Top 20 Modern Doublespeak Terms To Be Aware Of

doublespeakBy Makia Freeman

Doublespeak is a language that is alive and well in our world today. Doublespeak can refer to terms that are euphemisms (mild expressions designed to hide harsher or more direct ones), deliberately ambiguous (expressions designed to hide the truth) or actual inversions (outright lies which state the opposite of the truth). Although he never used the term doublespeak in his book 1984, many associate doublespeak with George Orwell. After all, it was Orwell who famously wrote that the motto of the totalitarian ruling party in 1984 was “War is Peace, Freedom is Slavery, Ignorance is Strength” – an example of an inversion. Orwell did however use the term newspeak to refer to a new kind of language which drastically reduced the scope of available words and terms, so as to concurrently reduce the scope of possible free thought among the ruled population.

Many doublespeak terms in the following list are oxymorons, meaning that the term itself is contradictory. Many hide the truth because it is too raw, unpalatable, uncomfortable or outright horrifying. It is vitally important we watch our language, because it plays a great part in how we shape our world and in how we create our reality. In many ways, by unconsciously using these terms instead of more accurate or truthful ones, we are quietly lying to ourselves, or at a minimum acquiescing to the process of being lied to and programmed. Political correctness is a great example of how language control, thought control and doublespeak can be introduced to an entire population without people realizing they are being deceived and manipulated. Below is list of the top 20 modern Orwellian doublespeak terms, with the first half focusing on military and geopolitical terms.

20 Orwellian Doublespeak Terms

#1: War on Terror, Terrorism, Terrorist, Enemy Combatant

#2: Extremism, Extremist

#3: Freedom Fighter, Moderate Rebel

#4: Ethnic Cleansing

#5: Enhanced Interrogation

#6: Extrajudicial Killing

#7: Humanitarian Intervention, Responsibility to Protect (R2P)

#8: Collateral Damage, Useless Eaters

#9: Eliminate, Neutralize, Depopulate

#10: Department of Defense, Department of Homeland Security, Intelligence

#11: WMD (Weapons of Mass Destruction)

#12: Anti-Semitism

#13: Conspiracy Theorist

#14: Quantitative Easing

#15: Bulk Collection

#16: Negative Cash Flow, Negative Patient Care Outcome

#17: Reasonable Suspicion

#18: Climate Change Denier

#19: Sustainable Development

#20: Globalism

It’s important to be aware of modern doublespeak, and in most cases, consciously use alternative terms and phrasings so as to avoid the perpetuation of these lie-enabling terms. In many ways, we create our world with language.

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