 day campaign to increase awareness of what organic, nutritious, whole foods can do to heal the body.