Smart Meter, Wi-Fi And Microwave Radiation Information Consumers Need To Know

wifi-blog-header1-1024x576By Cattherine J. Frompovich

Maybe it would be important for readers to take a few minutes—I’d even say advisable—to watch and listen carefully to a video crash course in microwave energy radiation, i.e., RFs/EMFs.  By watching this video [16.11 minutes], which discusses appliances and Smart Meters, in particular, plus some of the science emerging regarding microwave energy radiation negative health effects, you can take measures to safeguard yourself, children and family members, including pets.

Cordless phones and baby monitors also are discussed.  So is electronic hypersensitivity (EHS), the real, not psychosomatic illness, which now affects a growing number of the population.  Wikipedia claims that about 5 percent of the population suffers with EHS [1].

AMI Smart Meters are tested in that video, plus microwave ovens, which everyone needs to see and hear the results of the Extech 480386 EMF meter as it registers EMFs coming off electronics, Smart Meters in particular!  Microwaves escape microwave oven shielding, so please remember that, and have your microwave oven checked periodically by a qualified EMFs electronics professional.

Seeing all the appliances tested in that video, you will be surprised at what you learn that you probably didn’t know, but you need to protect yourself from non-ionizing radiation.

Safety precautions and how to protect yourself also are discussed.

Many thanks to Chuck Fresh of the Computer Care Clinic in Melbourne, Florida, who performs a huge public service by producing this most important self-help video, which I consider a “Public Service Announcement” since you won’t see it produced or presented by either your utility companies or your state’s public utility commission.

By the way, here’s something you just have to see to believe: cell phones popping corn kernels at 41 seconds on the timeline after three live cell phones ring!   Do cell phones cook your brains too?