Just as CNN is the King of FAKE NEWS, the CDC is the King of FAKE SCIENCE

ebola-e1485349541895By S.D.Wells

There are several “fluffers” at CNN and MSNBC that must keep the script exciting upon “delivery” for the people who love fictional news. Some of the top thespians include Wolf Blitzer, Anderson Cooper, Erin Burnett, Chris Hayes, and of course, Rachel Maddow.

From massaging a fake Russian dossier about Trump to caressing the all-too-attractive (imaginary) Russian hackers of the confounded election that went “awry,” the fluffers of fake news are phenomenal at performing their “jobs,” so let us not take anything away from their mad skills.

However, the kings of fake news are nothing but college co-eds compared to the professional hacks, hucksters, charlatans and shills employed at the CDC, the Center for Disease Continuance. There, fake science is bolstered and emboldened by “scientists” and “academics” who have sold their souls to the devil for cold hard cash, and who push the propaganda of the chemical medicine machine better known as the chemical medical industrial complex of the United States of preventable disease epidemics.

The 100 percent synthetic, virtual reality ‘research’ for sheeple who religiously follow scripted, fake CDC science as their shepherd

To put it bluntly, there is no “consensus” on vaccine safety, global warming or the safety of genetically modified organisms in food. Yet, there are several puppets and shills who tell the masses otherwise, declaring that the science has been “settled,” and if you don’t oblige and bow down, then you are “anti-science.” Never, ever question the status quo, they say, or you will be shunned and reprimanded.

Bottom line: The CDC is not working in the best interests of the public it serves, thanks to corporate and “Pharma” lobbying for positions of control in the bureaucracy they have fraudulently influenced for decades, if not since its inception in 1946. After all, the CDC is a for-profit corporation listed on Dun and Bradstreet with a “mission and vision” to take the “health pulse” of the nation regularly, as stated on their website.

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