California Forced To Release Secret “Health Guidelines” Document on Cell Phone Use

1432066809063.cachedBy Take Back Your Power

Last May, Dr. Joel Moskowitz and others sued the California Department of Public Health for release of a cell phone safety guidance document under the California Public Records Act. The document was originally prepared in 2010 and has been updated several times but never released to the public.

Last week, they finally released it. See the links below for more:

1) SF Chronicle: “State kept secret guidelines on safe cell phone use”:
2) The document that was prevented from public release:
3) Dr. Joel Moskowitz’ ongoing blog:

So-named ‘smart’ meters emit radiation pulses (which also travel through home wiring) that are at least hundreds of times stronger than transmitting cellphones.

Limiting our EMF exposure is now clearly necessary, as the scientific coverup is now obvious – something independent researchers have known for years.