Common Household Toxins You Should Avoid – especially if you have children

Most parents know that their children should be kept away from things like fire, bleach and other recognizably hazardous things. But what about less obvious hazards? With the way the world works today, it is becoming increasingly difficult to discern what may or may not be a potential threat. Parents are rightfully concerned about not only what they are putting into their children, but also about what surrounds their children.

Chemical regulations are lacking, labels can be misleading, and greenwashing is all the rage; it is a tricky, tricky world out there. Because children are still developing their brains and bodies, they are more susceptible to toxins in their environment. Even small exposures can lead to lifelong disabilities or future health problems, such as learning disabilities, infertility and even cancer. This is why it is so, so important to be aware of the hidden toxins in many everyday items. By maintaining awareness you can help minimize your child’s exposure. Here are a few things to look out for.