The United Nations’ Cult of Happiness and the New World Economy

indexHere are some excerpts taken from an article of . This is very important information about what is happening now in 2017.

By Julie Beal

Extra! Extra! Read all about it! A simple cure for political activism has been found! Forget your worries, because all you have to do is …. BE HAPPY!!! The science of happiness has shown that only 10% of how we feel is related to our circumstances; 50% is genetic; and the rest is up to us!

Don’t laugh . . . but the United Nations, and all the other Big Boys, want to know how ‘well’ we are. Economists, ecologists, and evangelical psychologists have proclaimed we must “measure what matters” and “go beyond GDP” – making our level of wellness matter a great deal. Claiming they want to make us feel better, the globalists have already begun conducting massive surveys in order to measure our well-being. This is part of a well-established plan to measure, alongside the traditional material assets, all the natural capital in the world; human, social, and environmental assets are to feature as part of a new system of national account keeping, which will either complement, or replace, the traditional measures of GDP.

This will change our economy radically, as part of the economic phase transition we are currently living through, such as new currencies being formed based on ‘social credits’. Measuring well-being will extend this trend, and create a global cult of mindless happiness, opening the door for governments to make ‘interventions’, as each person’s well-being becomes the concern of all. This is Big Pharma’s wet dream.

Governments around the world have agreed to start measuring and recording the (pre-defined) ‘well-being’ of their citizens, and incorporate these into their national accounts. It is said that the usual measures of GDP are not enough: we need to gauge the progress of a country by incorporating statistical analyses of the level of ‘happiness’ each population has achieved. This is effectively an Emotional Census – and is thought likely to be conducted using cell phones, which are already equipped with a suite of sensors.

That we all want to be happy goes without saying – but the happiness movement, for all its positivity, is a highly contentious political issue. There needs to be widespread discussion about this, because ‘measuring what matters’ means pricing what matters, and it is linked to the far-reaching aim of Agenda 21. Besides, the Happiness Angels are already fluttering in the wings, ready to help you be just like them.

The first United Nations ‘International Day of Happiness’ was held in March, and a rash of apps, and happiness ambassadors, have emerged to help further the agenda, as if it were a new idea to be happy! The health and happiness of every nation is to be assessed, to help create the New World Economy. This requires regular standardised surveys about personal well-being, which involve very probing questions about your innermost feelings – things that no-one has a right to ask, never mind add to a database which is then used to judge and ‘help’ you.

The quickest and most efficient way to gather data for these global surveys of well-being is via mobile phones, and the more data that’s gathered the more ‘reliable’ the metrics will be deemed to be. Smart phones are already equipped with numerous sensors (including, accelerometer, digital compass, gyroscope, GPS, microphone, camera, proximity sensor, ambient light sensor), which are capable of deducing a whole bunch of stuff about your feelings, health, and movements.

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