The Top 4 Reasons For The Bees Dying Off

dying beesBy Makia Freeman

Why are all the bees dying off? It has been a few years since the world started to become aware of the phenomenon of bees dying off, and labeled it CCD (Colony Collapse Disorder). It is a grave concern, for we are totally dependent upon the bees to pollinate and help food grow. Einstein famously said that if bees disappeared from the Earth, humanity would only survive for around another 4 years.

Why are the Bees Dying Off?

Reason #1: Neonicotinoid Pesticides

Reason #2: GMOs

Reason #3: EMF

Reason #4: Geoengineering

Bees are under attack from many angles. Awareness needs to be raised on this crucial issue before we decimate the entire bee population – and ourselves in the process.

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