More than 10X more if you stick to Whatsapp, Facebook, and Twitter

indexIn Mexico, it is universal now. If you get a basic airtime recharge on any cell phone or portable device, they will give you 1 gig of airtime for facebook, whatsapp, and twitter, But if you go anywhere else, your airtime gets cut all the way down to 50 megs. In other words, it gets cut from 100 percent down to 5 percent. Next time I see that I’ll get a screen capture (I did not think of doing that this morning)

This is a clear indicator that the elite are inflicting major control over the web, by severely punishing anyone who does not exclusively stick to using their “cattle stable” web sites. That big of a bandwidth difference makes it obvious there are those who are trying to sideline the entire internet and get it under their exclusive control. Want to get your bandwidth? Then stick to only US, where we will control every news story, every perspective, and if you step out of line, you are GONE from our web sites entirely and will then get 5 percent of the bandwidth you had before.

They are already making it happen, and the extent to which they are taking this is ominous.


Note: This serves as a good reference point for you to consider just how suppressed and controlled you are relative to our Mexican brothers and sisters. If you want to advise people of what it is like in your country under your provider, drop us an email and we will post the comparison.

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